GWAR's Oderus Urungus: 'F--k People Who Think Miley Cyrus Sucks!'

"Isn't there more important s--t on the menu?!" the frontman asks.

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GWAR mainman Oderus Urungus recently addressed young pop sensation Miley Cyrus and the immense amount of public attention she's been getting, bashing Miley's bashers more than Miley herself. During a Live Addiction chat, Oderus was baffled by the fact that Cyrus is still in the limelight, even within the rock domain to a good extent, when there's simply "more important s--t on the menu." "I couldn't give a f--k about Miley Cyrus!" the frontman kicked off. "You know what I give a f--k about?! I give a f--k about the fact that people give a f--k about Miley Cyrus! Who gives a f--k about Miley Cyrus?! Isn't there more important s--t on the menu, like toppling the world's elite and crushing the rotten edifice that your entire world sins upon?!" Urungus raged on to a conclusion, "F--k people who think Miley Cyrus sucks!" but still briefly added in calmer manner: "I think she sucks though." The singer was then asked to comment on Rob Zombie's latest flick "Lords of Salem." "Why is everyone always trying to get me to talk sh-t about Rob?" he replied. "I never said shit about Rob, except the fact that his wife can't act! And also the fact ... that his music, and his imagery is sh-t and others did [it] better, but that's not talking sh-t, that's me having a f--king opinion! And in my opinion - it sucks. I'm getting ready to go on tour in Australia with him so - it's gonna get even worse," he concluded. Make sure to check out the full chat and Oderus naming his three favorite non-pornographic films and explaining why he couldn't settle with a single human female below.

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Also, he may be crass to say the least, but does Urungus have a point here regarding Miley? Let us know in the comments.

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    He's correct about the global elite. If our brainwashed society could see past the bullshit & lies, maybe they would focus more time to toppling the people that are systematically destroying our planet for profit. But Miley Cyrus is more important apparently.
    3 cheers to you my friend. I've had 2 accounts banned from saying similar things to you, just in a more aggressive manner. 1% of the world owns 99% of the world. But hey, you gotta keep up with the k*ntdashians so dont worry about that.
    Rob's music = 4/10 Rob's live show = 11/10
    as a great fan i would give his music a 8/10, but i totally agree with the 11/10 - his live shows are spectecular and full of energy!
    This guy never ceases to make me smile! Lets hope Rob see's the funny side of his comments; which i'm sure he would!
    Haha 2.08 on the video: Urungus: "Until the game resembles a slaughterhouse ..." *man walks in*: "Hmm perhaps I should leave ..."
    "F*ck people who thinks Miley Cyrus sucks! I think she sucks though. Fuck me, right?" - Oderus Urungus
    LOL. Also pretty clever misleading title, just a few couple of words ignored from the statement to make you think Orderus liked Cyrus
    The moral of the story is Fuck everybody even yourself,and if you like that hideous succubine Miley,,of course **** you to! Oderus is ****ing great!
    I think my head just exploded "F--k people who think Miley Cyrus sucks!" but still briefly added in calmer manner: "I think she sucks though."
    They've done much worse, at least this is a direct quote and isn't really taken out of context...
    I know that he isn't, but Oderus sure sounds an awful lot like one Philip Anselmo. If Phil were to dress up like Oderus for Halloween, no one would know it wasn't really him.
    miley cyrus is a strange topic. she sucks for ruining her talent with her washed up shit. listen to her cover of "Jolene" from back when she wasn't a stupid wh0re
    "Make sure to check out the full chat and Oderus naming his three favorite non-pornographic films..." I don't know why but that just cracked me up.
    THAANK YOU! Finally someone said it. Miley will go away if we just ignore her. We ignored Billy Ray, and that worked...
    Isn't there a better way to headline this? The headline can mean many different things.. like he supports what Miley is doing.. when really the article says he doesn't care and neither should we. Typical UG...
    You know this guy just commands respect with a name like Oderus haha. I hope--maybe when his 12 year old daughter comes home at 5 in the morning and he gets all pissed off-- she will say, "Shut the **** up Dad. I don't give a **** that you give a **** about me being out ****ing late. There is more 'important shit on the menu' Dad, than me being out. Why give a ****?" THEN, let's see if he still doesn't give a **** haha. What a character. If he weren't funny he would be a pain