Hero Jack Osbourne Saves Drowning Woman

Newly-wed Jack saved a woman who had a heart attack at sea and resuscitated her until medics arrived - and all while enjoying his honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Jack Osbourne has proven to be a hero after saving a drowning woman in Hawaii.

The son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne was in Hawaii for both his wedding and mother's birthday, but spotted a swimmer in distress and took action with a friend.

His new bride Lisa Stelly revealed more on Twitter:

"Really proud of Jack and his friend Tyler who saved a woman on the beach yesterday who'd had a heart attack and drown [sic]. They resuscitated her until the ambulance came," said Lisa, who soon followed it with "We just found out she's in a stable condition! Awesome!"

Jack and Lisa became parents to Pearl in April, now 5-months-old. Shortly after, Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was set to take part in a series called "Stars Earn Stripes" where celebrities are put through military training, but NBC dropped him for the show two days before it was set to start shooting.

While NBC deny their decision was based on his diagnosis, Sharon Osbourne quit her role as a judge on "America's Got Talent" in protest.

"I had booked a job, right when I got diagnosed, and the company didn't think I could actually perform the job", Jack said at the time. "Out of everything, that's what has really ticked me off the most because it's like, 'Don't tell me what I can and cannot do'."

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    He was an annoying little asshat on The Osbournes, but he's come along pretty well since then. Nice guy; MS diagnosis really sucks though.
    and props for his mother to drop that america's got talent job and the money that comes with it, to protest
    He really was annoying little asshat on that show, was totally scamming off his dad both the young kids did only the oldest daughter was the sane one.
    Psycho Pigeon
    You're annoying and your fake sympathy more so.
    Either you didn't read the comment or you're badly in need of an ESL program. That's more your problem than mine.
    'Don't tell me what I can and cannot do'. Reminds me of John Locke in LOST.
    Allegedly kicked off a PT show for having MS; saves heart attack victim in the ocean.
    This was possibly the least funny, least coherent and most insulting comment i've ever read on UG. Seriously, the guy has MS and saved a drowning woman. You gotta respect that, not write a pointless and badly written short story that mocks the guy.
    Lol if it was anyone else this story wouldn't be on here. You have no imagination and take life to seriously.
    You strike me as one of those people who completely fail to realize how unintelligent they are.
    Well.. you're talking about MS like he doesn't know about it early and like he doesn't have the money for treatment. I'm sure with the new drugs coming out for it in the next few years he'll be fine and live a normal life.
    I love how the title labels Jack as the hero when the story clearly states a Tyler was part of the rescue. Why is Tyler not a hero as well??
    It wouldn't be news on a guitar website if it wasn't for Jack, the son of Ozzy Osbourne. Jack is the famous one. They said that they both rescued the drowning woman. They didn't say it directly, but we can all assume that both are heroes, right?
    All the MS bullshit must be tough especially to Ozzy, because he feared that disease for his entire life... Anyway, classy act, Jack. *slow clap*
    This is the son of Ozzy Osbourne... do you honestly think a little multiple sclerosis is gonna slow him down?
    Good for him, I used to think he was a putz, back in The Osbournes days.
    Rock star son or not, he did the right thing. One human being saving another is to be commended. Bravo Jack, well done.
    Holy crap the media and news these days just keeps getting worse. People talk about UG articles, but this is something that happens in every corner of media. Since when should private life be exposed to this level from any human being? By this rate, all the news that will be coming out will be related to: "Madonna eats an apple!", "Jack Osbourne has now said that when he was 3 years old, he tried riding a bike and fell 3 times!" Don't get me wrong, it's good to know that he did save someone and all, but that doesn't have to go public. In which point of our lives, with all the technology breaking boundaries and reaching new heights, do we have to focus on news that tells us what's going on with X person's life? There's no term to better describe these type of news, it's complete bullshit.
    Well it was his wife who said it on Twitter, and I think that's something actually worth mentioning on Twitter. Then it's the media outlets who propagate the story beyond that which can be infuriating.
    But that's what news is.... stories about what's going on in X person's life. Whether they discovered something, saved someone, puked on stage or slammed this or that...what separates the stories is pessimistic children who need something to constantly whinge about because their life hasn't amounted to being news worthy.
    That's the problem. News was firstly made for informative reasons only. You alert the public about a commun interest towards almost everyone in the aimed community (if not all). But this? This is just like advertising, where they bring celebraties to do an advert to show and public their product. The diference here is that they don't ask the celebraties for approval, yet use their image in any situation, while instead of them having a product to expose, their life is what gets exposed and the media make money just out of the fact that people love to this see this nitpicking and chit-chat that everyone has a need for so they can critizise or judge other people's lives. In this case, it's most of the times around celebraties.
    "He was set to take part in a series called "Stars Earn Stripes" where celebrities are put through military training, but NBC dropped him for the show two days before it was set to start shooting." That's rather punny