Head: 'Korn Sound Had Definitely Changed Since I Left'

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Head: 'Korn Sound Had Definitely Changed Since I Left'
Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently discussed the array of changes nu metal veterans went through since his 2003 departure, confessing that the sonic differences are more than visible. "The Korn sound had definitely changed since I left," the axeman told Team Rock. "It went from being in majority a metal-rock sound to - they had an industrial album, like the "Untitled" album was that and they worked with different producers like the Matrix and they've done a dubstep album, so they're all over the place." Head also noted finding something he liked on each of the albums he wasn't playing on, but also insisted on recording a fully guitar-driven release once he returned to the fold. "When I came back I was like 'I want it to be a rock record, I want it to be a guitar-driven record and I want it to be a record that we can all be proud of,'" Welch added. Meanwhile, another new song has leaked online. Titled "Mass Hysteria," the track comes as tune No. 5 off upcoming album "The Paradigm Shift" and features a sturdy groove and rich guitars, so make sure to check it out below (via the Gauntlet). "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled for an October 8 release through Caroline Records as the eleventh studio effort in Korn opus.
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