Imagine Dragons Cover Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'

Band performs Rush epic at LA Forum.

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Video has surfaced online of Imagine Dragons covering Rush's "Tom Sawyer." The band dropped the track when playing at the LA Forum on February 14th. Check it out below

Imagine Dragons released their debut album, "Night Visions," in 2012. The group was named Billboard's Breakthrough Band of 2013 and won the award for Best Rock Performance at this year's Grammys.

Imagine Dragons are not the first act to have covered the Rush live favorite. Mindless Self Indulgence featured a punked-up version of the song on their 2005 album "You'll Rebel to Anything."

Jazz trio the Bad Plus also included a version of the song on 2007's "Prog."

Do you think Imagine Dragons deliver the goods? What is the best Rush cover you've ever heard? Let us know in the comments.

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    matteo cubano
    lol imagine dragons fans didnt know what the **** that song was.
    As a fan of Imagine Dragons and Rush, I did know what the **** that song was. I guess I can't say the same for everyone, though, cause whoever uploaded that video thought the song was just called 'Sawyer.'
    Terrible. Some may have to go with the sound quality, but none the less.
    Screw ups in the guitar solo and drum breakdown but I think it was actually a pretty nice cover. Rush are kinda a hard band to cover I think ID did a nice job. Impressive stage setup too.
    Well, even a sloppy cover like this takes some work so fair play to them for having a go I guess.
    I actually like the idea. Imagine Dragons are actually pretty good (this is coming from a metalhead) and whoever covers anything by Rush is awesome in my book.
    The Bad Plus are awesome, I've always loved their cover of this song, but Imagine Dragons' rendition of it is not really worthwile, in my opinion...
    Why cover a song, when you can't even correctly play it? that bad plus cover is amazing, the others are just terrible.
    Good thing they had a good stage show to distract from how bad this sucked.
    I really don't like them, but thinking about their origins, it makes sense that they would love rush. they killed it. I can **** with this
    The Bad Plus one wasn't bad however the other two covers sound like two bad bands trying to appeal to a new audience because they covered a well known song. Or maybe its just because Rush can never be covered perfectly IDK but I felt a lack of enjoyment from the playing first 2 covers.
    What a crazy cover!!! If you like Imagine Dragons give Kongos a listen!!! They are super awesome!!!
    matteo cubano
    "If you like Imagine Dragons give Kongos a listen!!! They are super awesome!!!" if by some imaginary chance you're real, that is the lamest advertsising ever... Mr. Gore.
    Pretty poor quality music. I bet the views are mainly for the chick in the thumbnail. Sorry, but it's true.
    Those covers, man: Imagine Dragons: Sloppy Mindless Self Indulgence: Truly Awful Bad Plus: Gotta find that album. The only good thing in this news article.
    Pretty good, considering Rush is one of the most technically skilled bands in the world.
    I can't believe Mindless Self Indulgence had the ****ing audacity to do that to Rush. That was disgusting.