Here's BB King Shredding in Style of Yngwie Malmsteen

Amazing rare footage...

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Here's a funny little thing that's been circulating the guitar domain these days - footage of late guitar great BB King shredding in style of six-string virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen.

The footage is of course fake and heavily - and masterfully - edited. It's a work of Richard Daudé, who proudly shared this "amazing rare footage!"

The video combines BB's performance at the Montreux festival in 1993 with some neo-classical shredding vibe. It's done very skilfully and bound to give a lot of folks out there at least a chuckle.

The reactions range from full-on rage comments like "shame on who ever posted this fake!! It's dishonering the King of Blues, almost blasphemic! take that crap off here!!!" to more lighthearted "I don't understand why they take the camera away at the shreddiest moment."

Anyhow, you can check out BB shredding his trusty Lucille, along with the original footage from the event right below.

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    Whoever said that this is a shameful video needs to fucking get over themselves and their blues elitism.
    Blues elitism. Allright, that's it. I'm fed up with bullshit for today.
    I don't care what you say. Blues Elitism IS A THING. If I hear one more blues guitarist say something is shit because it is fast, I'm voting for Trump
    You're THAT dumb? Well, admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. But in your case... I think you might be terminal. Yngwie Mal-whatever is *fart noise* Now go waste your vote like an idiot.
    Moltres Avianos
    And if I hear one more metal guitarist say something is shit because it's NOT fast or NOT technical, I'm voting UKIP.
    "Blues elitism"? Wow. That's a thing now. Huh.
    It has been for as long as there's been guitar music that isn't blues. Since blues, of course. There was already guitar music before blues, and there wasn't any blues elitism then, obviously.
    I mean, around here, where so many articles yammer on about metal this, and brutal that, shred this, thrash that... I guess I'm just on the outside looking in.
    Ok, now let's see Malmsteen play B.B. King style blues
    you doubt he couldnt? lololol do yourself a favor and check some malmsteen videos playing blues on youtube.
    That's not what I meant. And no thanks to your offer, I prefer to listen to good blues players, no offense meant.
    >won't give musician a fair listen >still claims they're shit You're not biased at all, are you?
    >I've listened to a lot of Malmsteen >Never said he's shit. I like him Malmsteen fans can't read
    You do realize how ignorant about music you sound when you say something so stupid and pretentious, right Mike? Your first comment states exactly what he inferred, and as already stated it's hardly the case. Your 2nd comment is even more ignorant and when coupled with your first statement is borderline retardation.
    Are you a fucking RETARD? My first comment was about EDITING another video. And no, shredding a zillion notes behind a blues progression does not make Malmsteen a good blues player, just a good shredder.
    "ok, now lets see malmsteen play b.b. king style blues" and "I prefer good blues players" yup totally talking about the editing lol. Again go look up malmsteen playing blues, pretentious ass clowns such as yourself go with the masses to seem hip, you have clearly never looked into Malmsteen in the slightest your statements here are a test to that. there is a reason why nearly all famous vurtuoso's of all genres (and not so famous alike) in the guitar world of the music industry look up to Malmsteen, his techniques he uses encompass nearly all genres and everyone or nearly everyone of them are on an unreal level. At this point your the fat kid eating cheeto's telling the olympic swimmer he is out of shape.If you have no idea what you're talking about, don't talk/speak/type.
    LMFAO, nice rant based on what? I said nothing against Malmsteen. He is not known as a blues player, and King is not known as a shredder. That's why I liked the fake video and would like to see the opposite. You need to go to a strip club and chill
    That isn't what you stated at all though, perhaps an education is in order. You clearly don't grasp the English language if that is in fact how you meant it.
    I skipped to the video without reading and was totally tricked for a bit
    From an editing standpoint, that was really well done! The shredding was pretty cool too.
    This is amazing. And thanks to his blues background, it sounds a thousand times more emotional than Yngwie.
    The YT video is not available in my country... bummer. At least, I was able to see the other video, so that was entertaining.
    I'd be surprised to learn that BB cared enough to even acknowledge guitar-wank as something he could even play.