Hayley Williams Releases Her Own Cosmetics Line

Products are based on singer's orange hair.

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NME is reporting that Paramore's Hayley Williams is fronting her own line of cosmetics for make-up brand Mac. The limited edition range of products are orange hued, based on Williams' own distinctive orange colored hair, and includes nail polish, eyeshadow and a Williams inspired-lipstick called Sounds Like Noise. The products are now on sale from the Mac website.

Williams is not the first rock star to have worked with Mac. Gossip frontman Beth Ditto has previously collaborated with the company on her own range of cosmetics.

The news comes after Williams stated in a recent interview that she didn't need to swear, or sing about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll in her music to be cool:

"I don't really feel like I need to say anything about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. I don't need to swear. And I'm not saying that I'm a perfect angel, but I think it would feel very disingenuous - like, 'This is me trying to be cool. Maybe we'll grab a couple older fans if I just put this swear word in'. I want to talk about normal life problems."

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    I am not sure about my opinion on this, so i am writing this irrelevant comment.
    I liked her boobs when there was that picture of her boobs and I got to see her boobs. That was nice.
    Starting a cosmetics line is so rock and roll. but then again kiss did it....
    Paramore selling out!
    No, because selling out would mean they had any artistic integrity to begin with.
    Nope selling out would mean they stopped making music for the sake of it and are now trying to be billionairs
    As much as I hate musicians selling products other than music, Hayley Williams has been well noted for her brightly coloured hairstyles and unusual make-up, so it's not that ridiculous that she'd be interested in setting up her own cosmetics brand. I don't think it's "selling out" as much as "branching out". She has the money and the fame to do something else she finds interesting. Madonna writes kids books.
    Fair enough, but we'll see what she'll create! It really sounds like Avril Lavigne's perfume though...
    link no1
    Gossip frontman Beth Ditto
    Should this not be 'frontwoman'? I dunno but I always tend to call people front man or woman depending on the gender...or are fat people just classed as male whether or not something hangs between the legs these days?
    Nobody likes a ginger, Hayley.
    Except for when they're hot as ****. Then they're okay.
    Idk why but in my experience I have found that a good 75 - 80% of "ginger"/redheaded women are at the very least "pretty".
    lool this is a joke right? this b**ch is so ugly