Hypocrites: Taylor Swift and Madonna Are Shamelessly Stealing Artwork of Unknown Artists

The artists even approached them, but to no avail...

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The music world has been buzzing with plagiarism stories these days, as two of the biggest pop stars, Madonna and Taylor Swift, have been accused of ripping off several artists.

Both singers have taken the work of unknown artists without permission or without giving any credit whatsoever.

So, Taylor first: she stole a piece by New Orleans artist Ally Burguieres and used it to promote her latest album "1989," which sold 8.6 million copies worldwide.

You can check out Ally's open letter to Taylor at the bottom of the article.

Now, Madonna: She ripped off an artist called Danny Quirk by apparently using MS Paint to paste her face on one of his pieces, and did a similar thing to Jonas Jödicke, except that face-pasting was done with a tad more taste.

Last year, when someone stole her stuff, Madonna said that music piracy and stealing art is "artistic rape" and "a form of terrorism."

Taylor on the other hand, was very vocal about how artists need to be paid and recognized. She penned an open letter to Apple Music about the whole matter, and pulled her catalog from Spotify.

And while it's obvious that there's a very strong chance that neither Madonna nor Taylor personally stole the stuff, and that it was their employees who fucked up, the whole thing makes the two ladies look quite hypocritical.

You can check it all out below.

Okay, I pretty much put it out there already, so may as well just put it all out there. Thank you so much...

Posted by Ally Burguieres on Friday, December 11, 2015

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    "Artists should be paid fairly for their work and by artists I mean just me" -T. Swift
    People these days are too lazy to have innovation that they steal others works. Its turrible
    Why don't they sue? I'm sure there would be some nice dough in it for the artists.
    Could take years, music law is fucking nightmarish. Years also equals fees, which could be crippling and if the case fails, make the victim penniless. Good ol' fashioned bureaucracy, eh.
    I realize I'm probably just splitting hairs, but it would be laws regarding artwork (paintings, graphic design, etc.; aka not music)
    Oh yeah, but if you've ever been slightly close to the legal 'community' in the music industry, they dig their hands into everything, they'll get involved somehow.
    Maybe it's because I'm an extremely stubborn bastard, but if I was in their place I wouldn't let this go at all costs nevertheless. Also, with the amount of publicity they're getting, I think this also has a great chance of backfiring at Madonna and Swift - famous case most likely means lawyers who would like to make names for themselves and will gladly help out the victims. It's also about sending a message for the future in my opinion, if this remains as it is, the message will be "you can get away with obnoxious theft if you're rich as fuck".
    It costs money, and if you read the entire article one person even tried but madonna had found a loop hole. Artists have the worst life/job They don't get recognition til they're long gone and the lazy and talentless consistently take advantage of these loop holes in the laws that protect.
    It's fucking sickening that Madonna and her lawyers actually took the time to look for a legal loophole just to get away with it, but couldn't be arsed to admit that she was wrong and give credit where it's due. Vile human beings.
    Well it's been pretty obvious for years that Taylor Swift is a self absorbed cunt who is very good at pretending she's looking out for other people. She doesn't give one shit about music piracy, she cares about making a few million more each year, evidenced by her stealing the work of the hardworking artists she claims to support.
    The sad thing is you can just guarantee that the comments will be full of immature apologists with no clue about copyright infringement laws, believing that it can be used because it was found on Google or whatever the hell. As someone who studied IT in University and this shit hammered into his head for 5 years, this is just sad to see. Just more evidence of art being greatly devalued because of the internet.
    True... internet was presented as the hero but I think it is anything but that... Yes yes... some bands got the exposure they never thought, just as playing a bar for free... I think is better for a band to be great locally than to be acknowledged by 10 different people across the globe... PD: I know I use a lot of "..."
    I guess one could easily steal Swift and Madonna's songs too, but then you would have to have Swift's and Madonna's music on your Ipod. Seems like a lose/lose situation to me. Lol.
    But the visual artist is getting "exposure", which is worth its weight in money right?? -- Typical horseshit justification when someone rips off another's work or doesn't want to pay up.
    Do Madonna and Taylor Swift control their own instagram and facebook pages?
    Madonna could possibly successfully argue dementia/alzheimers coz, you know, shes a fucked out old fossil, But Taylor Swift? Shes just a cuntfull of cold water that I wouldn't cross the street to see.
    Did they make money with these "paintings"? If not, what's the problem? Looks like they posted on their instagram, or whatever, pages.
    You guys wanna hear my new album? It's entirely Tailor Swift and Madonna songs with me screaming "TRANSFORMATIVE" over the choruses.. totally original.
    Dude, Danny Quirk is the shit. One of my favorite painters that works with anatomy-related subject-matter. As a visual artist, this is really disheartening.
    Taylor had nothing to do with that fox, a fan handmade it, and added the words to it, and signed her name to it. She made Taylor believe that she was the creator of the fox, and gave it to her. Taylor only posted it, for 3 or 4 days. She didn't use it for promotion for her new album. As soon as Taylor found out that there was a ownership issue, she took down the fox, and even tried to give a above avg licensing fee for the few days it was up. But the artist basically turned it down, because she is digging for more money. Taylor had nothing to do with the creation of that fox. She did nothing wrong. The fan that gave it to Taylor, is the one that did wrong. The artist, has already settled with the fan that gave her work away, and is now going after Taylor, because that's where the money is. The artist's story has changed a few times. I wouldn't believe a word out of her mouth.
    Typical attitude of mordern pop musicians thinking that they can just use other peoples work and claim it for their own.
    This article is reaching hilariously far. I can't speak on the case with Madonna, but for Taylor the drawing was done by a fan and and reposted thinking it was just fan art. After they were contacted by the artist they removed the image and offered to compensate her for the time the image was online.
    Drake's actually done it as well with a piece from Dave Valeza. Cropped out Valeza's signature, put it on his Instagram, and gave no credit. The art even showed up on the Today Show... of course only giving credit to Drake's Instagram page.
    I have my doubts they themselves did it, or that they control their own social media accounts.