Guitarist Gets Marty Friedman Soloing in Metallica, Steve Vai in Pantera, Kerry King in Megadeth and More

Also, Kirk Hammett joins Motley Crue and Dimebag's in Scorpions, you need to check this out now!

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In an awesome new video, guitar hotshot Ben Higgins demonstrated what would it sound like if some of the most prominent metal lead guitarists were to join equally major hard rock and metal acts.

Basically, the guitarist came up with riffs matching the style of bands like Metallica, Motley Crue, Motorhead and more, and then paired them up with lead guitar segments similar to such guitar icons as Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen.

The clip features a total of 31 pairs, including Marty Friedman and Metallica, Steve Vai and Pantera, Kerry King and Megadeth, and more. Ben's accuracy and sound authenticity are truly amazing, so this video's a must-see. Check it out below, now!

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    Fair play this guy is a great guitar player. This video shows just how many brilliant guitars players we are all lucky to have heard and makes us think about all the awesome guitarists out there who we may never hear...
    Zakk Wylde & Anthrax [2:15] was actually a really ****ing awesome combination. Worked perfectly somehow.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Had Mathias Jabs, Michael Schenker, and Randy Rhoads in it, good enough for me. Also I didn't know Mariah Carey could sweep pick?
    I love things like these! But also hate 'em, I love em because it shows just how much thought and skill someone can put into combining two things that aren't his own. I hate 'em because it just makes me want to stop playing. Since, to me, it feels like I'll never come close to guys like these. But I guess I'll just have to keep practicing
    When I first started playing I never thought I'd even be able to play a single song all the way through, I've been playing for about 3 years now and I know over 100 or so songs that I can play from start to finish. Don't limit yourself to how good you are now.
    Well.. Jeff Loomis and Annihilator isn't a complete miss, he did one solo on the "Metal" album!