GWAR: Rob Zombie Is A Sell-Out

Zombie is "a tired, G-Rated mishmash of other people's styles" and ripped off GWAR, according to their frontman Oderus Urungus. Is he right about Zombie and his "circle jerk" crew of director buddies?

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GWAR frontman David Brockie (better known as Oderus Urungus) has slammed Rob Zombie as "a tired, G-Rated mishmash of other people's styles."

He says other artists have tried to do what GWAR only to make money, but "no one has ever out-sicked us."

"You think these Walmart behemoths of the music industry like Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie are really scary people?" asked Brokie. "All they care about is making money, and hanging out with their director buddies as they throw gala award ceremonies to circle jerk each other into a frenzy. GWAR is where GWAR should be: In the drawer marked filth."

He continued, "I have a direct quote from Rob Zombie about GWAR when he was figuring out what he wanted to do with his career... he said, 'The first time I saw GWAR, I thought 'I want to be that, but I want to make money.'' That, to me, says a lot about Rob Zombie as an artist. It says that he isn't one."

Brockie gives more credit to Marylin Manson for having a genuine obnoxious streak, and respects Slipknot for their music despite using clique imagery. He recognises that GWAR have also borrowed visual ideas, "but no-one has gone further than GWAR has gone."

Is the GWAR frontman right to knock other artists who have found ways to make money from similar sick themes? Is GWAR too weird for a mainstream audience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    The only way to copy gwar is to dress up like pigs with shoulder pads and make noise. Neither Zombie nor Manson do that from what ive seen.
    yeah Gwar is more about the theatrics. rob zombie and marilyn manson both were both incredibly boring live (I actually did see them)
    Marilyn Manson was hammered at the last show I saw. It was actually really entertaining
    i actually do like a good portion of MM's older songs but i was really unimpressed with him live when i saw him a few years ago after eat me drink me came out. after growing up hearing about how "crazy and demented" his live shows are i was really let down, he was probably fun back before mechanical animals came out. also saw rob zombie play at a sold out venue with a capacity of about 1000, the only good part of that show was John 5 running around the stage. Being a fan of gwar i probably could only tell you the names of like 8 of their songs but i sure as hell have a blast every time i see them live, their music isnt bad but its not spectacular either. id much rather blast gwar over rob zombie or manson though
    anvil is god
    So what if he wants money? Music is also a business. If it takes toning it down to be commercially viable, so be it.
    I agree. I guess it's a pretty repulsive idea to most of us, but if someone wants to make purposefully commercial music, and people want to buy it, that's their own business.
    i could name off a bunch of things Rob Zombie could've been inspired by, but GWAR isn't one of the immediate ones. i think Rob Zombie/White Zombie has always been original.
    Rob Zombie isn't a sellout, I would say he's the exact opposite. He's doing EXACTLY what he loves, even though there are a shit ton of people telling him to stop. He's just telling everybody "LOLno I get to make horror movies and play rock music in arenas. GTFO"
    White Zombie basically broke up because the rest of the band didn't like how Rob wanted to do more "dance-metal" stuff (whatever that is). The rest of the band decided his ideas weren't leading to heavy enough music.
    you know hellbilly deluxe, that kinda stuff. dancemetal. I hear he's going to do a meal version of gangnam style with that psy dood.
    When I see Oderus ripping into people and then seeing the responses of people who don't realize it's part of his character I feel like I'm in on the joke.
    my favorite is metalheads who think gwar is awesome because of how "brutal" they are, dave brockie said in an interview that gwar is kind of a parody on metal bands who take themselves too seriously. im from the richmond area, gwar are local legends
    From what I know about this band, don't take ANYTHING they say seriously.
    Me neither. 90% of the stuff they say is tongue in cheek humour that cannot be taken very seriously. People unfamiliar with GWAR might think they are actually seriously this arrogant, even though their comments are part of their stage personas, which are extremely insane space aliens.
    He's joking. Stop getting worked up, morons. It makes you look stupid. There are several comments that are already pointing this out. Not a fan of GWAR, but Oderus is pretty funny. White Zombie owns.
    1) I think this is his way of complimenting Rob. 2) Rob's live show is spectacular; the best I have ever seen. 3) zi'd love to see Gwar live, though it won't be the same without Corey.
    Oderus Orungus is the biggest ***** in Metal, that guy tries to sound smart and all, calling everyone else a "idiots" "foolmouths" or then again "Assholes" on his twitter. Two hours after he twitts that, he twitts stuff like "I KIDNAPTED, RAPED, AND MURDERED AN ENTIRE FEMENINE GYM TEAM!"
    i just checked his profile because i was curious, and find to see this tweet, "Getting the triplets of sodomy ready for tonights cum-bath!"...What the actual **** did i just read? Also, his backround photo looks like someone who could be on WoW...
    I swear to god, if you send him a twitt he WILL reply you, I sent him one once, saying "God you call dave mustaine an *****, and then you twitt that shit? Please shut the **** up..." And he replied "I AM ODERUS, YOU SHUT UP!" But if you just use a minimun level of trolling and answer him with something like "And if I don't what, are you going to cap locks me to death?" He just shuts up.
    GWAR talks way too much... they are not remotely as relevant as they think they are.
    He obviously hasn't seen The Devil's Rejects... that movie is about as ****ed up as it gets. Rob Zombie isn't just over the top like GWAR is. He has STYLE.
    A sell out? Would GWAR rather have a roof over their heads or nothing ? I think making more money is a good thing ... That's just my say on the matter.
    Todays music pure garbage. Everyone sounds the same. they all want to make money live in mansions. I respect GWAR they go out and they tour like crazy with no radio support. In my eyes when GWAR plays on the radio they have sold out to Sleazy E
    In the 'more GWAR news' section: "GWAR cancel tour, claim they 'can't afford' to play".... looks like Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson might have had the right idea....
    ...also, given the context of the article, it's "cliche," not "clique."
    Too bad that GWAR has been around longer than either of them
    GWAR was formed one year before White Zombie. So...that claim is basically stupid.
    Not really, Death got the idea to become a death metal band from the band Possessed, which released their first album within a few months of 'Scream bloody gore'. Oh, and before I get a bunch of haters saying that Death started out in 1983 and Possessed started in 1984, i'll point out that although Death was around in 1983 and releasing demos, these demos sounded more like Thrash metal (Metallica, Venom, Slayer) than death metal.
    What exactly does the idea of Death Metal have to do with GWAR or Zombie, except for the fact that GWAR has somewhat of a death metal sound?
    GWAR has nothing of a death metal sound, what are you talking about? also saying death got the idea of death metal from possessed is retarded. early death sounded a lot more like death metal than posessed which was more like thrash metal. both bands were important to the development of the genre but death played a much bigger role in the genre.
    Not really, even Chuck admits he was only pioneering a sound he pulled from Possessed, and Seven Churches is pretty much death metal. Also Possessed released sevenchurches in 85, Scream Bloody gore came out in 87. Morbid Angel's Abominations of Desolation came out in 86...
    indeed but chuck was modest. he played a bigger part over all in the genre. possessed did play a massive part in the origins though. also early death demos came out around the same time as early possessed demos. both band were making heavy thrash metal, it took a while before the genre actually evolved into what we know it as and death played a bigger part in that evolution than possessed.
    [QUOTE=phili666]GWAR has nothing of a death metal sound, what are you talking about?[/QUOTE] I was being facetious actually.
    one bad artist calling another bad artist a sellout. big whoop. the only thing more comical than GWARs appearance is their music (the same can be said for rob zombie and manson)
    Me and my friend met Dave Brockie. Called my friend an annoying little douche as we were walking away. Brockie's an ***** Corey Smoot was cool though. Figures he's the one who had to die =/
    he offered me a line of coke once after we opened for them back when i was too much of a wuss to try it
    What's up with all the people who can't even bother to go to wikipedia and look up the article on GWAR? Instead, they have to ask, "Wtf is GWAR?!" Stop being lazy, guys! You're on the internet; use it to look shit up!
    losing battle
    Wait... gwar is being taken seriously?
    i get really annoyed when people on this site take them seriously, nobody seems to understand theyre a parody band with a insanely silly and over the top stage show. Oderus WANTS this type of a reaction from people though, and he gets it every time.
    they're all irrelevant until Halloween and again the day after.
    GWAR is just upset that other artists have figured out how to be more successful than them. Name 2 GWAR albums. Name 2 that marilyn manson and rob zombie have been a part of. My point exactly, those have nothing to do with "money" both Manson and Zombie just write better, more dynamic albums. If they sold a million copies, that should only prove they are successful at getting fans, not being "less" superior artists than GWAR. If Gwar want to boast about being some sort of progenitors in the genre, they are wrong. Alice Cooper did it first. In terms of "filth" they have nothing to brag about, GG Allen was WAY more filthy and disgusting than ANYONE... For the record, I have yet to see any horror movies or other film, which is an ART medium being attempted by the lead "singer" of GWAR.
    Gwar - violence has arrived, war party. MM - Mechanical Animals, Antichrist SUPERSTAR RZ - Hellbilly Deluxe, Something about Horses Gwar is more fun and awesome. MM and RZ take themselves way too seriously when they shouldn't. They aren't nearly as artsy as they try to be. It would be one thing if they were talented as they act but they're really not. Gwar knows it's just for kicks which means their performances are way better by a long shot. PS doesn't RZ have a SINGLE about bubblegum? Not just a one off b-side track but a lead single!
    frehley freak
    What in the Hell is so wrong with wanting to make money from playing money? Selling out is allowing an investor to come in and alter your music in order to make money. Rob Zombie wanted to make money. GWAR is a bunch of nobodies anyways.
    GWAR need to finally accept that their music sucks, if a band makes money they are sell out? thats complete b.s. GWAR should spend less time being dicks with the comments they say about successful bands and spend some time reinventing themselves into a band that people will actually give a rats ass about instead of a band that cant even afford to play a show for their 173 fans world wide
    theyre a parody metal band, they dont take their music seriously nor should you. you should be aware of this before you say shit like that. metal doesnt always need to be serious, Dethklok is a good example of that
    If anything gwar is a little bit of a rip off rob zombie and marilynn manson. I stilllike them a bit though
    GWAR: Formed in 1984. White Zombie: Formed in 1985. Marilyn Manson: Formed his band in 1989. I could see Zombie saying that Manson took the idea of horror imagery from them, but the idea that Zombie did is stupid. Really, though...all of them got the idea from Alice Cooper.
    And Alice Cooper got the idea from Screaming Jay. It's the circle of ripping-off.
    The sooner everyone learns that everything is derivative and it always will be the sooner stupid pissing contests like these arguments stop. People need to embrace the fact that people may borrow and are influenced by others. Especially in music and entertainment.
    Don't forget The Crazy World of Arthur Brown! He was the inspiration for Alice's stage-personality.
    How is it an issue that Screamin' Jay Hawkins was the first shock rocker (and therefore inspired Cooper who inspired GWAR, Zombie, etc.)?...
    Alice did what he did for money, his early stuff doesnt sound nearly as "sick" as his later stuff when he became the horror rock artist phenomenon that he is. I've seen Alice statements similar to what Zombie said about wanting to do that for money. Nothing wrong with doing things you like and making a shit ton of money too.
    If no one has noticed he always talks shit about other artists to get his name in the news, hes a smart dude. Just playing his character
    oh please GWAR is no better. Want proof? They were selling tribute shirts of their late guitarist and making MONEY!!!
    All of the funds of the tribute shirts are going to the Smoot family fund. They are making money, but not to the band itself.
    I just dont get what Brockie's deal is. There is nothing wrong with making money and whose to say either rob or Manson ripped off anybody? Seriously think about every idea has already been done. There is nothing new anyone else can do that can be considered Original. Even GWAR!
    makes sense... lets do something epic, and want to make no money from it. making money is overrated... im sorry but i would say Rob Zombie has had a much better career than GWAR to begin with. Rob is one of the most badass dudes ever
    I honestly fail to see how Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson ripped off GWAR. I feel like that is saying, "Anything with at least a slightly dark undertone is a rip off of Poe."
    The only things to take something seriously out of Oderus is about Dave Mustaine or the fact that humans are too populated and we have to be fed to the world maggot. At least I thought it was serious.
    Everytime I hear this guy talk he's bitching about someone, seems like a real ****tard.
    you know how u have ppl that should just STFU? GWAR, or wutever the hell his characters name is as a "lead singer", is one of those people. the lead singer (dont remember his name since i cant remember bullshit) clearly has no respect for other artist. bottom line, if they were a highly successful act with a bunch of high selling albums like Rob/White Zombie and even Manson WITH the bands hes ripped on as minor little unknown bands, then ok say what u want. BUT we are talking about Rob/White Zombie in this article. seriously GWAR do us a ****ing favour and SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.
    oh and since you don't sell more albums than gwar maybe you should shut the **** up
    ahh the 311 hater. i remember your name, but i do in fact agree with you on this one haha
    rule #1: Learn to spell things right, like "wutever" to whatever. rule #2: Everyone, like Oderus is entitled to their opinions, so words like "SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP." don't do us any good. rule #3: At least make a bit of sense when you're talking... You sir, I think are the one who needs to "SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP."
    like u said everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that opinion is mine, if u dont like it to bad. dont read my thoughts
    Damn straight he doesn't have respect for rob zombie and his boring music! By your "logic" youre saying that it would be ok if Justin Bieber ripped on rob zombie and marilyn manson? Gwar owns.
    If you had even read the first sentence of the article you would know his name, so why don't you chill out and read a few words before going on a stupid rant.
    Gwar is an awful band. The only time I ever hear about them or him is when he's talking shit on other artists. All about publicity, maybe instead of that he should try to write better songs.