GTA V Radio Songs Unveiled, List Includes Muse and Def Leppard

Check out the full 86-song mix, list also features the Cult, Foreigner and more.

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The full 86-song Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack surfaced online via Spotify, confirming that one of the hottest video games of 2013 features the likes of Muse, Def Leppard and Elton John on its radio stations.

The game was officially released yesterday (September 17), reportedly taking the GTA franchise to a new level and garnering unanimous praise from both fans and critics. As Digital Spy reports, a hefty marketing and development budget of $265 million made it the most expensive game of all time. However, estimated earnings of over $1.6 billion are bound to compensate the expenses.

As for the tunes, the list of rockers also includes the Cult, Foreigner, Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Suicidal Tendencies, hardcore punks Black Flag and more.

GTA V is currently available on Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 only, with rumors of PC edition constantly circulating the web. Speaking of which, an online petition demanding the game to be released on PC has almost reached its 500,000th signature. Check out the soundtrack below.

So what do you think of the songs? And more importantly, have you played the game yet? Let us know in the comments.

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    Personally I'm more impressed by the inclusion of Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag. Those are definitely not artists I'd expect to hear in a GTA game.
    Hey in GTA4 they had a whole hardcore punk station
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    And in Episodes from liberty city LCHC was hosted by Max Cavalera.
    GTA V is awesome, but the graphics are a bit of a let down. Rockstar need to do themselves a favour and release the PC version then the game can be enjoyed properly.
    Vice City had Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer and i don't remember others...
    Don't forget San Andreas had GNR, Alice in Chains, America, Heart among others. Vice City also had Motley Crue, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Autograph and the Cult
    Not to mention that Axl hosted KDST for San Andreas and had something against the DJ for Radio X. Which is funny because they played Welcome To The Jungle on there.
    Kenny Loggins hosts the classic rock station in GTA V, too I believe.
    For Vice City, you forgot QUIET RIOT who's band name ingame was Love-Fist.
    WTF?!? One of my favourite songs, couldnt believe my eyes when i saw that on that list!
    This list is missing Amoeba by The Adolescents for some reason. I played the game for 2 hours last night and heard the song three times. Sweet, but I am disappointed that there's only around 10 songs on each station. Haven't tried that ifruits feature in the game yet and I don't know the details of it but it'd be really cool if I could play my own music in the game without having to load it onto the xbox. (Spotify/Pandora/etc.)
    One area where I've always found the GTA radio stations to be lacking in is metal. A station that just played a load of thrash and death metal would be awesome.
    I guess it just goes to show how realistic GTA is getting. There aren't any good metal radio stations in real life either.
    Vice City had a metal station didn't it. I remember Raining Blood being on it but can't remember what else was on.
    You're only allowed to listen to the Classic Hip-Hop station while playing or your not GTA-ing right.
    Gotta love West Coast Classics. Not enough songs on their playlist though. Fusion on GTA 4 is my favorite station from any GTA. Closest we've got to that this time is Worldwide which is a bit meh.
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    Personally this is my least favorite soundtrack by far, I can't really see anything I would usually listen to...Eh, I'll give some of the songs a shot though I guess. Vice City still has my favorite soundtrack, possibly followed closely by the GTAIV:Episodes from Liberty City version of the LCHC station. If anything, I still have Laslo on the chat station, those are always amusing
    Best GTA soundtracks are still Vice City and San Andreas, no contest.
    I agree. vice city: blondie, kim wilde, gary numan san andreas: l7, billy idol, rage against the machine And K-jah (the reggae station), that was awesome.
    That's all the songs? I have to be honest, I'm a little disappointed with this list.
    GTAV soundtrack FUCKING SUCKS! There needs to be a Metal station, or at least put your own playlist on the PS3.
    IMO vice city had the best radio and always will. The music was awesome and how could u not like vcpr w Maurice Chavez...
    I'm still waiting for you to be able to use the songs on your ps3 or itunes or something and use an iPod in the game. Nothing against Black Flag or Suicidal Tendencies, but sometimes in game music can get old and fast.
    Yeah, it would be cool if we could make custom-stations that also go with the various in-game DJ's. Even on Xbox 360 (my console of choice), where we have a built-in music-player, it would be nice if we could only have it in the various vehicles, rather than all the time.
    Eh...pretty weak selection. Im aware GTA is not big on having a vast selection of genres and styles of music but they could of at least added more variety regarding rock/metal/punk etc but kudos for Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies though.
    They actually have a lot more songs than this too. There's an entire station for noise rock, garage rock, etc. It has Ceremony, Thee Oh Sees, Bass Drum of Death and it's hosted by WAVVES. It's a cool station, it's Vinewood Boulevard Radio
    i still think vice city had the best soundtrack. :This is laslo, and you're listening to vrock!"
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    Oh, get over yourself. It's a shit soundtrack. GTA IV had Hip hop, Disco, Electronic music, Hard Rock, Alternative, Hardcore, Metal, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Old School Funk, Raggae, kooky right wing talk, whiny left wing talk, and i'm sure a few other stations i'm forgetting. This one it seems is Hip hop, hip hop, pop, hip hop, and something that could have loosely been described as rock between 1979 and 1986. The game play is excellent, as always, but the soundtrack is terrible. It's like getting a brand new Mercedes-Benz and it having a tiny, but very noticeable scratch right in the center of the door panel.
    This guy nailed it. Fanboys might say otherwisde, and I'm sure some people genuinely like it, but for me the soundtrack ****ing sucks. Apart from that the game is incredible.
    The music is one of the few aspects of the game I haven't liked. Weakest radio stations in a GTA game for a very long time.
    GTA and Tony Hawk Games always had the best soundtracks, I discovered so much music from them.
    m4ss3 m/
    GTAV radio songs unveiled? Well, no shit! The game's been out for 2 days. *claps sarcastically*
    Only really a fan of Muse and Aphex Twin from that list. Doesn't really affect me mind, I'm never going to play it.
    There's a Phil Collins song on it, but I don't see it on the playlist Also I want a Prog Station
    I was a bit disappointed in the rock selection this time around. GTA IV had Heaven and Hell/
    Nero Galon
    Disappointed. Vice City was my favourite. I only really know about 10 songs from this so I could change my mind but from what I can see and what I know i'm disappointed.
    The best part is getting to know the songs from the playing the game, GTA got me into dozens of new artists.
    Nero Galon
    Maybe so, as I said I might actually like it but from first looks it isn't as good as previous games at all.
    This list includes The Germs, Descendents, Circle Jerks and Black Flag. Enough to make it my favorite GTA soundtrack... great selection of rap and electronic too, btw. Aphex Twin, Pet Shop Boys, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, N.W.A., Ice Cube...
    Too many people on here are butthurt that there's something other than metal in this game. It's a game about being in a gang in the ghettos of L.A. Metallica wouldn't really fit that in my opinion.
    It's a modern day story IIRC and GTA games have traditionally had radio stations which represent several distinct genres. The fact that metal has somewhat been excluded, although a very modern concept, just irks those of us who like to listen to the radio stations in the game. Did you know they often have extremely well done radio banter?
    Need to put stuff like Metallica,In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch in there!
    Maybe Metallica and In Flames, but not 5FDP.
    This needs to.
    In my opinion Saints Row 3 had a track list. It had loads of metal. Plus I'll never forget that feeling when Diamond Eyes by Deftones came on. That and Return of the Mack of course, absolute classic.
    Well there is Photograph and Elton John's Saturday Night so that saves a bit but I expect the same problem that GTAIV had, only 1 rock station, maybe another 1 metal/noice station and the rest are pop and hiphop... Doesn't really get my hopes up. Vice City forever!
    They gave us bad radio stations so we'd focus more on the game and the story. If you want a game that's good for it's soundtrack (hardly... I might add...) go play Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
    I'd say it's on balance an amazing soundtrack in so far as it fits the themes and atmosphere of the game perfectly, but personally I am disappointed with the lack of Metal and good Rock. I love the Punk station, I was psyched to hear My War and Subliminal, but the rest of the stations don't do it for me so much. The best soundtrack so far has to be San Andreas, best Hip-Hop stations, the old-school and contempory stations were both amazing, and Radio X is by far the best GTA radio station ever. GTA IV is a close second, between LCHC (especially after L&tD) and some of the other amazing songs on the radio (such as 'Turn to Red' by Killing Joke, on Electro Choc) I couldn't have been happier with it.
    Really nice tracks again! I have made playlist of all radiostations on spotify Complete GTA V Collection The Blue Ark - GTA V - Channel X - GTA V - East Los Fm - GTA V - FlyLo FM - GTA V - Los Santos Rock Radio - GTA V - The Lowdown 91.1 - GTA V - Non-Stop-Pop FM - GTA V - Radio Los Santos - GTA V - Radio Mirror Park - GTA V - Rebel Radio - GTA V - Soulwax Radio - GTA V - Space 103.2 - GTA V - Vinewood Boulevard Radio - GTA V - West Coast Classics - GTA V -