Henry Rollins Talks Legal Marijunana: 'Smoking Pot Is a Monumental Waste of Time'

"Is marijuana any better or worse than alcohol and tobacco?" the singer asks.

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As the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado is still making massive headlines, Henry Rollins decided to share his two cents on the whole matter, dubbing cannabis smoking a "monumental waste of time."

"I think smoking pot is a monumental waste of time, so I don't do it," the singer kicked off his LA Weekly blog post. "However, I am not at all interested in keeping you from it. If America can regulate, tax and sell alcohol and tobacco - two wildly addictive and potentially harmful substances - you would think legalizing marijuana shouldn't be an insurmountable hurdle. I think it will be a slow and costly process."

Rollins continued with a question, "Is marijuana any better or worse than the aforementioned celebrated intoxicants? If you ask this question, you are met with decades of America's back pages. The 'war on drugs' is not only a deeply invested revenue stream, it allows law enforcement incredible bending and stretching of probable cause and violations of protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment."

Focusing on alcohol and tobacco, Henry described both substances as "very important to the American identity. They are macho, kickass, old-school, working-class and, most important, eternally conjoined with violence," he added, along with a question: "How many small cigars did Clint Eastwood go through shooting all his Westerns?"

Going back to marijuana, the singer commented that cannabis is "much, much harder sell. Yes, white Americans smoke it by the ton, literally, but there is still a widely held and energetically maintained perception that it's a black/brown (and obviously criminal) man's stimulant. Now that some weed companies are publicly traded, watch that change."

After noting that "for some parents, the thought of their kid drunk is cause for concern but the idea that they smoked weed and are high reeks of failure," Rollins focused on the legal part, adding that "on the federal level, marijuana is not only an illegal drug, under the Controlled Substances Act, it is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, right there with heroin and LSD. So Colorado has basically thumbed its nose at the Obama administration and given Attorney General Eric Holder a very public wedgie."

In conclusion, Henry pointed out how "it is very difficult to tell Americans that they can't do something," adding that "change is hard but the times are indeed changing."

As Huffington Post reports, legal marijuana sales have grossed a total of $5 million within the first week. The projected annual sales of $600 million could earn the state almost $70 million in taxes.

Does Mr. Rollins have a point here and "is marijuana any better or worse than alcohol and tobacco?" Also, what are your thoughts on cannabis legalization in general?

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    I was going to write "If you break it down, everything you do in this wast universe is waste of time". Then I realized it would make me sound like I was high.
    Smoke pot, take drugs and drink alcohol if you want to. If you don't want to...well, don't. It's not hard.
    By the way, my dealer gone missing, can anyone help me to "waste my time" in Moscow?
    Yeah, that would be all fine and dandy if those people kept to themselves and didn't get into cars after, etc. It affects more people than just themselves.
    Then you should ban incompetence. Straight up dumb sons of bitches get in cars and kill people every day...and they're sober.
    First of all, high driving, while not advisable, is still safer than drunk driving. Second, how many news stories have you heard about people getting into accidents while high? Nobody wants to drive anywhere when they're stoned….
    I was referring more to the drinking and other drugs part of what he said. And as for pot, like Rollins said, it's really not that exciting. And the amount of gang related shit that causes violence isn't worth it. I knew I would get downvoted because people love their pot.
    You're getting downvoted because your facts are screwy. People are already driving under the influence even with pot being illegal, do you really think significantly more people will start doing the same if it's decriminalized? Keep in mind DUI is still illegal in both scenarios.
    This is just a dumb comment all around. Some things are deeper for others little boy.
    his comment was the truth. your comment was the dumb one little man
    Haha you guys are so dumb. Its the most generic, thoughtless comment. I should just go around to every article saying "Hey if you like Pantera (or whatever), listen to them. If you don't...don't", and then get the "gold medal". You guys are too easily impressed.
    This logic makes no sense, "I've heard this comment said many times therefore it's stupid and not a smart thing to say" is there like a limit on how many times a certain phrase can be said before it's deemed false and unintelligent?
    Nobody said it was a well informed comment and I'm sure nobody was impressed. It just wasn't as stupid as your comment little buddy.
    I believe it's a general comment that applies to the general American public. Yes there are special cases and deeper things, but those cases are not the majority of pot use/alcohol. You weren't supposed to take his comment and over think it.
    It is not like this in all situations. There are times when peoples lives are too ****ed up for they to survive without drugs.
    Drugs won't solve their problems, they just "mask" them. Sorry if I sound like a guidance counselor lol, but it's true.
    He never said drugs will solve their problems. He's merely stating that without drugs (yes, selling them) a lot of people would straight up starve and die. I'm not defending or condoning it. I like and would use drugs, but in moderation, like anything.. Yes, I'm sure anyone can get a real job and real experience, but it's not that simple all the time. Some people are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Should we be punishing them and putting them into prisons.. Legalizing it will actually help these people because they can get legit jobs doing what they already do, and won't be put into a prison for doing the only thing available to them to do.
    As someone who smokes pot, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to find the controversy in what Rollins said. He thinks it's a waste of time, and for someone who runs around engaging in different forms of media, it probably is a waste of time and completely counter productive to the kind of energy and focus he needs. Nothing he said infringes upon my rights, beliefs or actions, and the fact that the rest of the article consists of logical points and common sense means most people complaining are just sore that he said something about pot. We don't have to take every contrary opinion as a personal attack or challenge.
    I also smoke pot, and it's because it opened my eyes to new ways of looking at the world and stimulates my creativity. And it helps with my anxiety. So for me, I don't think it's a waste of time at all, especially since I only do it once every week or two.
    Not really. I agree with you, for the most part, but I think that people have a reason to be upset because there is a difference between saying that something IS a waste of time, and that something would waste their time. It is all semantics, really, but I don't think that people aren't justified for being upset. As others have pointed out, if "smoking pot" was replaced with "playing music", it would seem absurd to call it a "monumental waste of time", considering the impact it has on some people's lives and our culture, in general.
    I don't care about semantics. If people's only point is that Rollins didn't preface everything he said with a giant IMO, they're silly and pedantic. No one has a reason to be upset unless they think their ego is challenged. Henry Rollins thinking weed is a waste of time means nothing other than Henry Rollins thinks weed is a waste of time. If he didn't think it was a waste of time, or if he thought there was an upside to him personally doing it, he probably would. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and feelings and account for them. There's no burden on anyone to sugar coat their opinion if they're speaking exclusively for themselves. People need to deal with contrary opinions far better than they do. It's not like Rollins' problem with weed is that other people like it when he doesn't. As far as people trying to point out hypocrisy in his not finding music to be a waste of time, that's beyond dumb. Do you really think it's unreasonable for someone to have two honestly different preferences, developed through time and experience, or do you really want Henry Rollins to hold your hand through the nuances of his opinion?
    You can't put cannabis in the same class as Heroin. How ridiculous is that. Shame propaganda is what got it banned in the first place. Cannabis could be the answer to a lot of the financial debt countries like Greece and Spain find themselves in, and likely reduce crime. Uruguay as country recently legalised cannabis, hopefully the UK do the same. I will say this, don't be dependent on weed, that's a mistake a lot of people make. Smoke smart people.
    You can smoke pot, prostitution, and get married as a gay couple here in the Netherlands, and we are economically and socially one of the most stable countries in the world. Are we magical? no, we are just people. All this stuff is propaganda and fear spread by American media who are just afraid of the unknown. Give stuff a chance, and you will see that a country does not get ****ed up. Stupid people will do stupid things, whether it's legal or illegal.
    Uruguay has just legalized it. Of course, Uruguay is a small country (therefore it's easier to control things like this) and etc, but it's a good example of how to organize it, sell it, etc etc. I see no problem with legalizing marijuana. It's way less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, legalizing it can be a sharp blow to the head of the "war on drugs" (by the way, it isn't the priority of 2/3 governments in this world to end it, since they actually profit from it), etc etc. Hell, marijuana can even be used to treat lots of diseases. PS: some people really need to stop looking at marijuana the same way they look at cocaine and crack. That'd be a part of the problem solved.
    Also, I know that complaining of our lovely UG's headlines is a waste of time, but... the fact that Rollins thinks that smoking weed is a waste of time is the most irrelevant part of his argument, yet UG made a headline out of it to draw more attention to the article. Tabloid alert, tabloid alert. *rings the alarm*
    Literally the next part of the quote is "so I don't do it." It's amazing what a shoddy headline can do for people's perception. It's not like thinking something is a waste of time takes away from the enjoyment of others, it's simply a justification for why you choose not to do something.
    If people smoke weed instead of getting drunk then drunken violence will dramatically fall, and I've never seen anyone get violent from being high on weed. But in the same way becoming dependent can ruin your life, so can becoming dependent on weed. Just don't be an idiot. Speaking of which, putting weed in the same class as heroin is most certainly idiotic. Thinking about it, is the smoking of it as bad for you as cigarettes? If so, hash brownies all the way!
    Here's how it is, folks: - People are going to use marijuana whether its legal or not, whether you like it or not. - Weeds affects everyone differently. - Based on my experience, its addictive psychologically, not physically. Meaning you can get addicted to it much like someone gets addicted to a video game or someone they have a huge crush on. If you're lazy because you smoke weed all the time, its because you're just ****ing lazy. - The reasons its illegal is because the government are 1.) STILL getting over the stigma from racial profiling. 2.) Since marijuana is so easy to grow/cultivate, they have no easy way of controlling it and taxing it. Right now, the best way to control it is to completely outlaw it. It's purely a money thing. Marijuana will be legal when the social misconceptions have been debunked.
    Outlawing it wasn't about controlling it, it was about allowing stake holders in companies that would be competing with it to get rich, along with racial profiling. No one has ever died because of marijuana. How many people have died because of alcohol and tobacco?
    I support the legalization, but I don't support the drug. AT ALL.
    Gotta agree with you there. I personally don't like it, but it shouldn't be in the same class as heroin. Can't remember the last time I heard of that person that accidentally ODed on weed and died.
    I smoked a joint once...now I'm addicted to Heroin.
    thats unfortunate. Ive smoked weed for years and have never had any desire to try heroin. I smoked a joint once, and then another. Still opiate free
    FACT: Listening to Henry Rollins is a monumental waste of time!
    Stoner alert! Go back to procrastinating and listening to your jams, duuuude.
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    weed >>>> cigarettes and alcohol. hands down
    I think it's hilarious that America thinks that a kid drinking is "cause for concern", while smoking pot is "a sign of failure". I would MUCH rather have my kid smoking weed. And then there's cigarettes, which I don't and never will even understand the appeal to... Do people who start on those just do it to look cool? They have no affect on your brain other than addiction.
    It really calms the nerves. That's the main reason I started, but I keep it down to 2-3 a day cuz I know I'll want to quit eventually.
    I started at 12 because I stole a pack after filling all other pockets with candy. I only smoked one because my friends were starting and I was starting to become an outcast with all my "I'll never be friends with you again if you smoke" shit. I don't think there is any specific appeal to start other than peer pressure personally. But, like alcoholics, once you quit it is so easy to start again because you remember how much you enjoyed it. Oh and that kid was soft and Henry was trying to toughen him up, you can't be wishy washy through life like that or you'll never make it anywhere.
    It's relaxing and it doesn't make you incompetent like having a drink or smoking a bowl (for some people) would, if I'm in a bad mood and I have a smoke I feel as though it makes me a bit more level headed so to speak. I completely understand why people don't see the appeal since the effect is not quite as drastic as something like alcohol or marijuana but it's something more subtle, which appeals to me more.
    For me marijuana is pretty subtle, too, I really have to do quite a bit for it to have a very noticeable effect on me. And that's always been the case, it wasn't like I started having to do more to get the same effect; I'm either just very tolerant of it, or it's WAY more mild than people make it out to be.
    Some people can handle pot, some can't. I personally have never tried it. I've never tried any sort of intoxicating substance. However, I have absolutely no problem with people who do. In fact one of my best friends smokes weed everyday. But people that are all "weed is lyfe,"and wear shirts and hats that advertise the fact that they smoke pot.....well, those people are douchebags and losers.
    As a hevy smoker for the past 4 years, i dare to say it actually is a waste of time, but a joyfull waste. It thought me to listen to music different, it (not allways) increased my creativity and helped me thru a lot of problems i had to endure but haven't caused. It also caused a few problems like low selfesteem, and psychic overreaction because i overthought everything. and I have to say if i would live in america i would now be in jail. I'm gratefull i don't. I stopped smoking because i recognized that my music and my "spark" suffered under the damping effect of it, it also ****t up my voice (wich could be aswell because of the low selfesteem) After 4 years of smoking hi class indoor weed on a dayly basis (ok, i never smoked before or while at work)i quitted. Two weeks of minor sleepingproblems and heatvwaves were an pretty fair price for those 4 years. But i can't speekfor everyone, quitting wasn't hard at all, i just had to endure the reasonable low on a 4 years high. [b]I don't think we should blame drugs for everything, it's mostly just a lack of low selfdiscipline Whatsoever, this is only my personal oppinnion and i feel the urge to say tha i'm not a native english speaking person. Do what you want, but do it whit care and allways mind the consequences. And don't do it if you hurt somone else. Peace
    When did Henry Rollins opinion on anything become so relevant to this website....having said that the guy is way more famous for his opinions than anything he ever did in the music world....
    "I think smoking pot is a monumental waste of time" Yeah, that is part of the point... not many people smoke a J, and say "**** yeah! let's get productive!!".
    False. Just about the only times I clean my room are when I'm stoned and I decide to rearrange some shit and end up cleaning the whole room to the point of vacuuming the ceiling.
    You'd be surprised at what it can do for your creativity. Probably 90% of any form of artist or creative mind would actually say what you jokingly said
    Get 5 guys together drinking beer, and they'll go look for someone to beat the shit out of. Get 5 guys together smoking pot, and they'll form a band.
    Alcohol and Tobacco have been proven to be more damaging to your body then Marijuana. Smoker or not, the war on drugs is a joke. Marijuana can also be used to make medicine, clothes, paper etc. The benefits to the economy, and society are undeniable. Self Discipline and proper education are what is needed.
    Could give less of a crap. Smoked it back in high school. Makes you slow, lethargic and damn near dumb at some points.The only upside is the possible medical aspect. It seems as though "recreational" use is making a mockery of the fact people actually need the drug for pain management.
    Not only that, but Hemp can also be used for fuel, substitute milk, clothing, paper etc. there's so many benefits.
    Yeah, but hemp isn't illegal.
    It isn't, but the cultivation of the crop isn't that widespread, at least not in the UK, if Cannabis were to be legalised here then chances are those farmers would probably grow Hemp as well, meaning the cultivation would be more widespread. Or at least that's how I see it, as there's still a lot of stigma attached.
    How is the medical aspect the "only" upside? Not only does it bring legitimate inspiration to some people, but it also helps with various other things too, such as spirituality and introspection. I don't know how recreational use is making a mockery out of the medicinal aspects, either. Maybe stupid people who act stupid make the drug look stupid, but don't they do that to everything anyway? I smoke pot regularly, and I disagree with you on those points. Weed has done very little to make me slow, lethargic, or dumb. In fact, a vast majority of athletes and academics get high. In my experience, pot inspires me to be patient, tolerant, understanding, active, and most importantly, aware. The high that weed gives me has brought me insight that changed the way that I look at myself and the world around me(particularly music!).
    Exactly, if anything it just makes you introspective, more focused on your own thoughts. Recent studies have actually shown MJ may CREATE brain cells, whereas we know for sure that alcohol kills them.
    How is the medical aspect the "only" upside? Not only does it bring legitimate inspiration to some people, but it also helps with various other things too, such as spirituality and introspection. I don't know how recreational use is making a mockery out of the medicinal aspects, either. Maybe stupid people who act stupid make the drug look stupid, but don't they do that to everything anyway? I smoke pot regularly, and I disagree with you on those points. Weed has done very little to make me slow, lethargic, or dumb. In fact, a vast majority of athletes and academics get high. In my experience, pot inspires me to be patient, tolerant, understanding, active, and most importantly, aware. The high that weed gives me has brought me insight that changed the way that I look at myself and the world around me(particularly music!).
    I can't see why everyone likes this guy, he's a dick.
    That interview was so dickish that it hurts, but I'm not going to judge him on how he acted 30 years ago. I don't agree with 100% of his opinions nowadays, and the fact that he's so passionate and intense with his opinions makes it a little difficult when I do disagree with him, but I very much appreciate that he has (typically) well thought out intelligent opinions on things that matter.
    I think he is right about being independent, but going about it in the wrong way. It also looks to be right after a show so he's probably hyped, like Richard Sherman's interview lol.
    Yeah, Black Flag gigs are notorious for being intense, they had loads of hecklers around this time too because of the sludgy doomfest that was My War's B-side. Rollins could've put his point across in a less dickish way, but the essence of that point is still entirely valid.
    He used to be a massive dick, but do remember that interview came out in about 1984, loads of people were giving them shit left right and center because the B side to My War was a sludgy doomfest. The kid is a bit of a little shit anyway, you can tell that to some extent he's just trying to score punk points, Rollins was basically telling him to think for himself and be independent.
    The funny thing being that the B-Side of My War is my favorite thing Black Flag ever did, screw "punk cred". Sludgy Doomfests rock.
    JESUS. what a condescending d o u s h. At least he's a decent guy know.
    although i do acknowledge that Marijuana is technically not addictive, i still think you can take it to the point that you become irresponsible if you can't live without it. they should just legalize it and stop wasting money incarcerating on non-violent offenders who simply smoked pot
    Most people smoke pot during their free time, thus they were already 'wasting' it. But as someone said earlier, for someone as busy as Rollins, smoking could definitely get in the way and be detrimental. Smoking weed is like riding a bike or playing guitar, you can do it productively or recreationally. I know many people who work stoned (usually labor workers).
    I used to abuse it, was a waste of time and caused problems in my life. After educating myself on the subject and gaining some self control, I still use it rec, but no longer abuse it. Tbh now that I don't abuse, it actually has positive effects on my life, motivation, whats important in life, confidence etc. It is a really shyte thing when you smoke it every day.
    Marijuana, in small doses, has proven equally effective at inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin as most SSRI's. So it clearly has potentially incredible benefits. Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, has also proven to be massively effective at combating depression and is currently the only substance to do so even after use has discontinued, even months after, unlike traditional antidepressants. And I read that in a psychology magazine, not the drug thread.
    That's how I've always looked at it. Whether it's bad for you or not, it wastes tons of time and even more money. I'd rather be doing something more productive.
    lol @ "wastes tons of time". how many things do people do every day that could also be considered a waste of time? posting on UG? Waste of time. Taking 5 minutes to decide what to eat? Waste of time. Playing video games? Waste of time. On and on and on... Same goes for money. And as for productive things, I doubt you're building homes for orphaned children of Haiti or anything spectacular.
    As someone who smokes a lot of weed, why am I supposed to be offended by someone who considers it a waste of time? What, are they making a sweeping statement that determines the value of my life? Give me a break; they think it's a waste of time, you don't. There's more than enough room for both opinions. If some people didn't think it was a waste of time, they'd probably be smoking it.
    Hence why I said that "I've" always looked at it that way. Do what you want with your spare time. I just personally would rather spend my money on something that's going to fade away within the hour.
    *That's NOT going to fade away within the hour. Made myself look like a moron there.
    Taking too long on the toilet could be considered a waste of time, but if you don't relax and have a stress free dump you might get piles. Fuck urgency, have a drink or smoke a joint and take it easy. Or waste your time on a forum telling people how much of a productive citizen you are.
    Don't you ever sit back and enjoy yourself for a minute at the end of the day, mr. Productive? Are you into meth or fresh pots?
    Wonder if anyone ever told Henry playing music was a waste of time?
    He'd probably reply that he doesn't find music to be a waste of time. It's almost like a person can have nuanced views about different things for completely different reasons than you or I.
    Yeah it's true, weed is a waste of time. There are no actual benefits than feeling good. Furthermore, your spending that money without any investment on it. But, what is life without fun anyways? Blaze it.
    I don't get it. Am I the only one who has very fast thoughts when they are high...? I think the problem is the people today. They lack the ability to focus on real life. If you can take it in for what it is, it gives you a wider sense of perspective
    I aint losing sleep at night over this issue. Ill smoke the shit legal or not. As a good portion of the country have been doing since the Indians ruled the land. Legal or not. It would be sticking it to the man to keep it illegal because the government isn't getting their piece of the action.
    I don't understand how this is such a touchy subject. I don't see how it's harmful to society, nor do I see how it's beneficial outside of medical uses, which, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure is legal in most places. I don't oppose legalization, but I also don't see what difference it'll make. It'll still be a relatively underused drug by the masses, and the people that will smoke it, chances are they are already smoking it to begin with, so whether it's illegal or not doesn't really matter. We might as well make it legal, as long as public use is controlled with laws, it'll be no different to how tobacco is, because outside of the people using it, it doesn't really effect anyone. Well I could be wrong, I don't really pay too much attention to this kind of stuff.
    i just dont like the stupid idiots that smoke it everyday. my cousin smokes 4 times a day and always says, "weed is life, it makes things better." that shit is for pussies, if you need to smoke to make your worthless life feel better then i feel bad for you.
    Did ripping on people make you feel better? If so, kill yourself... If not, what were you trying to accomplish with that post? Do you think we smokers give a ****? I feel bad for people with so much anger and hate...
    You literally told a guy to kill himself because he disagrees with you, on the pretense that hate is bad and that you don't care about his opinion. That's funny.
    Wait, ripping on people is bad, but its Okay to tell him to kill himself because he disagrees with you? You're the one with anger and hate, not him.
    And tell me why should I care about this guy and his opinions?
    Isn't it your job to answer that question for yourself? You literally cared about this article to the fullest extent possible as far as UG is concerned. Good job giving them traffic for something you don't care about.
    Weed makes me think I am everything I'm looking at regardless of what it is. For example: I made the mistake of smoking a bit of it before watching the movie "Ted". I was with my girlfriend and I looked at her and asked, "I'm a teddy bear, aint I?" and of course she was like, "Yeah babe, you're a teddy bear.", then I responded, "No, I don't think you understand...I'm a ****ing teddy bear." and the conversation lasted about a half an hour just like that. It is a bit of a waste of time tho.
    It's a waste of time? That sounds so arrogant to say. Of course I totally disagree with him seeing as how I've had wonderful self-fulfilling times while using marijuana. I'm sorry, but if he thinks marijuana is a waste of time he needs to burn all of those Sabbath records he holds so close to his heart. In fact, he should probably burn all of his records. Pot smoking has always been a relaxing thought provoking experience which has helped me significantly. Then again, at least he is for legalization.
    Why should he burn those records? You're actually doing what you accuse of him doing, and that's letting your opinion of something dictate the actions of others, something that wasn't the point of this article. What does the drug use of other people have to do with him? I swear, people are so defensive, it's like you need someone to put a disclaimer before their opinion just in case people don't over analyze the shit out of everything you say. What are you actually disagreeing with? How arrogant do you need to be to think Rollins was speaking for anyone but himself? It's like people want a medal for not being able to read or comprehend what they read. Literally the entire point of the article was he doesn't find weed to be a valuable use of his time, but if you do more power to you. Yet here we are, with a bunch of people complaining because someone doesn't share your opinion and has no problem stating it honestly. Shit like this honestly makes me embarrassed to say I smoke weed, at least being associated by proxy with people that sensitive. There's no burden on you to make sure you know what you're talking about, or to account for the feelings or views of others, or whether or not your views actually infringe upon anyone else, but Henry Rollins has to put an 'IMHO' before everything so stoners aren't offended.
    It has nothing to do with it being his opinion. I understand that we disagree, that's fine, that's life, I really don't care. I'm saying that he called it a "monumental waste of time" which is just silly. He's a huge fan of music that was directly influenced by marijuana use. So how was it a waste of time? It's like a metalhead saying Sabbath never contributed anything to modern metal. You wouldn't have metal in the first place if it weren't for Sabbath. I'm saying it's a ridiculous statement. I'm giving my opinion on the opinion he gave. I like Henry Rollins, I just think this particular opinion of his comes off as arrogant.
    "I think smoking pot is a monumental waste of time, so I don't do it, however, I am not at all interested in keeping you from it", he just personally thinks it's a waste of time and that's his own opinion. If you think about it, just about everything in life apart from sleeping, eating and ****ing is a monumental waste of time, so I wouldn't take it to heart really.
    He's got the right attitude. Doesn't like it himself but accepts that it's illegal for the wrong reasons and is for change.
    If I ever gave a ****, I'd shave my nuts, tuck my dick in between my legs, and cluck. That's what I think about drugs. I just don't care.
    Waste of time? For you. Don't tell others how to think. It makes you come off as rather Right.
    Did you even read the article, or are you pedantic to the point of being an *******? You're actually the one telling others how to speak and think, Henry Rollins was just giving an opinion you don't like. Funny how that works.
    Anyone who thinks weed is bad, but supports alcohol is an idiot. Stop listening to what the mainstream news media tells you about weed, and do some research for yourself, then draw your own conclusions. Make up your own damn minds, stop letting them do it for you.
    This comment is brought to you by the "People for the Ethical Treatment of Doritos"
    Who cares. Use your own heads to make an opinion that isn't bias or a stereotype. Different strokes for different folks.