Ian Watkins's Ex-Girlfriend Repeatedly Warned Police About Singer's Pedophilia For Four Years

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Ian Watkins's Ex-Girlfriend Repeatedly Warned Police About Singer's Pedophilia For Four Years
As the world is still very much in a state of shock following the confessions of Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins's during his child rape trial, Watkins' ex-girlfriend Joanna Majic stepped in and informed the media that she had constantly been warning the police about the singer's dark fantasies for four years, but to no avail. As the Mirror reports, 38-year-old former call-girl had an on-off relationship with the vocalist from 2006. Majic insists Watkins never paid for sex as they ultimately became a couple; however, everything changed for good as the singer opened up about his fetish. "Everything changed for us when he confided in me that he wanted to abuse children in 2008," Joanna said. "I went straight to South Wales police then and made a complaint but they ignored me and said I needed evidence. I warned them this man was a danger to young kids but I think they thought I was just a trouble maker." Majic went on to blame the authorities for being highly inefficient. "I couldn't believe how indifferent the police were, it was like they were taking his side and dismissing me as some stalker," she explained. "I told Ian I had gone to the police and we argued but he was so cocky, he did not think the police would touch him and he was right." She continued, "It was then I realized I had to turn off any feelings I had for him and turn on my escort mode. I had to treat him as any other client and try and get as much evidence as I could while pretending to be whatever it was he wanted me to be. I was determined to save more children from this monster." Joanna further explained that Watkins targeted his fanbase on purpose, especially young mothers. But how he had managed to actually persuade someone to allow him the abuse of their own children still very much baffles Majic. "He targeted them deliberately because they were easy prey to him," she said. "Somehow, I have no idea how, he managed to persuade them to let them offer up their own kids to be abused. He sucked them in with his charm like he did all the girls but by 2012 I knew he was out of control." Finally, the singer's ex-girlfriend expressed her fears that the number of Watkins' victims is much greater than two. "His arrest was four years too late for me," she said. "I wonder how many other victims there are out there because from what I knew of Ian Watkins I'd be shocked if he only tried this with two women." Meanwhile, it was confirmed by the police that Watkins' laptop password was "if--kkids," Huffington Post reports. The singer's parents also reacted, expressing utter shock and disbelief for Watkins' actions. As Daily Mail reports, the vocalist was raised by church minister John Davies and his wife Elaine in a Baptist manse in Pontypridd, South Wales. He showed musical talent from early age and was a straight-A student. "This is so hard. It's overwhelming. It has affected every aspect of our lives," Mr. Davis said about Watkins, who had also achieved a first class honors degree and refused to do drugs and drink in the early career stages. "It’s the first thing a parent asks themselves - where did we go wrong? What happened?" Davis continued, "Ian was loved, cherished, encouraged and nurtured. We did our best. He was a normal happy young lad who grew up in the Valleys in a loving family which had no more problems than anybody else has. I don't know how this will turn out. I don't know whether he will be remembered for years to come as somebody infamous and evil - like a sort of Jimmy Savile character. I hope not. "When the CPS spoke and the clerk read out the allegations, Elaine and I just sat there and our jaws dropped," he added. "We could not believe what we were hearing. It was devastating. We thought, 'There must be some mistake here. There must be some reason for this. There's no way that this is true.' We just left the magistrates' court in a state of absolute despair and shock. "Although no family is perfect, there is nothing we can put our finger on," Davis concluded. "This has just horrified all of us." Watkins pleaded guilty to a series of disturbing child sex offenses, including abuse, indecent touching, oral and full sex, as well as urinating on babies and underage teenage girls. As reported, he wasn't alone in his crimes, since mothers of abused children were also involved in heinous acts. More details here.
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