Head: 'Korn Sound Had Definitely Changed Since I Left'

Meanwhile, a new track titled "Mass Hysteria" leaks in full.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently discussed the array of changes nu metal veterans went through since his 2003 departure, confessing that the sonic differences are more than visible. "The Korn sound had definitely changed since I left," the axeman told Team Rock. "It went from being in majority a metal-rock sound to - they had an industrial album, like the "Untitled" album was that and they worked with different producers like the Matrix and they've done a dubstep album, so they're all over the place." Head also noted finding something he liked on each of the albums he wasn't playing on, but also insisted on recording a fully guitar-driven release once he returned to the fold. "When I came back I was like 'I want it to be a rock record, I want it to be a guitar-driven record and I want it to be a record that we can all be proud of,'" Welch added. Meanwhile, another new song has leaked online. Titled "Mass Hysteria," the track comes as tune No. 5 off upcoming album "The Paradigm Shift" and features a sturdy groove and rich guitars, so make sure to check it out below (via the Gauntlet). "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled for an October 8 release through Caroline Records as the eleventh studio effort in Korn opus.

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    IMO this is without a doubt one of the strongest songs I've heard from Korn in a looong time! So pumped for the new album boys
    Got the album today. It's the best thing they have done in 10 years. Only 2 bland songs. You need to really blast it in your car tho to get the full effect. My laptop speakers did not do it justice. I'm a huge korn fan and this album brings a smile to my face
    I have the feeling one of the bland songs you talk about is one of my favorite tracks.
    spike in my veins is just ok,not bad but not great. never never is always a skipper and lullaby for a sadist is boring as hell and goes nowhere. aside from those, the rest of the album is fantastic and has some of the most epic choruses ive heard from jon. my only other gripe would b that i wish he would have used a little more harsh vocals instead of all cleans just to make it sound a little more heavier.
    The whole album has been leaked already, and it's pretty fantastic. Not 1 bad track on it.
    The whole album leaked last week. Apart from 'Never Never' it's quite a strong record.
    "Meanwhile, another new song has leaked online." Oh, how cute. I just picked up a physical copy of the album this morning. Great record!
    Finally, this sounds like what should have been the follow up to Take A Look In The Mirror.
    after listening to this, i will not illegally download it to "test" it first, gonna go ahead and place the order!!
    Bought the album already, it's been out since yesterday in AUS, it's actually amazing, as good as Issues!
    I like it! This sounds like...Korn, go figure Right on. Until now this whole decade has been a bummer for heavy music. We have all of these discussions lately about the state of the music industry: Downloading, Spotify, CD sales (or lack thereof), reunions and festivals/touring. There are a lot of issues contributing to the problems in music these days, but the most important one is the music itself! Of course that is just my opinion. I am glad that Korn is sounding good again! STP w/ Chester show promise. I feel bad for the younger people. I saw Zeppelin in the Kingdome when I was a little kid, and was in the local Seattle music scene during the late 80s and early 90s. There was all kinds of great music. Maybe I'm just missing my youth, but the music was better. Maybe this thing will turn around. Good job Korn!
    Emenius Sleepus
    what 'heavy music' have you been listening to, mate? I suspect not the one you should have been listening to, if you claim it's been a "bummer decade"...
    The music's improved I just can't get behind John's vocals any more :/ It all blends into one whiney song to me... Glad they're in a good place again though.
    Have you listened to the whole album? Prey For Me and Love and Meth aren't whiney at all, how is this whiney?
    'Leaked'. Good sound though. Reminds me of early '00 nu-metal.
    Ste Ramakers
    musically good, way better ay. Vocally.. better.... lyrically definitely better.. JD's vocals still don't compare to anything like in issues or earlier though.. But a definite improvement
    Sounds awesome! Jealous of everybody who already has a physical copy, but definitely buying this on Tuesday. Can't wait!
    I wish bands/producers/the people who are responsible for the mixing would just forget about the existence of compressors. But I guess these days you get that with every band to a certain degree.
    Compression really is one of the most important tools in recording/mixing.
    I agree that it is important in recording and mixing but my only pet peeve is when people abuse it or use too much of it.