Is Slipknot's 'The Negative One' Dedicated to Joey Jordison?

"The lord of lies / You had to be set free," the lyric sheet reads.

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An interesting rumor has recently surfaced, claiming that the latest Slipknot track "The Negative One" is in fact about drummer Joey Jordison, with whom the band had parted ways back in December.

As the official lyrics were unveiled, the speculations began circulating almost instantly, focusing on such lines as "The Lord of Lies / You Had to Be Set Free / Opposing Sides / Your Choices Are the Negative One and Me."

As Blabbermouth further points out, Jordison's alias in the band back in the day was "1," which only helped further spark the rumors.

The song was released as the first new 'Knot tune in six years, announcing the band's upcoming fifth album, due out in October. Check out "The Negative One" lyrics below and let us know if the idea makes sense.

"The Negative One" Lyrics:

Fire and caffeine
A lot of nicotine
I'm going to burn so I better tell you everything
The competition
The superstition
Never mind 'cause you're never going to give in
It's a crisis, just how you like it
The same drama in a different disguiseI'm bound to walk with a target on my backAt least I'm ready for another attack

The lord of lies
The morning star
You had to be set free
Opposing sidesyour choices areThe negative one and me

Why are we the enemies?
I never follow and i never make apologies
Your dementias are gonna getcha
Because your walls can't support each other
Settle for the cynical
You're so political
You're getting ready 'cause the first move is critical
ReciprocitySomebody's listeningWhat did we learn from our time in captivity?

I Hope You Live
To See The Day
When Your World Goes Up In Flames
And As You DieYou See My FaceYou're The Only One To Blame

The Prescient
The Nascent
The Quotient (they all will fall)
The Cystic
Condition (systemic)
Replete with
These lesions (contaminate)
Succumb toThe selfishCreation (your failure)

No accountability
I point a finger but it's always looking back at me
The centipede's pulling on the mechanism
Unearthing scars of the cataclysm
When the innocent
Begin to circumvent
The color fades but the picture is vibrant
What do you believe?
Does it matter now? Turn away The killer is disavowed

I hope you live
To see the day
When your world goes up in flames
And as you dieYou see my faceYou're the only one to blame

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    It's lucifer
    As usual, UG trying to stir up some controversial bullsh*t
    The story originated from blabbermouth. I don't see how this is all UG's doing. They are just trying to fill up their news category it seems and spark a conversation about the topic rather than firing accusations. That's why the say "...let us know if the idea makes sense." I believe they are trying to create a community on the page. I felt like I made this post longer than it had to be. :p
    I think you're right! "Lord of lies" kinda makes me think about the devil, and I know for a fact that "Morning star" is another interpretation for Lucifer, which means Lightbearer.
    As a former Christian (although this username has nothing to do with me not being a Christian haha, it has to do with the game Diablo which I played before I even was a Christian), I can assure you that the only thing referencing Satan (Lucifer really has nothing to do with Satan, he was a Babylonian King) is the chorus. Nothing else in the song can be used to fit Satan's description or the Biblical interpretation of Satan. I mean, "no accountability"? The Biblical description of Satan is that he loves accountability, in fact he is TOO accountable to the point of becoming prideful. In order to make anything other than the chorus refer to Satan, you would have to make massive stretches in logic. I also searched up Svengali and this is what I found: "The word 'svengali' has come to refer to a person who, with evil intent, dominates, manipulates and controls a creative person such as a singer or actor." To me, Corey is using the references in the chorus to Satan as a way of insult towards Joey (or someone else maybe, but probably Joey).
    Wednesday 13 Fans also speculate Wednesday (Murderdolls singer) wrote this about Joey after the 2nd breakup of the Murderdolls . Starting to think Joey's became an ***** Wednesday 13 - Fuck You in memory of...)
    Actually, Wednesday has said in Interviews that the song "Fuck You (In Memory Of...)" was about his ex wife.
    I'm seeing a depiction of politics these days, but hey, it's art. It's there for the individual's perspective.
    These conspiracies are so ****ing stupid this could be written about Dave Grohl for all these conspiracists care
    Tin foil masks ready
    I bet that this rumour was spread by the same guy who said that the new drummer was the dude from LoG
    Oh the conspiracies...
    I'm confused as to how this is news..
    Conspiracies are fun, yet stupid. Yet I keep finding signals: -"The Morning Star" could be the Rising Sun, the main icon for Japan. Joey's mask was a Kabuki mask. -"Succumb to / The selfish / creation (Your failure)" = Joey forming Scar the Martyr?
    matteo cubano
    J-o-r-d-i-n-s-o-n 9 letters "The negative one" 5 syllables 3 words 5-3=2+9 original members of slipknot=11 Jordinson the negative one = 9/11. "I'm bound to walk with a target on my back. At least I'm ready for another attack" Was Jordinson responsible for the trade center tragedy? Could Slipknot have been the next target before Joey left? UG better get on it. Also, The number 23
    23? That has a 3 in it. Half-Life 3 confirmed!
    matteo cubano
    Half life = 2 words ...God save us
    "God save us" is three words. Eric Clapton's nickname is "god". The second line of the song mentions nicotine. Eric Clapton smoked many cigarettes. The song is about him.
    matteo cubano
    If Eric Clapton is God and cigarettes harm him, the cigarette company is the devil. The morning star and lord of lies are names for the devil. Corey is also getting harmed by cigarettes, this song is anti tobacco companies a.k.a. Satan.
    Iowa was released on Aug. 28th, 2001. That's 13 days before 9/11. We all know pigs can't fly, but now Paul's dead. What if Paul was the mastermind behind 9/11, instructing a bunch of pigs to pilot those aircrafts, and misleading the media to believe muslims did it, because muslims don't eat pork.
    I just realized, all those "Paul is dead" Beatles conspiracies were never about Paul McCartney. They were always about Paul Gray. Paul has been dead for OVER 40 YEARS!
    3 syllables in Jordinson (Jor-din-son), there are 3 points on the Eye of Providence, if I put touch my right index finger to my left index finger, and my right thumb to my left thumb I get a triangle, aliens for sure built the pyramids. Joey Jordinson is a Reptilian Illuminati brainwashing devil from another dimension. TRIANGLES EVERYWHERE!!!
    So in the end you had to add a letter to make it. It's J-O-R-D-I-S-O-N. Sorry I had to be the party popper
    J-o-r-d-i-s-o-n = 8 letters Joey Jordison's number = 1 8 + 1 = 9. Now continue with Matteo's theory.
    Will the UG readers learn the truth behind the lyrics of The Negative One? What will UG staff do about it? Find out next time, on UG News and comment section bellow it!
    Its about Robin Williams... That's why he died.
    I kind of like how they thought of this idea, though rumours like these I don't really care for. Corey said they'll tell us about the new drummer, and why Joey had to leave, after the album is out. I'd rather hear it from the band, rather than guess work (though this idea does kind of fit).
    The song is obviously about Geoff Tate.
    Really...Really? I didn't think you guys would post an article about something so ****ing stupid...
    The lord of hitting shit as hard and as fast as possible The morning starts with sidestepping the mirror Your looks must have been set free Opposing sides of dynamics, whatever they are your choices are The negative one and me buying ear plugs
    And they're delivered in exactly the same rhythm as a good half-dozen other Slipknot songs. Great musicians, but not exactly a bastion of progression. Song's decent, some of the samples are annoying though. But the rest of it reminds me of "Welcome" from Vol. 3, if it had been on Iowa instead.
    how cares, band sucks assss
    seems plausible.
    Slipknot's lyrics are so weak nowadays, the last album didn't appeal to me at all either.
    "The same drama in a different disguise" Mask on or off, Joey has been talking shit since Paul's death. "The lord of lies" Joe's dead Jesus mask/his habit of lying "You had to be set free" You had to be kicked out. "I Hope You Live To See The Day When Your World Goes Up In Flames" Maybe when his reputation and claims finally get shot down and he's not the overrated "god" people see him as. Probably just waiting for his demise as he deserves it. "And As You Die, You See My Face. You're The Only One To Blame" And as he fades away due to his failed projects and no affiliation with Slipknot, he'll know that Corey destroyed him. His ego, possible drug habits, and fat mouth are the only ones to blame for his departure. "Succumb to The selfish Creation (your failure)" Joey fell to his love of attention and praise, so he made Scar the Martyr, talked it up as if it was his best yet, but only created something mediocre and forgettable at best. "No accountability. Divisibility" Remember when Joey said "We'll continue with or without Corey"? "The color fades but the picture is vibrant" They might have lost a key songwriter and kicked out a founding member, but they're stronger than ever.
    What's he lied about out of interest? (btw I know my username is mfkr and I should be like "slipknot 4eva" but I was like 14 and times change)
    Having material already recorded for the new album, writing a majority of Slipknot's music, general drama over the course of his career.
    Thank you for responding. And keeping with the tradition of downvoting, have one yourself.
    woah why the downvotes? I was asking a serious question. I don't keep up to date on them anymore...
    Yes, it makes sense but it's not about him. Corey isn't the type of person to bash one of his best friends. Espesially subliminaly through a song.
    The drums on the track certainly aren't a tribute to his skills, sound so rubbish
    Von Hugenstein
    Joey's the negative one because he was the only one who did not want to play with the band after the passing of Paul just my two cents (American Currency)
    enough with the slipknot shit. the song was okay and the band had pretty much lost it's steam. trying to push mainstream bullshit on us
    Wow, forget this whatever this is. Look at those lyrics. Atrocious would be putting it lightly.
    >Why are we the enemies? >I never follow and i never make apologies Maybe that's the reason, huh?
    Good job they are written out as generally I can't understand a word he sings.
    Goth JR
    Hate to buy into this but it does make some sense.
    Maybe inspired in part but I doubt it's all about him. I really do want to know what caused the split between Slipknot and Jordison though