How Spirits Cured Testament Frontman's Cancer

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How Spirits Cured Testament Frontman's Cancer
Testament frontman Chuck Billy has described the terrifying moment that he discovered he had a high tumor in his chest, and how a trippy visit to a shaman helped him recover. "I had been smoking for about two or three months and I was just walking up the stairs in my house and just huffing and puffing and thinking, 'Man, these cigarettes are just killing me. I gotta stop smoking, I can't breathe,'" he told John Parks at Legendary Rock Interviews. Chuck says he hadn't been to the doctor for years, but a chance encounter with a real estate agent led to him moving house and switching doctors where he finally got a check-up. "It was kind of like a fluke situation. If that [real estate agent] never knocked on my door to sell my house, I probably would have died and never see it coming because I had a tumor in my chest that was the size of a squash. "It was growing off of my heart and pushing on my lungs, which is why I couldn't breathe. I didn't have any space in there for my lungs to expand." While Billy continued with chemotherapy treatments, a friend recommended he visit a local medicine man named Charlie. Billy brushed the offer aside, but one day Charlie arrived at his house unannounced to perform a healing ceremony "I laid on the floor and he had an eagle sceptre and a flute and was chanting, and I saw myself floating... I was like traveling through the sky and I heard the wind and wolves and howling and chanting and I was thinking to myself, 'How's he doing all this?' because it was this really trippy experience. "He told me that the wind was actually going to be my spirit guide and that the wind was going to be very important in communicating what was happening to me. Then he was gone." A few weeks later, Billy was woken in the night because of the wind, when something very strange happened: "My stomach just didn't feel right and I couldn't go to the bathroom for days at a time. Outside the window there was this little gathering funnel cloud and these beer cans clinking together in the wind. "I sat on the toilet and released something out of my body and had this weird sensation and the wind stopped and the beer cans hit the ground. Right then I just had this overwhelming sensation that I got the sickness out of my body and I went upstairs and woke my wife up and said, 'Hey, I don't have cancer anymore. I'm cured. I just got rid of it downstairs.' "That week when I went in for my blood tests to see what my levels were and all this, my doctor says, 'Wow, your tumor is cancer-free,' and I just became a true believer at that point." What do you think of the story? Did the chemotherapy cure the cancer, or did Billy poop it out with a little help from the wind god? Let us know your opinion in the comments.
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