How Spirits Cured Testament Frontman's Cancer

Chuck Billy had a huge tumor in his chest, but claims that a local medicine man helped him call up spirits which helped him literally drop the cancer from his body. Don't dismiss it until you've read his side of the story!

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Testament frontman Chuck Billy has described the terrifying moment that he discovered he had a high tumor in his chest, and how a trippy visit to a shaman helped him recover.

"I had been smoking for about two or three months and I was just walking up the stairs in my house and just huffing and puffing and thinking, 'Man, these cigarettes are just killing me. I gotta stop smoking, I can't breathe,'" he told John Parks at Legendary Rock Interviews.

Chuck says he hadn't been to the doctor for years, but a chance encounter with a real estate agent led to him moving house and switching doctors where he finally got a check-up.

"It was kind of like a fluke situation. If that [real estate agent] never knocked on my door to sell my house, I probably would have died and never see it coming because I had a tumor in my chest that was the size of a squash.

"It was growing off of my heart and pushing on my lungs, which is why I couldn't breathe. I didn't have any space in there for my lungs to expand."

While Billy continued with chemotherapy treatments, a friend recommended he visit a local medicine man named Charlie. Billy brushed the offer aside, but one day Charlie arrived at his house unannounced to perform a healing ceremony

"I laid on the floor and he had an eagle sceptre and a flute and was chanting, and I saw myself floating... I was like traveling through the sky and I heard the wind and wolves and howling and chanting and I was thinking to myself, 'How's he doing all this?' because it was this really trippy experience.

"He told me that the wind was actually going to be my spirit guide and that the wind was going to be very important in communicating what was happening to me. Then he was gone."

A few weeks later, Billy was woken in the night because of the wind, when something very strange happened:

"My stomach just didn't feel right and I couldn't go to the bathroom for days at a time. Outside the window there was this little gathering funnel cloud and these beer cans clinking together in the wind.

"I sat on the toilet and released something out of my body and had this weird sensation and the wind stopped and the beer cans hit the ground. Right then I just had this overwhelming sensation that I got the sickness out of my body and I went upstairs and woke my wife up and said, 'Hey, I don't have cancer anymore. I'm cured. I just got rid of it downstairs.'

"That week when I went in for my blood tests to see what my levels were and all this, my doctor says, 'Wow, your tumor is cancer-free,' and I just became a true believer at that point."

What do you think of the story? Did the chemotherapy cure the cancer, or did Billy poop it out with a little help from the wind god? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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    I thought me meant spirits as in THAT would've been amazing
    I personally wouldn't give a damn HOW it got out, just as long as it was gone. ...but one question does did the tumor get from his heart to his digestive tract?
    Every time I see one of these stories about some one being cured by alternative medicine, the people are usually taking chemo or getting radiation done at the same time. Yet when they feel better they will thank the alternative medicine rather than the actual source of what cured them. Stories like this are an insult to those who are actually working on curing and treating cancer. I'm glad he is cancer free of course, but to give thanks to "spirits" instead of the doctors is insulting. Not to mention that there are probably some people who are going to read this and other stories like it and go for the alternative medicine route instead of going for actual treatment.
    "Actual" treatment? Chemotherapy is a horrible process; it's a massive risk to take, borderline destroys many of the natural body processes that are necessary for us to live, and many die from chemotherapy treatment and not the cancer itself. Not to mention radiation therapy, as radiation GIVES you cancer and it's being used to apparently TREAT cancer. Chuck's biggest mistake wasn't the Shaman, it was chemo. Many so-called 'cures' for cancer are relentlessly patented by various large pharmaceutical companies who'll never share their findings with one another because it's not 'good business'. They don't want to cure you! They want you to buy their overpriced falsified 'treatments' before you buy a similar overpriced product from a different business. I know we live in a black-or-white world, but Science isn't automatically correct in all it does. Science has taught us many things, but Science is driven by businessmen who's #1 agenda is to make money first and treat/discover second; this makes Science a grey area. Rag out on Chuck and the Shaman all you want, but it sounds like a lot of people here believe what they're told about Science (without following the teachings up with their own research) though they understand nothing of Shamanism - therefore, they revert to the black/white mentality and maintain Science always = correct.
    big props man!...and you hit the nail on the head, because science isn't always right indeed, and science also cant prove alot of things either. Maybe there are just things in and out of this world that are just not meant to be fully understood by science, or by basic human understanding in general
    Ofcourse chemo is a horrible process, but that doesnt stop it being necessary for cancer patents.
    Right on! There are many cures for cancer that people don't know about. If the medical establishemnt wanted to cure cancer why are they filing lawsuits against treatments that haven't been tested but have a great potential?
    "What do you think of the story? Did the chemotherapy cure the cancer, or did Billy poop it out with a little help from the wind god?" Tough one...
    I know it's stupid to read comments before an article, but I honestly had to go back up to see if that was actually in the article, or if you were just being silly. I now wish you were just being silly.
    I had testicular cancer a few years ago. I wish someone had told me I could have skipped the chemo and taken a magical dump instead that would've have been great. Glad Billy is okay though and RIDING THE SNAKE!!
    I feel like this entire article was an excuse for him to make a "True Believer" pun in the second last paragraph. If only :/
    If people who receive medical treatment and get well later on publicly thank spirits for making them poop cancer rather than their doctors... Well, there's just no hope, now is it?
    Callum feeble
    So basicaly, he had cancer, went for chemo, got constipated one day, had a big shit. Then went back a few weeks later and the chemo had done its job
    It's easy to laugh at things that we dont understand. Some call it ignorance. He had an out of body experience where his soul was healed. It's easy enough to search Google for info on spirit healers, spirit guides and astral projecting. You use 10% of your brain. Higher thought patterns are achieved through meditating. Had I not suffered a near death experience at an early age where I went out of body I would be laughing too but I'm not. Your body has an immune system directly driven by your Outlook and mindset. Some people see ghosts, some read auras, some see the future, some go out of body and communicate with higher planes, some heal. Metaphysics and quantum mechanics are very real. Albert Einstein understood these things. Do you take him for a fool?
    pff..great story and ofcourse i'm glad he's alive and well..but... didn't he get sick in 2001..?
    I don't know what to think of this. Seeing as there are thousands of other unexplainable stories like this, that people would likely not tell if they were lies, it could be possible, but at the same time it could easily be the chemotherapy.
    So it was nothing whatsoever to do with that chemotherapy he'd been having? STOP THE PRESSES! SCIENCE IS WRONG!
    Maybe the alternative medication just helped Billy in having a better headspace for the situation. Of course it would've been chemo and other things which really physically helped him, but it would've been these "spirits" that mentally helped him. Just my theory anyway.
    No matter how great of a guy I think Chuck is, I find it more than a little hard to believe that it was the shaman and not the chemotherapy that cured him. Still glad he's OK nonetheless, though.