Headbanging Can Cause Brain Injury, Doctors Confirm

Motorhead fan left with brain clot after rattling his goddamn head too much.

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Although it's a known fact that headbanging can cause neck injury, doctors have recently confirmed that it can also lead to a brain clot.

AsĀ Daily Mail reports, a 50-year-old German fan of Motorhead developed the condition following one of the band's recent shows.

After rattling his goddamn head a bit too much, the fan began suffering constant headache for two weeks. He was ultimately treated at Hannover Medical School, where a CT scan confirmed a subdural haematoma on the right side, a clot caused by blood leaking between the skull and the brain.

Thankfully, the clot was successfully removed by doctors, who had to drill a hole in the patient's head. The fan is expected to make a full recovery, whereas the whole case marks the fourth recorded subdural haematoma linked to headbanging.

"Our patient had no history of head trauma so we assume that headbanging, with its brisk forward and backward acceleration and deceleration forces, led to rupturing of bridging veins causing hemorrhage into the subdural space," the doctors stated.

However, there is no need for being too concerned. According to Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian, chances of developing a brain clot from headbanging are "very, very low." "We are not against headbanging," he said. "The risk of injury is very, very low. But I think if the patient had gone to a classical concert, this would not have happened."

No matter if you trust it or not, we strongly not recommending you doing your construction works like this:

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    Does this mean I should get hazard pay for listening to heavy music?
    OH MY EFFIN GOD This is the first neuro-related article, where the headline actually matches the content and the case presented. Keep rollin..
    What? rapidly whipping your head around can cause damage to your brain? I never would've guessed
    I was thinking of accidentally hitting your head on a shelf or something but that's cool too I guess.
    yes, it quite obviously phuckz your brain and your neck. 2 great reasons not to "rattle your goddamn head". it is, however, less than obvious to some, making articles like this important. \m/
    "Now let's go back to that . . . building . . . thingy, where are bed and tv . . . . is"
    "we don't know what happened so we'll blame the music"
    This was never actually claimed to be a scientific conclusion. The doctor - as doctors are meant to - made a judgement about the likely cause. Any further than that is a result of UG journalism taking from Daily Mail journalism, possibly the worst combination in living memory.
    I wouldn't even want to look at a Daily Mail article in case I catch brain damage or bigotry.
    Did you read the article? The last paragraph explicitly states they don't condemn headbanging (and honestly the music isn't even mentioned). It's pretty obvious that if he's had no other head trauma, that headbanging, ie the only real violent force applied to his head, probably caused this.
    "But I think if the patient had gone to a classical concert, this would not have happened." I don't think this doctor reads the UG articles too often, does he?
    So there's a small chance of getting a brain injury from headbanging. Another article pretty much saying "stay in bed all day cause doing something might get you hurt". People really should stop worrying about their safety so much, cause it's not actually making you safer.
    kcmoon5150a wrote on Nov 30th, 2013 4:24pm: This is incredible information - I am beside myself that I know now this - imagine the benefit to making that we now know this information. Dang!!! Imagine would have know know how enough if know have now enough imagine we know how many it now want and the enough it will enough we know who with now this and know will now this and enough this wnowy this and could proboughy and nough boughnow and noought now don't you enough now boughh knowhy now goohht? Kids now now! Damng! quote
    Nothing happened to Jason Newsted at Live Shit: Bing & Pruge (1989). Sorry, we'll keep doing it.
    women that head-bang give great head...not sure if that says anything good about the dudes tho... halford would still love you i guess...