Ian Watkins Earned Over $160,000 in Royalties Since Child Sex Arrest

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Ian Watkins Earned Over $160,000 in Royalties Since Child Sex Arrest
Former Lostprophets singer and convicted pedophile Ian Watkins is reportedly set to receive about £100,000 ($163,000) in royalties for Lostprophets music broadcasted since his arrest last year. As Wales Online reports, music lawyer Craig Brookes explained that the singer will get "a big cut" for being the band's primary lyricist. "The biggest income stream will almost certainly be publishing which, even if radio play has stopped, will still be pretty big," Brookes said. "This is because PRS (Performing Right Society) and their equivalents in different countries allocate money on a spot-check basis. So you're going to get money for plays in gyms and hairdressers and on juke boxes and all that stuff. "They will say, 'This is how much music is in the market place so it is likely you are due this amount.' He will also get a publishing cut for any play Lostprophets have anywhere," the lawyer commented. Reaching the specific income sum, Brookes added: "It could be over £100,000 easily. It could be less, but there will be another spike when he gets sentenced, in terms of money generated - because of clips when the story breaks, then there will be a spike in online activity. And there are going to be PRS payments because the music is out there." A series of reactions to Watkins' earnings was quick to follow. "I am very shocked at this," said Wrexham councillor Keith Gregory, a victim of sexual abuse during his childhood days. "You would have thought that payment would have stopped when he was arrested. It is disgusting how, as a pedophile, he is still making money after the crimes he has committed - especially while there are still survivors out there. "This money should be taken off him," Gregory added. "He should not be making money after what he has done to children. When it involves a baby it is just unimaginable. There should be some sort of law brought in to stop payments like this happening." Head of Kidscape children charity Claude Knights also noted that Watkins shouldn't receive any money, adding his royalties should be given to "a good cause." "Money does not make anything right but there are services money can provide," she said. Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to a series of heinous child sex offenses, including abuse, indecent sexual touching, oral and full sex, as well as urinating on babies and underage teenage girls. As previously reported, he wasn't alone in his crimes, since mothers of abused children were also involved in disturbing acts. More details here.
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