Indonesian Presidential Candidate Is a Metalhead, Loves Megadeth and Lamb of God

"Rock music gives me motivation, gives me spirit about the environment, about the corruption, about justice," says the candidate.

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Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo is a card-carrying member of the heavy metal fraternity, Bloomberg has revealed.

As the website notes, the 52 year old is not your average political candidate in terms of his dress sense and his music taste:

"Widodo has distanced himself from traditional politicians in other ways, from the way he dresses when meeting the public - a plain white shirt and slacks as opposed the khaki-colored uniform of bureaucrats - to the way he gets to work, and the music he listens to. He lists heavy metal bands Metallica, Megadeth, Lamb of God and Napalm Death among his favorites. 'Rock music gives me motivation, gives me spirit about the environment, about the corruption, about justice,' he says. 'The beat of the drum - boom, boom - gives me spirit.'"

Widodo, who is currently governor of Jakarta, has been praised for his empathy and everyman status. The Indonesian presidential election takes place on July 9th.

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    I met him when I went to the Hammersonic Metal Festival in Jakarta sometime ago. Best part is, he went without his official entourage, and he was headbanging with the rest of us without giving a damn. I love this guy.
    Man, a politician listening to ND. There's ****ing hope after all.
    He should be president here in us ;D
    And why should americans have all the good stuff? He's fine where he is, you're not the only country in the world fyi. And certainly not the most deserving.
    and at the same time, he doesn't show his loyalty to Jakarta by jumping into presidential candidate before even two years of being a governor. man, Jakarta still needs you!
    He's got good reputation in here, in Indonesia. His track records in lead the Jakarta is very good. He's the most admired governor in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. And I love him too. Unfortunately, He will be nominated to be a President, whereas his job in Jakarta hasn't done yet
    best candidate yet, but on the other hand the other canditates are mostly complete *******s lol