Iggy Pop Set to Host BBC Radio Show

Another Liberty Rock Radio anyone? (We hope everyone understands what do we mean)

Ultimate Guitar

The legendary Iggy Pop is stepping behind a microphone of a different sort as he will host a music show on the BBC.

As Ultimate Classic Rock notes, beginning March 9, Iggy can be heard Sundays from 4 to 6pm (UK time) on BBC 6. He is taking over the time slot previously hosted by Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker.

"The act of revisiting my library and memories to share the tunes I have treasured with a radio audience has relit a flame for me," Pop told NME.

The Stooges frontman had been a guest host over the holidays last year, and is looking forward to returning for a more full time gig. "I had a great experience doing the shows for BBC Radio 6 Music over the holidays," he continued, "I was kind of hoping the Beeb would ask me to do some more. So I guess I did alright, because I'm gonna. Watch out for me."

Jarvis Cocker, who is taking an extended leave of absence from the BBC gig, will return briefly to host a one hour special about Iggy before handing off the mic to Pop. "To be honest, commerce, critics, crooks and creeps have conspired over time to knock the stuffing out of my soul as I become ever more removed from the joys of feeling music." Bob Shennen of BBC 6 adds that Pop "will be a valuable and hugely exciting addition to the Station's array of trusted music [guides]."

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    Bring back Bruce Dickinson's Friday Night Rock Show. The only show I actually listened to every week and not only is he a great singer, he is incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable and plays a wide variety of well known and not so well known songs. Only then will I go back to Radio 6.
    That show was brilliant when it was on, he was probably one of the best radio hosts I've listened to besides Alice Cooper and John Peel.
    Definitely, I really enjoyed his show and Alice Cooper is a great host. There was rumours that Bruce was to move to Planet Rock but that never happened