Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Planning Stand-Up Career?

Singer's first spoken word show will take place in Oslo.

Ultimate Guitar

Following the trend set by such heavy metal mainstays as Corey Taylor and Scott Ian, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is planning to undertake a spoken word show in Oslo, Norway in November of this year, Blabbermouth reports.

Speaking to Norwegian newspaper VG, Dickinson had the following to say: "We haven't really planned anything yet, but I was talking to my promoter and we discussed the John Cleese one-man show and he wondered if that was something I would consider. I liked the idea - maybe because it was kind of crazy - but we'll see how it goes and what the audience thinks of it. Maybe we'll set up some more shows in other cities.

"Everyone that attended one of those flights has a story to tell, but these never made it to the movie, so why not reveal the things that happened in the background that led to the movie 'Flight 666'?"

Fans expecting insider gossip on Iron Maiden may be disappointed:

"I will, of course, answer questions, but this show will be about everything that didn't get aired in the movie. It's not about the band Iron Maiden. I won't tell stories about Nicko [McBrain]'s drum heads or Steve [Harris]'s bass strings. It will basically be about my experiences as a pilot. I can talk about the technicalities and a lot of anecdotes from within the flight environment."

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    You can hardly call that a stand-up career... damn you UG with your misleading titles. Still think that it is pretty cool what he wants to do, everything this man does is gold. Best of luck to ya Bruce!
    This guy is the ultimate over achiever. Heavy metal singer, pilot, author, among Britain's top ranked in fencing at one point and now this. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to add to that list^
    Well he made me laugh when i saw Maiden live. Niko popped his head up from the drum kit and Bruce said "That's Niko we keep him hidden so he doesn't scare small children".
    Good for him but UG this is hardly a "Stand-Up Career", more like a speech. If you want a musician with a real stand-up career, check out Henry Rollins...he's the king of spoken word!
    Hate To Tell Ya... But They Are Not Written Jokes... They Are stories And Experiences About Or In His Life... Some Relatable.. Some Not... But It Is The.Delivery That's Funny... Henry Is Not A Comedian.. He Is Everything But... And I Never Said He Was Funny... PleaserReread The Post.
    bruce dickinson: Lead singer of on of the biggest metal bands in history: Has his own airline Has his own private 747 plane, witch he can fly because he is also a pilot. His own brand of beer and a stand up comidean what a boss