Ian Watkins Earned Over $160,000 in Royalties Since Child Sex Arrest

Pedophile singer getting "a big cut" for Lostprophets airplay.

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Former Lostprophets singer and convicted pedophile Ian Watkins is reportedly set to receive about £100,000 ($163,000) in royalties for Lostprophets music broadcasted since his arrest last year. As Wales Online reports, music lawyer Craig Brookes explained that the singer will get "a big cut" for being the band's primary lyricist. "The biggest income stream will almost certainly be publishing which, even if radio play has stopped, will still be pretty big," Brookes said. "This is because PRS (Performing Right Society) and their equivalents in different countries allocate money on a spot-check basis. So you're going to get money for plays in gyms and hairdressers and on juke boxes and all that stuff. "They will say, 'This is how much music is in the market place so it is likely you are due this amount.' He will also get a publishing cut for any play Lostprophets have anywhere," the lawyer commented. Reaching the specific income sum, Brookes added: "It could be over £100,000 easily. It could be less, but there will be another spike when he gets sentenced, in terms of money generated - because of clips when the story breaks, then there will be a spike in online activity. And there are going to be PRS payments because the music is out there." A series of reactions to Watkins' earnings was quick to follow. "I am very shocked at this," said Wrexham councillor Keith Gregory, a victim of sexual abuse during his childhood days. "You would have thought that payment would have stopped when he was arrested. It is disgusting how, as a pedophile, he is still making money after the crimes he has committed - especially while there are still survivors out there. "This money should be taken off him," Gregory added. "He should not be making money after what he has done to children. When it involves a baby it is just unimaginable. There should be some sort of law brought in to stop payments like this happening." Head of Kidscape children charity Claude Knights also noted that Watkins shouldn't receive any money, adding his royalties should be given to "a good cause." "Money does not make anything right but there are services money can provide," she said. Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to a series of heinous child sex offenses, including abuse, indecent sexual touching, oral and full sex, as well as urinating on babies and underage teenage girls. As previously reported, he wasn't alone in his crimes, since mothers of abused children were also involved in disturbing acts. More details here.

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    I doubt it will do him any good while he's spending all those years in prison
    Indeed, but perhaps the money can make its way to the victims and their families - or it can be given to the NSPCC and alike.
    I do not approve of any of Ian's actions. However, it's not right to dictate where his hard working money goes that he earned legally. Yes, he may not be able to do anything with it at the moment, but it's still his money.
    Don't Ask
    I have to agree with you. Yes, he is a horrible, disgusting person, but this is still money that he earned legally, by creating and performing music. It is not related to whatever crimes he has committed and nobody has any right to decline him that income. Not as though he'll benefit from it in jail though.
    But it is related to his crimes insofar as his arrest and trial gave the band extra publicity which increased record sales. So in that regard, he actually earned more money for being a paedophile.
    I agree with this. As much as I despise this man it would be ridiculous to just step in and take money he still earns. Hopefully over time people will stop funding the band's music. That would suck for the other band members, but then this entire situation has sucked for them too.
    No, that only applies to humans. Watkins is clearly sub-human, and should forfeit all of his belongings and rights for what he has done
    I've said this before and I'll say it again: Do NOT refer to Ian Watkins, or any pedophiles/muderers/rapists/etc as less than human, all it does is provide an excuse for their behaviours. People like him are indeed human, sick and twisted human beings that made all the wrong choices. Instead of saying "He's a monster" we should say "I don't want to be like him"
    I have to admit, this is one of the most intelligent posts I have read on this site. Unfortunate by way of these circumstances however, very good point, and philosophy.
    That was such a stupid comment to say he isn't a human being. He made a mistake and obviously has issues. Again, I don't agree with and don't think its okay for the actions he did, but to say he isn't human just does not make any sense.
    Kind of the same as saying pop/rap music isn't music. Not saying that pop/rap music is as bad as the things he did...
    Not surprised I got downvotes here. Obviously he is "human", I guess I should have said that he is the "lowest form of human". I maintain that he gave up all rights and freedoms, and his money should go to charity
    No, it's because he used his position of influence to rape babies and molest children. I don't care what psychological problems he has, it's no excuse for doing what he did. He didn't get help or find a way to protect others from his issues. Those innocent children have to deal with that for the rest of their lives
    Yes it is, it's a mental disorder. Do you honestly expect someone who does what he does to get help? Despite the fact that they like it?
    I agree he has a mental disorder, I said it isn't an excuse . It is my opinion that there is NO excuse for this. And no, I'm not surprised that he didn't get help, but that doesn't mean that he couldn't have. Because he didn't, he is going to spend a looong time in prison. And thank god for that
    It is an excuse... but it doesn't make what he did any better. It is your opinion, but it's wrong. Thank God? Of course, let's not thank the people who brought this to light.
    Dude, just because you don't agree doesn't make his opinion wrong, and frankly, you need to calm down.
    So he's a 'lower form of human' because he has some psychological problems which made him do the things he did?
    Most likely due to something stemming from his childhood. He could have been abused and is just repeating a cycle to cope with his demons through normalization of something most find sick and twisted. I wish him rehabilitation and maybe he can start a charity. If he truly repents and tries to make a change for the better this could be a good thing. Obviously he was aware that it was a problem if he was showing images to an adult, the one who called the cops on him nonetheless.
    The victims and their families? You mean the two woman who also pled guilty for baby rape?
    Brilliant idea, because money always fixes psychological damage.
    That's not the point. Would the money be better kept by Ian? No. Should the band get his money? No, because it's Ian's money. So where should his money go when he doesn't deserve it? To the victims or to charities that work to prevent this from happening again. Money doesn't fix psychological damage, no, but it's better than absolutely nothing (which is what they're getting at the moment).
    It's his money that he has earned, though admittedly not all of it. Just because he was earning money whilst playing with kids means he shouldn't be allowed to keep it? Ridiculous. That's just stealing. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not sticking up for him but it's money he has earned.
    Precisely. Unfortunately British law, as far as I know won't be allowed to take that money from him, as although he used his celebrity status to indulge this sick fantasy, he didn't make the money through any illegal means. As much as compensating those poor kids would be the "right" thing to do...they have no chance.
    Exactly, what would they do with the money? Refurnish the living room?
    It's called compensatory damages, look it up. Sure, he earned it and now should have to forfeit the money to the victims of his sick mind, negligence and unlawful conduct...makes perfect sense to me!
    He might not be entitled to that money anyway. There is a good chance that his label has determined that he has "frustrated" his contract due to being put in prison. This would mean that he is no longer covered by the terms of his contract and wouldn't be eligible for any royalties. If this is the case, I hope that the label will donate his cut of the proceeds to charity.
    I think they should let the other bandmates have their share and donate Ian's share to some kind of Sexual Assault Support Service or something. At least that sounds fair to me.
    Well, I think he'll be in jail for the rest of his life so what would he do with the money? Money means nothing when you are in jail.
    no you can pay for protection in jail with money, given to ppl on the outside so ppl inside will help ya
    He's got money and pleaded guilty which probably means that he worked out a deal. R. Kelly pleaded guilty and came back strong. I'd be surprised if he did 3 years actual time.
    That isn't how the justice system works. He's pleaded guilty, the judge will decide his fate.
    But WILL Ian give the money? Personally I dont think so. He's too screwed in the mind to care about the families affected, given that one of the mohters in on this gave her child to Ian for his disgusting... dont want to finish this sentence.
    It can pay for support and help for those who have suffered, so shut up.
    it will do him good in prison! unfortunately he will be able to keep a certain amount on his books and have access to it, how much is up to prison regulations but nevertheless he will have access to it! which makes him a rich man in prison and keeps him safe he will be able to pay his way through whatever hell awaits him! money talks! however with any luck and a little common sense the court could and should impose an incredible amount of restitution due to all affected parties which could in effect wipe him out literally! fingers crossed!
    Ryan Withers
    this guy is not safe no matter what. in prison they HATE pedophiles. this man is going to be abused harcore in prison. and i honestly feel it would be justified
    I feel sorry for his parents and bandmates.
    Yeah, I don't think very many people have recognized they feel just as bad as we do about what happened.
    <"Money does not make anything right but there are services money can provide," she said.> Why, oh why would you say that in the context of this kind of article...
    There is no offence in earning money, whilst his acts are abhorrent, that shouldn't impact the other members ability to earn. He isn't the first wealthy person to go to prison and continue to earn.
    I agree - he is a pedophile and he will go to jail because of that. But he is also an artist who managed to make it, and he should continue to receive his income because he earned it, it's his money.
    Well his royalties aren't going to stop because he was arrested, are they? He's still a **** though.
    well, Im probably going to get burned for this. I really hate the guy. he is scum and doesnt deserve to breath my air. but that doesnt change that he worked on his music before he was sentenced and has legal rights to royalties. the court will decide if he has to pay anything to charities aside from his very long stay in a tiny prison cell with Big Tyrone. Until then he has every right to that money, sadly.
    Why is this news? There is no reason at all to stop this payment, contractually he earned it, nobody has any right to take it from him. It has absolutely nothing to do with his crimes. He remains a horrendous human being, but a proper system is in process to punish him for what he's done, we don't just start making up rules as we go.
    Hopefully part of that punishment includes having to give ALL of his money to the victims and/or charity...
    I think the real outrage is that his music is making that much money, regardless of his horrific crimes.
    Horrific? The Holocaust was horrific...
    Does that somehow make other horrific events suddenly not horrific just because worse things have happened? So if 50 million people were bombed tomorrow, with a gas that caused the most painful, torturous, inhumane death ever known to man, then by your logic, I would have the right to tell you that the holocaust no longer qualifies as a "horrific" event just because 50 million people died today instead of [i]only 9 or 10 million, like in the silly holocaust. This logic, I do not follow.
    I'm just saying what Ian did to those kids isn't horrific compared to other things that have happened. It's unfortunate yes, but compared to the deaths of ~6 million people it's silly to argue that they're just as bad as each other. How about we deal with facts? Not stupid hypothetical ideas.
    "when you kill one, it is a tragedy, when you kill 1 million, it is a statistic." - Joseph Stalin.
    So if I sexually abused you or someone you cared about, you would simply say its "unfortunate". Riiiiight...
    Just ignore him. He's all over this article, and has so far argued 3 things. First it was that Ian should get all of the money. Open for debate but understandable, though his argument that the money shouldn't go to the victims or charity because money doesn't fix psychological issues is ridiculous. Then he was arguing that it's not really his fault because he has a mental disorder. And now he's saying that what Ian did isn't that bad because Hitler killed 6 million people. I think we found the last remaining Lost Prophets fan...
    Totalitarian regimes around the time killed many more people than the Nazis did (talking domestically, not in war). Should we just ignore the holocaust then? Also I'm pretty sure Ian Watkins won't be in textbooks as one of the worst events in modern history so it's not like anyone is claiming he was worse than genocide. Judging from some of your comments though I'm guessing you're trolling.
    Ok, they are all horrific. The last thing we really want to strt is how horrific they all r wen lined up...
    This was when he was in custody, no one knew if he was definitely a paedophile or not this time last year. Besides, I doubt he'll ever get to use that money, so take it off of him and donate that money or freeze his assets completely (which is likely to have happene by now, I would be shocked if it hasn't).
    What's that I'm reading about how he shouldn't get his money? Ask yourself: what money out there isn't dirty. You give that shampoo brand some money and they'll kill some dogs with it. Buy a chair and another rainforest goes down with all its inhabitants. Pay for water so you can take a shit and pollute the ocean. Fill up your car and watch the world collapse on itself from taking its natural oils. The money people gave him for his music didn't rape kids. He didn't need a cent to do it (unless it actually was fully because of meth). So yeah... he has a right to the money he's worked hard for. Maybe a real shit dude but the money is rightfully his
    He wrote the music, he makes the money. It's his well earned money and that's why he is allowed to keep it. His crime (which is just horrendous and unforgivable) does not have any affect on the musical material that he produced, just on the person people see him as.
    He should still get money for the work he did with his band.
    He lost that right when he became 'separated' with the band and when he did this. Heck, he's lost nearly all of his rights. He can't walk down any street without getting hate now, well deserved hate as well
    I hope he at least has enough of a shred of conscience left to either sign out of his contracts, donate the money to a victims support charity and/or have some of it in some way go to helping the kids pay for education (or counselling) should they wish to have anything to do with it when they grow up.
    He abused his fame to commit the crimes. I can't believe there are people who think he still deserves a luxury like money after what he has done. I agree with those who have said it should go to charities.
    Ryan Withers
    it was a terrible crime yes. but you can't strip him of money that he legally made. that's like saying the band shouldn't get royalties ether because he was a part of the band. he did a terrible crime. and now he is being punished for that crime. end of story. you don't need to strip him of everything he's accomplished. for all we know he could turn out guilt ridden and donate the money, or give it to his family. or he could die in prison and his wealth will be spread to his family. the point i'm trying to make is, as vile a human being this man is. he earned his money fair and square, by the books. so he is entitled to it i still hope he dies in prison
    How is that like saying the rest of the band shouldn't get royalties? I never mentioned them and I feel sorry for them having to carry around the fact they were part of the same band. What I am saying is that this guy cannot be rehabilitated. He needs to be kept isolated and cannot be trusted in society anymore. His personal wealth should be used to help victims of similar crimes. There's no way of justifying what he did, it's not as though he's done something that just needs a slap on the wrist, he raped children. What crime is worse than that? Who cares if he legally earned his money, he shouldn't be entitled to anything anymore after what he has done, apart from a cold lonely cell. It's as though he's got carte blanche because he's an "artist"
    Well answers like this is why the justice system is in place. So that people who commit crimes can get a fair punishment and not crazy emotionally charged vigilante justice carried out by people who don't have their emotions in check at the time. You can't just make up the rules as you go along. With that being said I would not shed a tear if he was thrown into prison for a long time.
    There was unfortunately nothing against law in his means of profit. I don't think he deserves a dime but I also don't think it justifies the state taking money he earned justifiably. He got his sentence and punishment for his crimes. I doubt he'll have much use for his income anyways.
    Thank you! Anyone that disagrees with this, needs to be psychologically examined.
    I think there must be a way of taking it off him. I remember hearing about a case in this country where a man who had been convicted of manslaughter had been ordered to pay back a load of money he'd won on the lottery after finishing his sentence.
    I killed a pedophile once
    He's a paedophile though.
    Who gives a ****
    Spelling aside, were you expecting us all to get off our seats and give you a round of applause for claiming to kill some corrupt scoundral?
    No, I was expecting you all to get off your seats and give me a medal for claiming to kill some corrupt scoundrel.
    Certainly not Americans... When have they ever cared about spelling correctly.
    Pedophile is as correct spelling as paedophile, same as there are two ways of spelling realize - you can also spell it like realise. Actually my spell correction says "paedophile" and "realise" are incorrect.
    That's because it's set to American English, not English (British English).
    For Christ sake let the man have his money. It's gonna be the only thing he has when and if he gets out anyway. And it's not like it's gonna be worth much by then either.
    That money should go to the Parents of his victim
    You mean to the mother who sold her baby to him for crystal meth who is also getting sentenced?
    I must have missed the rest of the story. That is a oversight on my part, I apoligize for my rude comment.