Insane Clown Posse Plan To Sue FBI

Horrorcore hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse are reportedly planning to sue the FBI after the agency classified their followers as a "non-traditional gang".

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Horrorcore hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse are reportedly planning to sue the FBI after the agency classified their followers as a "non-traditional gang."

According to NME, last year's FBI National Gang Threat Assessment report classified the band's fans (known as Juggalos) as a "concern to law enforcement," citing their "general destructive and violent nature." Speaking at their annual Gathering of the Juggalos event recently, ICP's Shaggy 2 Dope offered the following statement:

"It's been almost a year since Juggalos were put on the National Gang Threat Assessment and we are hearing too many stories from our fans about the trouble it's causing them. Just because you like a music group, doesn't make you a criminal."

Bandmate Violent J added: "We're not attacking the FBI, but they got this wrong. The Juggalos are not a gang, and that needs to be fixed."

Meanwhile, the band's Psychopathic records label has launched a website titled with the intention of documenting how the rights of ICP fans have been impacted on by the ruling. As Contact Music notes, a legal counsel has been set up in tandem with the website. Attorney Howard Hertz of Hertz Schram Pc, has released the following statement:

"We are seeking individual Juggalos whose rights have been violated as a result of the mistaken belief that they are a 'gang member.' If you or someone you know has suffered any negative consequence with an employer, governmental representative, including law enforcement, border patrol, airline security, or other local, state or federal governmental agency or employee as a result of your status as a Juggalo, we want to know about it."

The term Juggalo comes from the Insane Clown Posse song The Juggla. Juggalos are known for wearing face paint similar to that of the ICP band members and drinking the soft drink Faygo.

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    with names like Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J... why not just let the FBI have this one
    Yeah, why not let the authorities justify harrasing someone based on their love of ICP and other Juggalo 'music'. Let's give the FBI more excuses to interfere with civil liberties.
    I'm fairly certain that there is more to being harassed by anyone than the music they listen to. Some phrase about walking and talking like a duck comes to mind. How many of these face paint fags walk around with unregistered weapons and dope? I'd say well more than half.
    (I'm being sarcastic above, in case you can't tell) I just hate prejudice. Particularly when it's over something this f***ing stupid.
    yeah, i gotta disagree, too. I mean, do you think the FBI really profiles people on the music they listen to? or more on the actions that are associated to people who are involved in that deviant sub-culture?
    Sample complaint from a juggalo: "dem popo try n cot me writ'n dis but i tell dem 2 git up ot mah face"
    Am I the only one who think it's ironic that they try to denounce the fact that they are not a gang but call their website juggalosfightback?
    >ICP wondering why their fans are being label as a gang >Their concerts can technically be called riots and at least one person gets stabbed every show The FBI has this one in the bag.
    How could anybody even take them seriously, he calls himself shaggy 2 dope xD I laughed my ASS off when I read that. "The FBI" is now apparently a comedy club in downtown LA...
    The Juggalos are not a gang, and that needs to be fixed.
    He's right. The Juggalos are not a gang... They're a random assortment of kids who can't do thing like read or bathe or listen to decent music.
    I was thinking that the whole world should team up and sue ICP. Just a thought. Oh, and to the guys in the band, Juggalos are in fact a gang, in my town they are at least.
    "Juggalos fight back"? And that's going to solve this issue of alleged violence? These people are thugs, and these musical retards have to be aware of the violence their music inspires in these people. They're all too impressionable.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Next week: ICP members go missing... Two Weeks: Bodies found in river with bulletholes in them. FBI says they have no idea what happened
    I think they have been using too much lead based face paint...
    "We are seeking individual Juggalos whose rights have been violated as a result of the mistaken belief that they are a 'gang member.' If you or someone you know has suffered any negative consequence with an employer, governmental representative, including law enforcement, border patrol, airline security, or other local, state or federal governmental agency or employee as a result of your status as a Juggalo, we want to know about it." ... Are any juggalos intelligent enough to read and comprehend what this says?
    Quite a bit of the "Juggalos" where I live act very much like what I imagine a gang to be like. They have strange initiations into their "family". I don't exactly remember what you have to do to get in. My brother was in this stuff for a while. It caused many problems. He was 13 years old and these people were telling him to do drugs of any kind,to drink, and smoke. And they acted like there was no problem with it. Then CPS got involved with my family and my brother stopped it all. Thank God. /random venting type paragraph thing.
    F*cking National Gang Threat Assessments? How do they work? And I don't wanna talk to a scientist Y'all motherf*ckers lyin' and gettin' me pissed
    A few years ago I was at Denny's with some friends and there was a group of Juggalos sitting at the far booth. As they were walking out they heard one of my friends say something about them. They had the good sense to respond sensibly by standing outside our booth window making threatening looks at us and waiting for us to leave. When they realized we weren't going anywhere they just got into their clown car (complete with hatchet man sticker taking up the entire back window) and took off. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
    You'd have to have a violent mental disorder to enjoy ICP, so i'm with the FBI on this one...
    That's like saying you'd have to have a violent mental disorder to watch horror movies! Entertainment is entertainment in one form or another. Just cause you like horror movies or ICP doesn't mean that you'd do any of that stuff in real life.
    For the first time in my life I miss Ted Nugent.. He isn't apparently causing enough threat to the president if FBI has time to listen some clown rap(?) and harass their fans...
    It has everything to do with anything, my good sir. The consumption of Faygo is literally a defining feature of these guys. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, one of their key features is drinking an outdated brand of soda. "The original party pop", in fact. It just shows how impressionable and zombie-like these guys are. THINK FOR YOURSELF. CHOOSE PEPSI PRODUCTS!... wait...
    ICP is from Detroit (actually Ferndale, a suburb of Detroit) and Faygo's hq is here. On another note; are all juggalos stupid, unhygienic, idiots who base their entire lives off of a record label? No. Only about 90% of them are like that. I dated a girl who fell in the 10% category and her sister gave me a dirty look when I informed her that I don't care much for ICP.
    One time I actually tried to listen to ICP. It was horrid. So I posted my opinion on Youtube. I will admit I was a bit rude, but oh well. This is what I said "I hate ICP! Why did I watch this video? Because I wanted to see if I liked the ****ing "band"! Turns out I don't! So I am going to give my opinion!' That was my comment verbatim. Replies were "no body gives a **** about your opinion. just go kill your self" and my personal favorite "fuk u icp is the best band ever if u dont like them then dont listen to them and shut the fuk up and stay off all oure juggalo music vids so shut the fuk up u little bitch u only dont lke them cuz u aint cool enough to liuke them"
    Don't get my wrong, these 2 idiots make the crappiest excuse for music on the planet, BUT I have to agree. Liking a certain band or type of music doesn't automatically make you a threat or a criminal.
    I think there's a little bit more to it. You can like ICP without being a juggalo. You don't have to put on face paint and hang out with other people who like a band to enjoy their music. Other posters here have posted about juggalos in their town acting like gangs. I would say the FBI is right here.
    I didn't think of it in those terms. I was thinking more of the Kiss Army. Now if the juggalos (and God I feel stupid using that word) are acting like criminals and a gang, have at it. Pretty sure no one will miss'em.
    I can see your point, but cosmetics aside, how are they really that different from the stereotypical Slayer fan? They tend to be pretty ****in' violent and aggressive.
    exactly but at least metal fans have some intelligence. you can find a lot of that on this site. as for juggalos, FBI has it correct.
    I'm wondering if all these stereotypes are based on a highschool perspective. I mean yeah Slayer has some aggressive riffs goin on, but a lot of them are pretty chill just boisterous. It is pretty hard to keep quite on the fact that Slayer kicks so much ass tho, let the cut-offs and the facade do the talking. Civil liberties aside I'd have to admit that anyone holding on to the juggalo flag past the age of 19 is likely to be a cancer on society. If this country was really in the deep shit, they probably would be assimilated into a guerilla suicide militia. CLowny Daggers Ya'll! WeeoH!
    Metalheads in my country can be a pretty violent and hateful mass, punks in El Salvador need no reason to riot and destroy shit. So yeah, it's more about the academic, economic and social "status" of the people involved in the movement.
    Back when i was in high school i was a juggalo cause i didnt really fit in elsewhere, those ****ers ended up bullying me and picking on me cause i didnt like all the rap they listened too and cause i didnt prance around with face paint on. they're a bunch of hypocritical a-holes
    lol what a great forum read. ahhhhh to be young and dumb again. wait no I was never that misguided.
    How can you even compare Slayer fans and ICP fans? Slayer fans are a group of angry metal heads, ICP fans like comedic music, Juggalos (wash my mouth out with soap for even saying that) are usually thugish and do indeed act in a gang related manner
    One of my managers is a juggalo. He was bitching about this earlier and talking about how he went to jail 8 years ago for being a juggalo and he's listed as a gang member... maybe it's just the universe's way of saying that they should listen to better music.
    I agree with the FBI.. In fact I think they should pass a law that anyone who listens to ICP and calls themselves a "Juggalo" should automatically go to prison for murder, rape, and arson.
    its interesting how people hate on icp all the time oblivios to the fact that they about 100 times as better as lil wayne or nicki minajj or that other shit
    Has listening to ICP really gotten that bad? I've listened to them for 15 years. All I ever did was wear their shirts and listen to the music, I never painted my face up and acted like a thug.
    Same here, except I have painted my face up on a few halloweens and at one show. I'm too geek to even imitate thug.
    Wow, what a bunch of ****ing clowns. (Sorry, it had to be said) While ICP and the majority of Juggalos are certainly idiots trying to be "hip" and are better off ignored, it would be wrong to classify them as a criminal gang just because a few of them are involved in criminal activity. Just as wrong as it would be to classify all metal fans as satanists just because a minor subculture of it write lyrics about burning crosses, worshipping the devil, etc. On the other hand, if ICP and their record label want to be recognized as somewhat credible, they should show zero tolerance and reject the criminal branch of the Juggalos for which the FBI is generalizing the whole group for. The way I see it, though, neither part is right.
    I guess, but either way, who's gonna sue the FBI and get away with it? Let alone a bunch of ****ing clowns lol.
    What kind of person volunteers themselves to be classified as a "Juggalo?" Regardless, this doesn't make them a criminal and they don't deserve to be classified as such or targeted by the F.B.I. They should however be ridiculed mercilessly in public.
    Why is there even a need for this? These retards should realize that they're not being discriminated against because they like crap music, they're being discriminated against because they walk around wearing clown makeup and acting like idiots.
    ICP fans are the most indoctrinated and dedicated around, and the band advocates reckless, criminal, antisocial behavior. FBI-1,ICP-0.
    I agree that Juggalos are retarded, but why don't you guys see what this means? This means that the FBI can legally discriminate against people based on WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC THEY LISTEN TO. How long before metal fans get labelled as gang members?
    I've been hearing about these morons since my freshman year of high school.I'm in my late 20's now but these juggalo morons were everywhere. They did their utmost to get everyone to listen to that annoying crap they called music and if you dared tell them icp sucked which they do or anything negative they would get this look like you just challenged them to a duel with a diseased white glove. They get worse as they get older I say gas chamber them all,burn the old cds,and erase their existence so no one else has to become a gibberish spouting clown apprentice.
    Forgot to say this in the last comment but in case a person (like me) doesn't know a "band" with this name the title looks pretty cool. UG, you made my day!