Iron Maiden Beer Made It With 1 Million Pints Produced

"Trooper Beer" was launched this May.

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Iron Maiden have sold over a million of pints of their own "Trooper Beer," Metal Hammer reports.

According to the Drinks Business, over a million pints of Maiden's beer have been produced since it was first launched in May. That works out at around 20,000 pints of the stuff being drunk every day since.

"We are amazed to reach this mark in such a short time, a million pints already is way ahead of all rational expectations, and are grateful for the support we have had from the retailers, Maiden fans, real ale enthusiasts, our distributors and the beer trade generally as they were so quick to catch on to the genuine and unique quality of this beer," says Oliver Robinson, Managing Director of the beer's brewery, Robinsons.

"This is a great showcase for our new brew house and demonstrates the sorts of volumes it is capable of producing. It's very exciting to observe Trooper as it expands across Britain and then, we fully expect, internationally. It is easily the fastest-selling new beer Robinsons have ever had, and quite possibly anyone else too."

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    So whats it like?Anyone here tried it?Im not a big fan of British beers.I prefer European like Heneiken and Stella.
    you should replace stella with Tuborg. Stella is kinda what white-trash drink over here in the UK and Tuborg is just lovely.
    I quite like newcastle brown ale its the only real ale i ve tried.Not a fan of tuborg reminds me of carlsberg which is rank.Im from the uk and i know stella gets a reputation as trashy wife beating drink but i love it. ps i dont beat my mrs.
    From the word 'rank' I guessed you were North-Eastern, haha. I quite like real ales, but I haven't seen Trooper anywhere. Could someone point me in the direction of one in Durham, Sunderland or Newcastle?
    You have stated that you like lagers. I presume you mean you don't like real ale. Trooper is an ale and if you like lager but not ale, it's unlikely you will like this.
    Really nice beer. They were sold out by the saturday at Download Festival.
    Nope, it was still on sale by the second stage on the Sunday. Close to the main bar
    link no1
    They have this on tap in both my locals. It's not taken over as my 'pint of choice' but it has worked it's way into my list of 'things I will drink tonight'. I was hesitant to try it because I thought it would be like 1000's of other same old same old stuff with the only selling point being "it's got an Iron Maiden sticker" but yea, I was pleasantly surprised.