Iggy and the Stooges Provide Music for 'Hateful Eight' Trailer

Tarantino's movie hasn't even started filming yet though.

Ultimate Guitar

A teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" has been popping up in theaters everywhere this past week, tagged onto screenings of "Sin City: A Dame to Kill for." And, since you see the very beginning of the teaser, you, with no doubts, will recognize Iggy and the Stooges' "Gimme Danger."

But, asĀ Ultimate Classic Rock points out, the version heard in the trailer was not taken straightly from the band's classic 1972 "Raw Power" album. It's been toyed with in the studio, with extra sound effects and more drama added to the mix by dropping out the rhythm at certain points. It's obviously too soon to tell if this new remix will end up on a soundtrack somewhere down the road, since, you know, the movie hasn't even been made yet.

So, go check it out below, or in the cinemas!

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    Tarantino can do no wrong, this is already my most anticipated film for next year!
    Sheesh! I was hoping it was new music from Iggy and The Stooges, inspite of Iggy having said he is on a break until after 2015.