Is Ted Nugent Dead?

A Twitter trend #RIPTedNugent appeared last night, but the reality is a little less grim than it sounds. Find out the amusing ending to this tale here.

Ultimate Guitar

You might have seen tributes to angry rocker Ted Nugent yesterday.

Fortunately, he's still alive and kicking - just - but many were fooled by a Twitter game yesterday which saw tributes pour in on the hashtag #RIPTedNugent.

While it might look like a mean-spirited prank, the search results for the hashtag became an amusing stream of bizarre ways Ted Nugent came to his fictional end.

Here's some of our favorites - join in yourself in the comments if you're feeling creative:

#RIPTedNugent Electrocuted while putting together the powerpoint for his TED Talk, "The 2013 Cyber Rebirth of Wang Dang Sweet Poontang."

Jake Fogelnest (@jakefogelnest) January 11, 2013

#RIPTedNugent, electrocuted trying to climb into the panda habitat at the San Diego Zoo with a crossbow.

David Roth (@david_j_roth) January 11, 2013

#RIPTedNugent put a fake birth cert in a bear trap to catch Obama but forgot about it and lunged at it, mistaking it for a draft deferment

woodmuffin (@woodmuffin) January 11, 2013

#RIPTedNugent media blackout, still no statement from Prez O, truth of this hero's death cannot be suppressed! stakes are high and so am I

The Mountain Goats (@mountain_goats) January 11, 2013

#RIPTedNugent I got to meet him after a concert when I was 14, and he gave me a cowboy hat he'd made from the eyelid of a whale.

Matt Fisher (@fishermatt) January 11, 2013

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    I smell 4chan.
    Call me dumb... But what does that mean?
    Hello I'm Dave mustaine. And I believe it was all Obama who did to good ol' uncle Ted.
    Didn't Ted Nugent die in the late 70's? Oh, never mind, that was his relevance.
    While you've proven to have never shown any sign of relevance to anyone. You must be one of those Americans who like to keep voting Democrats and Republicans, defend them, and then complain once they're in control or left the big chair a couple of years ago. I imagine you thought Bush to be such a great guy a few years ago.
    $4,577 in 18 hours a week for 6 months? That's $10.59/hr. That'll net you a staggering $9,154 per year. Which Wendy's is this at?
    Embarrassing typo, UG. They said "fortunately, he's still alive" instead of "unfortunately, he's still alive."
    Even though I don't agree with his political views, I respect him very much as a musician. UG is about music, not politics.
    Well, if I'm judging him by his character, then his political views (and the way he inflicts them on the rest of us) are completely relevant. If I'm judging him by his musical skills, then I don't particularly like him either. Both of these are, of course, entirely subjective. When just generally judging what you think of a person and their personality, their skills are irrelevant. I don't measure how much I like Hitler by how good he is at darts. UG isn't necessarily purely about music. Surely a man's personality and character are relevant when discussing how we'd react over his death?
    Damn you Americans sure are dumb. No wonder you keep voting for the right people to destroy your country. Keep it up.
    Before I even got to the comments section I knew someone would have written that... predictable and unamusing as it is, I guess someone had to - prepare to soak up those downvotes!
    There are certain people that the world would be better without and he is one of them. His music is awful, he is a crazy person that sadly has influence on people, and he is the most unpleasant person I have ever met. He brings nothing positive to the table. I'll take your downvotes here too.
    Well, to wish someone's death is about as ****ed up as his opinions on politics.
    I see his point though. I don't personally wish he would die, but if someone who provides nothing but negativity to the world dies I honestly wouldn't shed a tear. So I don't WISH he would die but I wouldn't give two shits if the article revealed he had.
    Or less messed up than tricking small children into cutting themselves. At least this didn't actually hurt anybody, still despite my distaste for the man, it's still messed up, but decidedly less so than the aforementioned Beiber incident.
    I love how everyone complains about his views. Obviously America is doing so well, lol. American Dream? More like American wasteland.
    If you think his music is awful, don't listen! If people are actually influenced by him, don't listen to them! If you think he's unpleasant, don't listen to him! Do you understand the words I'm typing? DON'T LISTEN!!!!!
    No offense, but are you capable of reading? The guy was speaking about Nugent's political rambling as much as his music. He's an absolute political nutcase - and his music isn't any better. I agree with the guy above - Nugent hasn't done anything that I would wish him any harm for, but I wouldn't cry at his funeral.
    Although I don't really dig his music, there are people who do. So stop acting like a twat, man.
    Sure - fair enough, each to their own. I wasn't really speaking about his music though, but his political rambling. He's kind of the classic rock Dave Mustaine - and I really wish he'd stop being that. IMO, his music is shite, but that's irrelevant. I just find the pseudo-political bile he churns out to be incredibly ignorant, arrogant and annoying.
    Here's a solution play your ****in Kenny G CD Leave him the **** alone Quit your whinny bitchin If you don't like his music, don't ****in listen Sorry, I couldn't pass up the chance to quote Muck Sticky...