GWAR Announces the Band's Own Beer

Band's beverage to debut next month.

Ultimate Guitar

GWAR front man Oderus Urungus has announced that the band will be launching their own brand of beer. The "GWAR-B-Q" beer was created from a recipe by Rob Chalmers, the Gauntlet reports.

The beer will be the drink of choice at the band's upcoming "GWAR B-Q" event, which takes place on August 17th in Richmond Virginia. The event, which is presented by GWAR, Cigar City Brewing, Crowbar Live and DMD will feature free samples of the all new "GWAR B-Q" Beer as well as Brutal Burgers topped with "GWAR-B-Q" Sauce.

Oderus Urungus has released the following statement about the beer: "This is another milestone on the road leading to the GWAR-B-Q, the new GWAR album, and the brand-new GWAR show we will be putting on tour this fall. I am looking forward to meeting with the fans, getting incredibly wasted, and then vomiting all over them. Then we will sell that!"

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    Is Gwar going to be the next Kiss? Whoring themselves out for the almighty dollar? On topic, maybe the beer will taste good and be remotely affordable. Who am I kidding? It will probably be expensive as crap and taste like old beer from a bar ashtray.
    When most bands announce something like this, the typical response is "huh. Might have to try that" mixed with a couple of "sell-outs!" GWAR, though... I respect anyone who would be brave enough to consume their brew - it takes some stones to drink a beer that is likely made with more than one bodily fluid.
    The only thing GWAR could do that would surprise me would be to play a show where all the members are in three pieces suits, standing stock still. And even that wouldn't be that surprising. GWAAAAAR
    I've been drinking at Munich's Hofbruhaus with Brockie. I hope that was inspiring! ;