Iron Maiden Beer Sells 3.5 Million Pints

Band's signature brew continues to be a hit.

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Iron Maiden's signature "Trooper" beer has sold over 3.5 million pints since its launch last year, Planet Rock is reporting. David Bremner, the director of marketing from Robinson's Brewery, revealed the impressive sales figures for "Trooper" at a beer summit on Wednesday.

The beer, which went on sale last spring, has been featured as a Guest Ale in British Parliament. It was nominated as a Guest Ale for Strangers Bar at the House of Commons by Conservative MP and heavy metal fan Mike Weatherley:

"As an Iron Maiden fan and an MP, it is a real treat to have this specialist ale as one of the guest ales in Parliament, the fact that I also get to try it for the first time on my birthday is just a bonus. The guest ales programme is an excellent way of drawing attention to small and independent beers from around the UK and I would encourage any local brewers who would like opportunity to have their product showcased in Parliament to get in touch."

Speaking at the ale's launch last year, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson had the following to say:

"I'm a lifelong fan of traditional English ale; I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create our own beer. I have to say that I was very nervous: Robinson's are the only people I have had to audition for in 30 years. Their magic has been to create the alchemical wedding of flavour and texture that is 'Trooper.' I love it."

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    It's pretty cool and all, but if Kiss did this everyone would just scream "great, more Kiss merch! #sarcasm" but I'll give it a try before saying anything more, but they should make more variants instead if just one kind of beer
    When I saw the title of this, I found myself wondering why Maiden is badass for the ways they make money outside of touring while KISS is reviled by so many for what they've done over the years. I've come to the conclusion that it's the people. Guys like Harris and Dickinson seem like pretty awesome dudes while Gene Simmons is a greedy, narcissistic a**hat.
    Because the chaps in Maiden genuinely love the taste of beer. If someone in Kiss loves beer, Gene gives him the boot.
    It's rather amusing how people around choose to blatantly ignore the fact that Gene Simmons has and is helping a lot of people in need and is constantly involved with dozens of different charities. But, I guess around here you have to mindless bash someone to be considered cool.
    No, it would be stupid because Gene doesn't drink and Maiden has been promoting drinking beer since their early days as in, "up the irons".
    Didn't Harris suggest using 'up the Irons' as a chant so that fans of the band would inadvertently show their support for his beloved West Ham United?
    Because Kiss relentlessly bring out products and seem to promote them more than the music. With Maiden it's something cool for them to bring out a product that they're interested in. Would you say this about Motorhead's shiraz?
    I've had KISS beer and it tastes like just any other beer and as if KISS just put a label on it. It makes you feel like they had a table of products to choose to put a KISS sticker on that included a keyring and a pencil sharpener and someone in management just happened to choose a beer. The thing with Iron Maiden is that they put out the image of being proud to be British and that they are proud to sell a proper British pint.
    Would like to see a "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" Porter, a "Wasted Years" Lager, a "Fear of the Dark" Stout, "Blood Brothers" Red Ale, and a "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" Blonde Ale. That would round out the Iron Maiden line of Brew nicely!!!
    We need to get this in the US! I would like to try this
    i can't believe it wouldn't be available in the US... You can find it in literally every supermarket over here in Finland.
    And Sweden got a special label because we are the best fans in the world! (Or not.) (It was due to a law that states something like 'alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be sold with depictions of violence', I believe.)
    It's a damned good drink for going all night on. Not weak, alcohol-wise, and it doesn't settle heavy in your stomach either so you can go back for pint after pint. I was originally going to be overly critical of it when I first tried it because I didn't wanna seem biased just because it's Maiden, but yeah. They've done a damned good job! Lots of good ales out there though!
    Exactly this. You can have a good strong night drinking Trooper. Also delicious
    Conservative MP and heavy metal fan?! Seems like quite a contradiction in terms...
    I'd like to think it's best when people just listen to music because they like it or not, without politics ever coming into play. That's how I go about it.
    Not really, just because he's a Tory it doesn't mean he wasn't rebellious in his youth, and music like Heavy Metal really sticks with you, it's a genre for life and brings people from all around the world together, regardless of political affiliation, race or lifestyle choices in my opinion. If anything a bigger contradiction would be the fact that David Cameron likes The Jam, especially seeing as they wrote a song mocking Eton and Public Schools in general.
    It's not bad but the only reason anyone would get it is because it's Iron Maiden branded. Other than that it's nothing special if you ask me.
    Yes... That's why I bought it.. It was nice... I had fun drinking it and giggled a few times because it's Iron Maiden's beer... Lighten up a little?
    its a nice beer, both in bottle form and draught! unfortunately, its usually really expensive in bottle form :/
    3.5 million pints? Nice to see Iron Maiden getting us all wasted when we're not at their shows! On a side note, I love the beer, always have a few bottles of it in the fridge.
    As far as beer goes its good its got a different taste to it, good but not great its a British beer so its got that unique taste to it, I bought it cause the trooper was on it and probably won't buy it again cause the actual beer was ok
    Iron Maiden beer > Kiss beer. I'm hoping the Mastodon beer makes it's way to Australia though
    I've had this Ale many times, it's pretty good and from what I recall, it's actually reasonably priced, though it is better on tap, and I'm fortunate enough to know of a pub that does that.
    want to add a few more to that number? Bring it to Canada.