Hacker Adds John Bonham Drums To Any Song

This awesome web app will add Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham to any song you choose. Try it out here.

Ultimate Guitar

A genius hacker has built a website that adds Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham to any song that you like.

The Bonhamizer analyses songs for their tempo and energy levels, then adds Bonham's signature room-smashing beats over the top, and can even react to different parts of the song.

It was developed by Paul Lamere at Music Hack Day in San Fransisco, where computer programmers get together and experiment with building music apps and websites, often with amusing or cutting-edge results.

How does it work? Simply pick a song (a range of songs from artists like Adele and Radiohead are on the site though you can upload your own), then pick one of four classic Bonham drum styles. Hit play, and voila - the Zeppelin drummer starts to smash his kit along to the song.

Lamere found the raw Bonham drum tracks on the "In Through The Out Door" recording sessions. "Not only do you get the sound of Bonham pounding the crap out of the drums, you can hear him grunting and groaning... This particular recording would become the 'Hammer of the Gods' in the Bonhamizer," said Lamere in a blog post explaining how the Bonhamizer app works.

His Bonham hack has been a huge hit worldwide. In its first three days, over 100,000 songs had been Bonhamized.

Lamere only has one regret: "I really should have called it the Autobonhamator. But it is too late now... sigh."

This isn't the first time a Music Hack Day event has impressed us at UG towers. In November we went to the London edition of Music Hack Day, and wrote about hacks that broke down any song into three simple chords or turned one voice into a full barbershop quartet.

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    I love the way that UG calls him a hacker even though at no point does it say he's actually hacked anything; he just attended an event called 'Music Hack Day'.
    My guess is that they are assuming that being a computer programmer and being a hacker are synonymous with one another.
    Maybe it's a fail, or maybe they are collaborating with spreading the notion that a hacker is not a synonym of a "bad guy" and use the term cracker for the guys that actually break into computers and stuff; the hacker can be only a computer expert with no bad intentions. I read they can also be called white hat or black hat hackers.
    That and the fact UG still doesn't give one bit of importance to the way they write articles. "...the sound of Bonhmam pounding..." Seriously? Bonhmam? This happens every bloody day a new set of articles comes out. Seriously I think UG are ran by a bunch of morons who can't even look at what they write once and maybe look out for some errors. When you see something as popular as this site, it really makes you think how professionally do they take their job.
    Hacking together data from different sources and crafting something brand new from it is considered hacking. What, you thought it was just teenage badasses dressed as Neo breaking in to PayPal?
    I wonder if it'll work if i upload my band's drumless demos... Then the album credits would include "John Bonham on drums".
    It does say 'Upload a song'...of course good luck getting it to work, it seems like we're all not able to get it working on our browsers
    Even with drums to cue itself up along with, even the most popular songs on there don't align it to the measure properly. For example, Bonham's 1 count happens on the song's 4 count, which makes it sound sloppy and out of time. I can only imagine this problem would be worse without any sort of percussion to the music, unless the music itself is fairly percussive anyway.
    I uploaded The Dance of Eternity and this is the reply I got... "Bonzo doesn't really want to play on this song." haha.
    Does this mean I could put real drumming into a Metallica song??
    I'm dying to use this and have been trying it for days but it just crashes Chrome everytime. Wish I could get it to work. Such a cool idea.
    That's weird because Chrome is the only browser I can get it to work on... But it's pretty choppy, I would guess the site can't keep up with the traffic.
    doesnt work here either..... not even friends of mine could not get it to work..... wtf?!..... piece of shit hacker
    You'd think if people were making a drum app thats meant to replace drum tracks that they'd at least figure out a way of reducing the volume/removing the actual drum track. I guess technology just isn't ready to perform such tasks...just the other day my game boy froze whilst enjoying pokemon yellow. I shall have to send a strongly worded fax to the friendly nerds at nintendo.
    Yes, the word hacker has nothing to do with anything illegal, that is a misuse of the word popularized by the media. So UG is quite right.
    I was actually thinking about making him play that Portal song called "Still Alive", but then I thought that it might be slightly tasteless... too soon, perhaps?
    well he's manipulated something to do what he wanted, outside of its intended use, using a computer. i'd call that hacking.
    I just tried it to Norwegian Wood and it was awful. This "hacker" doesn't have the tempos matched at all.
    tomorrows headline "hacker hacked popular music site, Ultimate-Guitar.com, to promote his website and music hack day"
    I'd like to take this time to welcome Mr. Doom's newest member, legendary drummer John Bonham.
    Cool idea, the songs I listened to sound bad though. The Cave by Mumford and Sons was terrible.
    i uploaded Motorbreath by Metallica but it said that bonzo didnt liked it so he didnt drum to it xd
    Apparently, Bonzo isn't a big Monty Python fan... he simply refused to play "Knights of the Round Table"! What kind of an Englishman is he?
    It appears Mr. Bonham isn't into Scar Symmetry. He didn't want to play any of the Ghost Prototype songs =/
    I am going to try this with Danzig Hammer of the Gods song and see what happens...lol
    lel UG calling anyone a hacker, he's just a programmer come on...
    Actually, "hacker" does not exclusively mean what the news tells you it means. It basically means anyone who makes computers do interesting things, such as for instance turning an optical mouse into a barcode reader. Or, indeed, making a website analyze a song for its tempo and adding an appropriate drum beat (which hasn't been done before).
    California Dreamin by the Mamas and Papas.... sounds so sick with this Bonhamizer