Injured Guns N' Roses Fan To Sue Axl Rose

A cordless mic thrown into the crowd by Axl Rose during the show in Perth hit the fan in the face and left him without two front teeth.

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A Guns N' Roses fan is reportedly planning on taking legal action against the band's lead singer, Axl Rose, after the rocker threw his cordless microphone into the crowd during the opening night of Guns N' Roses' Australian tour in Perth on Saturday, hitting the fan in the face and damaging his two front teeth.

Blabbermouth reports, that 39-year old Darren Wright says he was left bleeding, and wants Rose to pay his dental bills, with the tour promoter apologizing and offering a signed microphone from the musician instead.

"With the bright lights and explosions, I couldn't see anything," Wright told The West Australian. "The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the mouth. I thought I had been punched. I was quite stunned and it took a few seconds to realize what was going on. I could feel bits of teeth in my mouth. Then someone is climbing through my legs to grab the microphone."

He added: "I don't think [Axl] intended to do it, but it came at me at a fairly flat and hard trajectory. Those cordless microphones are not light. I'm surprised it didn't do more damage. At the very least, I want someone to pay to get my teeth fixed."

Wright said a dentist told him he would have to have months of dental work costing at least AUD 5,000 (approximately $5,154).

Guns N' Roses' six-date Australian headlining tour with ZZ Top and Rose Tattoo is scheduled to wrap on March 20 in Brisbane.

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    He gets his teeth knocked out by a microphone so the promoter sends him a signed microphone. Brilliant.
    In all fairness, a signed Axl Rose microphone might almost pay for his dental bills if sold to the right buyer.
    Isn't this coming from the same Axl that has stopped shows when people throw crap at him on stage?
    Lol the dubs (ireland) bottled him out of it a while ago for showing up late, priceless xD
    What idiot would throw a microphone into the audience? I understand you'd throw guitar picks and drum sticks, but microphones?
    Michael Stewart
    I was hit in the head by a drumstick at an all time low show by the opening band The downtown fiction. I swear, it felt like I was punched by a thin fist.
    Ive been hit by a thrown drumstick square in the forehead. Dropped to my knees in pain. It was an opening band for dropkick murphy's. Drumsticks are NOT acceptable!
    You probably shouldn't have tried to catch them with your face. Drummers toss sticks into the crowd all the time.
    Guys help me out right here, im in a very delicate debate. Im trying to figure out who is the biggest idiot in this problem: A) Axl? because he threw a mic to the audiense knowing that he was going to hit someone... or B) The tour manager? Because offering the fan the same object that just broke his teeth, signed by the person who threw it, is the best solution to the problem right....
    frehley freak
    Axl Rose is always the biggest idiot. always.
    Give me a break I'm sure he threw his mic trying to hurt someone
    If you throw an object into a large crowd, in this case the crowd of a HUGE concert, is nearly obvious that you will hit someone, is common sense kid.
    IT is AXL FUCKING ROSE! Of course he was trying to hurt someone. He was trying to beat his last record, do you know how many people he hurt with Chinese Democracy?
    You get injuries worth a $5.000 to repair, and rather than paying the bill, the promoter sends you an autographed microphone as if it would undo the damage? Royal a*shole.
    Please, allow me to send you the item that maimed your face, on it the name of the person who maimed your face.
    Next up: Axl Rose refuses to pay dental bill And then a ping-pong game begins in UG, always reporting the oppositions response to their opposition. This will go on until A) everyone gets really, really, really sick of it, B) It drags out with little action, or C) Both parties reach an agreement. And with this being about Axl, I think C can be pretty much immediatly dropped off the list of possibilities...
    Wow. Your teeth are shattered and bleeding everytwhere, youve got over 5 grand worth of damage to your mouth, and they only offer to settle it with an autograph? I'd go after Guns N Roses for MUCH more than the 5 grand it cost me
    Oh, you got your teeth broke by a microphone? Well, here's a free microphone.
    I've had my front teeth broken twice. This makes me cringe.
    Sounds like you should learn to block... Just sayin.
    Well the first time I broke my teeth because my eyes were closed and a pole hit my mouth and the second time my girlfriend kissed me.
    you broke your teeth from walking into a pole, i guess silly mistake. But you broke them a 2nd time because... your girlfriend kissed you?!?! how does that work?
    Well that's a royal **** you for offering a signed microphone in return for breaking his teeth..
    I actually saw him throw his mic into the crowd at leeds festival 2010 if it's a habit, its a very odd and douchey habit
    Ya someone getting the mic used in a concert he is a fan of as a souvenior, what a douche move.
    Pay the bills, give the guy some singed merch, a backstage pass the next time they roll through, and $5 grand, and it all goes away.
    Axl should have offered to pay for the dental stuff. Sad he has to be sued to get a rich rock star to cough up some money for damage he caused.
    This is sad. Those microphones are heavy, to throw one in the crowd was a stupid move done by a brainless person, why not throw a rock while youre at it...damn.
    Thats a real nice accent you have? New jersey? "Austria"... Austria!? Ha, well then...g'day mate! Haha lets throw another shrimp on the barby!!
    Dude its Australia the big Island in the Indian Ocean not Austria which is in a completely different part of the world, you know kind of around Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
    Reading the comment section I can safely assume that most people here are just trying way too hard to hate Axl. They've jumped into the bandwagon and can't get out now.
    I feel sorry for the guy and i think Axl should pay for his dental bills but $5000 seems well over the top for two front teeth.
    Sammy Mantis
    I've had a lot of dental work done, and believe me, when it comes to things like repairing broken teeth, 5K is nothing. I paid 5K this past year to fix two molars.
    King Bluesy
    if you guys actually think the dental bill won't be paid, you're all dumbasses. That being said Axl has done it since 1987, and if you didn't know that probably you shouldn't be commenting on a Guns N Roses article to begin with.
    ohhhh come on guys!! after paradise city he aleays throws his mic in the audience as a gift. he's been doing that since the use your illusion tour. he doesnt throw a fastball, he thows it pretty high so people can catch it and have a souvenir. I think this is pretty ****ing nice as a move for a singer to do. everybody's always happy to catch this phone. that being said I think hey will pay for his teeth. ps: that story doesn't tell if the ''victim'' was drunk or not.
    Your logic is flawed. Just because someone has done something before doesn't mean it's okay for them to do it again. Also, it doesn't matter if the guy was drunk or not. Alcohol had nothing to do with him getting hit in the face.
    what I'm saying is that everybody on that GA would die to catch that microphone BUT him. it's ok that he get his teeth payed. I just hope axl downs't stop throwing his mic after paradise city. it's a trademark and has been for thousands of shows and everybody that caught his mic before were really ****ing happy.
    Breaking news -- Alcohol slows reaction times. It could absolutely be a factor. (PS -- that's why they don't let you drive with it). It also dilates your pupils, letting in more light (the victim stated he had trouble seeing through the "bright lights"). Let an adult tell you sometime how alcohol affects you.
    anyway, I don't know why we bother that much about our opinions on axl rose here since A) this is a slash's site B) axl could stop a concert because someboy died front row, he'd still be an *****, and the fan would probably have died because he didnt see him fast enough C) people love to hate axl, especially those who never go to an axl show. get hit by a mic= sue broken legs in a mosh pit= rock on **** off
    'cause the blinder really aren't that bright... they're called "blinders" for a reason... moron. Also if it wasn't the blinders it was 1000 watts. and a 1000W light is pretty damned bright, even a 500W is.
    I was watching Black Label Society a few years back and Zakk lobbed a 2/3rds full beer can into the audience and nailed a chick in front of me right in the face. That thing was like a rocket, I picked it up and it still had most of the beer in had to hurt.
    That would be an awesome story. 'Whats wrong with my teeth? Oh you know, one of the bitchiest men alive threw a microphone at my face.'... Axl should pay for his dental.
    I reaaally don't think he could win if he was drunk. ...except he's sueing axl rose.Axl is always and ***** in every ****ing move he does... *cough*
    Yes, because alcohol is what caused a microphone to fly at his face...
    nah, but acually out of what... 14 000 people there, there was one guy who didnt want this microphone as a souvenir.I mean it's ok pay the bill axl. what I'm against is all the he's stupid for throwing his mic in a crowd where everybody would have died to catch this one's up
    did you read the article? in a dark room where theres pyro and lights in ur face its pretty impossible to see a fastball mic comin at you. i wouldve thought that guy wanted to hear rock n roll not get his teeth broken and offered a souvenir. someone should hit you with a lead pipe and give that pipe with a signature on it to you, tellin you should be happy about it.
    How do you know this guy didn't want to catch the mic as a souvenir? He may have for all you know - he just literally didn't see it coming and got whacked in the face for it.
    If all these foreign concert goers keep suing the bands they're watching then pretty soon bands are never gonna wanna play overseas
    well I've never been to America. but from what I've heard about their legal system and cases like this, he should be glad it happened in Australia...
    Fender Dane.
    Cordless microphones can be very expensive, so the offer isn't that outrageous. Also it's a bad habit to throw around expensive gear like that.
    Axl has thrown his microphone into the crowd since 1991 and it hasn't been a problem before. They have probably played something like 900-1000 shows without it being a problem and all the fans who have caught the microphone are probably alot happier then the people who just caught guitar picks or drumsticks. Now it went wrong for the first time in 22 years and just because of that Axl is a stupid dumb ass..... you can jump of the hating Axl bandwagon now because you aren't funny, just annoying hypocrites.
    you dont think that this time axl threw it a little too hard? that just might have been a possibility.. ya know seeing as the guys teeth got broken and teeth generally arent located on the top of your head