Henry Rollins Traces Racist Origins of Marijuana Prohibition, Calls 'Illiteracy and Pigheaded Ignorance' the Real Problem

"If we legalize marijuana, then you're legalizing a 'brown person's drug,'" the musician sarcastically says.

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InĀ one of his numerous endeavors, Henry Rollins became the host of "10 Things You Don't Know About," the H2 show that sees the singer digging through a vast array of interesting topics.

And one of such subjects was marijuana prohibition, as Henry traced back the racist origins behind the ban.

"If we legalize marijuana, then you're legalizing a 'brown person's drug,'" he said with a sarcastic tone. "And we don't really let the brown people do what that want in this country, if you look at the history. If marijuana is legal, then your kids will be imbibing in what those 'jazz jigaboos' used to get up to."

Interestingly enough, Rollins is not exactly a fan of marijuana and doesn't even consume it, yet the whole ordeal clearly caught his attention. "America's connection with hemp is interesting," he told Rolling Stone.

"Harry Anslinger, the guy who said your children will stab you in your sleep if they smoke this stuff [leading to its prohibition in the '30s], was basically promoting racism and bigotry coming on as good Christian moral ethics. 'Save America from this thing.'

"Really, you should save America from illiteracy and pigheaded ignorance like racism and misogyny and homophobia. That's your danger; not the weed that Louis Armstrong apparently smoked, like, every day - though he seemed to play a pretty mean horn as far as my record collection tells me."

While working on the pot episode, the musician visited the Cannabis Cup in Denver and the government-funded grow house in Ole Miss, Mississippi. "It's like a Walmart-sized building of hydroponically grown pot. Buckets of hash oil. Duffel bags of weed," he said.

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    I like weed, i like rollins band, i like life, not a big fan of my job, but weed helps forget about that when i get home.
    Actually weed was made illegal due to the versatility of hemp and its threat to other industries such as paper and cloth.
    But...but.. I thought it was because it would make me go insane, rape people, murder toasters, eat children, and end my life by drenching a room full of endangered species in gasoline and igniting it with a burning upside down american flag while I burn alive screaming "Heil Communazism"
    It was both. The president at the time had a stake in the paper companies (much like Bush with oil) And hemp was discovered to be an i Inexpensive alternative to cutting trees down for paper. So scheming and propaganda was spread based off of Americans fears and heartstrings to make everyone think it's this evil drug. It's all about money.
    Wish they would put Henry Rollins as a "Vocalist" not a "Singer" , big difference . Love his talk , love his TV stuff , hate his music . At least he's on planet earth , most of the bands I like are full of arseholes .....
    chyld fan
    cant wait til P.A. makes it legal for medical reasons , ill be hiiiiigh as hell , just like smoky in Friday lmao