Is Slipknot's 'The Negative One' Dedicated to Joey Jordison?

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Is Slipknot's 'The Negative One' Dedicated to Joey Jordison?
An interesting rumor has recently surfaced, claiming that the latest Slipknot track "The Negative One" is in fact about drummer Joey Jordison, with whom the band had parted ways back in December.

As the official lyrics were unveiled, the speculations began circulating almost instantly, focusing on such lines as "The Lord of Lies / You Had to Be Set Free / Opposing Sides / Your Choices Are the Negative One and Me."

AsĀ Blabbermouth further points out, Jordison's alias in the band back in the day was "1," which only helped further spark the rumors.

The song was released as the first new 'Knot tune in six years, announcing the band's upcoming fifth album, due out in October. Check out "The Negative One" lyrics below and let us know if the idea makes sense.

"The Negative One" Lyrics:

Fire and caffeine
A lot of nicotine
I'm going to burn so I better tell you everything
The competition
The superstition
Never mind 'cause you're never going to give in
It's a crisis, just how you like it
The same drama in a different disguise
I'm bound to walk with a target on my back
At least I'm ready for another attack

The lord of lies
The morning star
You had to be set free
Opposing sides
your choices are
The negative one and me

Why are we the enemies?
I never follow and i never make apologies
Your dementias are gonna getcha
Because your walls can't support each other
Settle for the cynical
You're so political
You're getting ready 'cause the first move is critical
Somebody's listening
What did we learn from our time in captivity?

I Hope You Live
To See The Day
When Your World Goes Up In Flames
And As You Die
You See My Face
You're The Only One To Blame

The Prescient
The Nascent
The Quotient (they all will fall)
The Cystic
Condition (systemic)
Replete with
These lesions (contaminate)
Succumb to
The selfish
Creation (your failure)

No accountability
I point a finger but it's always looking back at me
The centipede's pulling on the mechanism
Unearthing scars of the cataclysm
When the innocent
Begin to circumvent
The color fades but the picture is vibrant
What do you believe?
Does it matter now?
Turn away
The killer is disavowed

I hope you live
To see the day
When your world goes up in flames
And as you die
You see my face
You're the only one to blame
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