GWAR's Oderus Urungus: 'F--k People Who Think Miley Cyrus Sucks!'

artist: GWAR date: 10/29/2013 category: wtf?
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GWAR's Oderus Urungus: 'F--k People Who Think Miley Cyrus Sucks!'
GWAR mainman Oderus Urungus recently addressed young pop sensation Miley Cyrus and the immense amount of public attention she's been getting, bashing Miley's bashers more than Miley herself. During a Live Addiction chat, Oderus was baffled by the fact that Cyrus is still in the limelight, even within the rock domain to a good extent, when there's simply "more important s--t on the menu." "I couldn't give a f--k about Miley Cyrus!" the frontman kicked off. "You know what I give a f--k about?! I give a f--k about the fact that people give a f--k about Miley Cyrus! Who gives a f--k about Miley Cyrus?! Isn't there more important s--t on the menu, like toppling the world's elite and crushing the rotten edifice that your entire world sins upon?!" Urungus raged on to a conclusion, "F--k people who think Miley Cyrus sucks!" but still briefly added in calmer manner: "I think she sucks though." The singer was then asked to comment on Rob Zombie's latest flick "Lords of Salem." "Why is everyone always trying to get me to talk sh-t about Rob?" he replied. "I never said shit about Rob, except the fact that his wife can't act! And also the fact ... that his music, and his imagery is sh-t and others did [it] better, but that's not talking sh-t, that's me having a f--king opinion! And in my opinion - it sucks. I'm getting ready to go on tour in Australia with him so - it's gonna get even worse," he concluded. Make sure to check out the full chat and Oderus naming his three favorite non-pornographic films and explaining why he couldn't settle with a single human female below.
Also, he may be crass to say the least, but does Urungus have a point here regarding Miley? Let us know in the comments.
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