Guitarist Jim Root Fired From Stone Sour: 'It's Best for Both Bands'

Root still involved with Slipknot, new album "almost done."

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Following a string of rumors, guitarist Jim Root was officially fired from Stone Sour, the band has confirmed.

"As some of you might have heard by now, Stone Sour and Jim Root have indeed parted ways. We were trying to wait until the completion of the new SK album, but in light of recent events, we are going to confirm this information and move on," the website statement reads.

"We feel it's best for both bands and hope that is reflected in the days to come. We will give you more information when the time comes."

In a separate tweet, singer Corey Taylor has reassured fans that Jim is still a member of Slipknot, noting that the group's new album is nearing completion. "Jim and I are still working together in Slipknot and the album is almost done," he briefly noted.

Root recently chose to skip Stone Sour's North American tour in order to focus on the new Slipknot material. "You know, unfortunately I'm only one person," he told the Pulse of Radio earlier this year. "I can't really be in two places at one time and the amount of focus that I need to put into Slipknot makes it really difficult for me to be on tour with Stone Sour.

"It's crushing and it's heartbreaking and I really don't like the idea of not being out there, but I don't really see any other way to really do it without ... I mean, this is, like, the best way that we could come up with for a compromise," the guitarist concluded.

Jim and I are still working together in Slipknot and the album is almost done.

— Captain Fluffy Bug (@CoreyTaylorRock) May 17, 2014

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    We should get to the root of the problem... No. Sorry, I'll escort myself out
    I see what you did there
    This doesn't quite make sense. Both Corey and Jim have managed to be in both bands successfully for years. Why is it such a problem all of a sudden?
    I can't help but assume that Corey had a lot to do with this.
    I don't know, considering he's still in Slipknot. You'd think that if he didn't want to be in a band with Root, he would've fired him from both bands.
    It's not a personal decision, it's a business decision. Corey knows that Jim would want to split responsibility, and as a frontman of both, Corey clearly wants to do what he feels is best by forcing Jim to focus on Slipknot. It has nothing to do with not wanting to play with Root, just priorities.
    What leads you to think that? It sounds like Jim had a lot to do with it. Slipknot has ALWAYS been his main band. And if you have to pick one band over another, in terms of time, well...that kind of defeats the point of being in 2 bands. Slipknot is what Jim chose. End of story.
    It's actually pretty debatable which one was his main band. From an outside point of view it'd be Slipknot since it's the bigger band and where he became famous, but he played for Stone Sour before that and only joined Slipknot because SS was on hiatus and Corey bringing him in with the first album almost finished.
    Am I the only one who notices that if you watch both bands, Jim gets more "in to it" at a Slipknot concert and seems to just play guitar at a Stone Sour show almost like he doesn't want to be there.
    So, first Slipknot parted ways with Joey, and now SS parts ways with Jim? Corey, is there anything yo want to tell us?
    matteo cubano
    this split seems far less dramatic.
    Maybe because Slipknot was a more popular band than Stone Sour. But still, it does seem very odd... if Corey is to blame, I'm hoping his ego isn't as big as his neck.
    matteo cubano
    he does have an ego, but he's way too positive for me to believe he's the reason for it. it's because of his ego that he can stay in both bands and write books. joey on the other hand doesn't seem positive at all. and jim seems average which is why two busy bands are a lot to handle.
    I quote What Jim Said on his instagram account(@stuperbee) when he was questiones about that situation: "I'm not in that band anymore. Not my decision. Not happy about it" upvote and don't let dissinformation spread, HE WAS FIRED!
    Even though Josh is a great guitarist, SS just won't be the same without Jim.
    If they bring the guy that replaced him on the North American tour it could work in their benefit. He knew the licks and had an incredible passion while playing
    I doubt he was fired, he just left. Most likely due to time restrictions.
    Just read what he wrote on Instagram. That's ****ed if he got fired because of not playing three shows.
    He said he wouldn't go on tour with SS because he wanted to focus on the Slipknot album. That's what happened some time ago when the news first came out. I'm sure you can find that article on UG somewhere
    What if he felt like those 3 shows were just an indication, to Jim, that he couldn't dedicate enough time to both bands? /shrug
    It doesn't really sound like he was fired here... he just left...
    well that got us to click this link didnt it? "fired" im sure corey and jim talked it over and jim decided it was best to just leave the band. fired, psh.
    He was fired, for those that are claiming it was a mutual decision. Jim tweeted that he was not happy about it. Maybe he's cooled off because he knows he still has to play with Corey in Slipknot. But it was definitely not mutual. And Joey has a drug problem, that's why he was kicked out
    About Joey, is that actually true? Can you show me the article which says that? I am honestly curious to find out what the hell happened with Joey and Slipknot
    I have no proof, I'm not a huge Slipknot fan. But if you look at what they said when he left, it seems to be the only explanation. Joey said he did not quit. You have to read between the lines a bit. I've heard it mentioned before from others also.
    Fuckinghell These 2 bands really need to sort their crap out and stop ruining themselves. Admittedly Joey wasn't doing his best recently, but losing a guitarist of Jim's calibre can only be a massive blow to a band.
    Typical hired gun BS. Lets Taylor get a bigger piece of the SS pie.
    I find it weird that 2 guys in one band felt it wasn't working so split, then go to another studio and work together... 2 different bands of course but on a basic level it's hard to comprehend haha
    This sucks big time. Stone Sour are one of the best heavy rock bands these days, Slipknot is just a copy of what the used to be. I'd rather have Stone Sour with Root.
    I really respect the decision that was made here. Takes balls to do something like this and put one aspect of life in front of another for the greater good.
    Pretty sure Stone Sour aren't doing anything now anyway
    Both of their HoGaB albums are excellent, so your statement is false.
    And recently released, so I doubt they have another album ready to be released soon (especially when - used to be - half the members of SS are finishing off a long-awaited Slipknot album to produce this year).
    That must be super awkward for Jim when he's playing for Slipknot and looks over at the guy who in part fired him from Stone Sour.
    Was he fired or have they parted ways amicably? Two different things in my opinion.
    I wouldn't say fired, we really have no idea of the backstory for the split and 'fired' makes it sound like there was a major falling out which I find hard to believe
    I wasn't saying what happened, but what JIM is telling us is that If it wasn't his decision, if he's not happy about it, it's obvious that something bad happened, not gonna say names or anything like that, but that's the reality if leaving SS wasn't his choice, then he was fired. on the other hand (pure speculation here) i wouldn't be surprised if jim parts ways with slipknot too, maybe he's there because he has a contractual obligation (recording, touring for the new album). an image is worth a thousand words
    Stonesour is more than just corey and jim. It probably came down to a vote whether or not to part way with a member of the band who cant commit fully to the band right now. Corey still has to work with jim in that other band hes in so I doubt he would be behind kicking him out of stonesour but there are still 3 other members and management to consider.
    Sounds more like they just decided and made agreement that he left Stone Sour so he can focus on Slipknot stuff? word "fired" sounds bit negative here?
    Jim said that he wouldn't tour with SS so he could focus on the Slipknot album, he said nothing which would suggest that he wanted to leave the band at all.
    Why fire him? That or the media is blowing stuff out of proportion (something they never do). My guess is that Jim chose Slipknot over SS being that SS has and always will be a side project.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Jim and SS are back together after Slipknot end their next tour. I wouldn't be surprised if they're back together after the Slipknot album drops.
    Um... don't these two bands also have the same singer? I don't quite understand how Jim can be fired to focus more on Slipknot when Corey is also in both.
    Read the article! He chose to skip the tour to work on Slipknot, fully expecting to return later. It doesn't say exactly why he was fired, but it wasn't to focus on Slipknot