Is This How One Direction Sound Without Autotune?

Ever wondered what the world's biggest boy band would sound like without a load of techno gadgetry behind them?

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Ever wondered what the world's biggest boy band would sound like without a load of techno gadgetry behind them?

YouTube duo SamRick may have the answer. The pair has posted a video that imagines what One Direction might sound like without autotune. You can check it out below.

The Mirror recently reported that music lawyers were looking into suing One Direction because of similarities between the boy band's "Midnight Memories" and the 1987 Def Leppard single "Pour Some Sugar on Me:"

"Music lawyers will routinely scour hits like this one to see if there is any evidence that a band has either copied or cleverly mimicked a Def Leppard song," an unnamed source said."These cases can often take weeks to sort out because we are not talking about peanuts here - the 1D album is selling millions and if the title track goes out as a single it will generate even more money."

However, Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell recently revealed that they will not be taking legal action against 1D, and that they were "flattered" by the reference.

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Do you prefer SamRick's video to the original 1D song? Let us know in the comments.

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    "Ever wondered what the world's biggest boy band would sound like without a load of techno gadgetry behind them?" No.
    Wondered enough to click onto this.
    I just read the words I've quoted while scrolling through the news page and felt like taking the piss out of it a little. Calm down, internet police!
    this one too
    this is the first one direction song i've listened to ... not disappointed
    Am I the only one who thinks that they are ripping off Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt art theme in the background?
    Where was this supposed to be "without autotune"? The shred series of videos are pretty popular for a bunch of artists.
    Who really cares? Every genre uses auto tune. Even rock.
    Name one song.
    Anty 7
    Most songs. 99% of artists use auto-tune un the studio, it's just subtle. Using auto-tune doesn't mean you sound like T-Pain or whatever
    Actually I'd say making someone sound like T-Pain is a stylistic choice, more similar to a vocoder, since that clearly you're not going to fool people thinking it's your natural singing talent when you sound like a robot.
    ahurhurhur look at us we're so fun we can pick on one direction look at last year and it was bieber and lady gaga before that. are we really that low on interesting music news that instead of writing a productive article you instead uploaded this trash?
    How has no one commented on how god damn hilarious this is? This is like Bad Lip Reading...but better.
    I don't think 1D uses autotune. At least not a lot. I haven't heard many of their songs but if they could finish third in a singing competition, it's pretty clear that they can sing in pitch. Singing in pitch isn't even hard, I don't know why everybody's whining about autotune when it's most likely not used. And so what if they used autotune? Before autotune was invented, people had to record dozens of takes to get the perfect take. Today you can record just one take and "polish" it a bit. So there's nothing wrong with using a bit of pitch correction - it just saves time. If you have the technology, why not take advantage of it? It's a different story if the singer actually can't sing but I'm pretty sure these guys can sing, at least in pitch. I'm not a fan of them but really, come on. This complaining about autotune is just ridiculous. I can't even hear autotune in their singing. I know the point of the video was not to prove they can't sing. It was made just for fun and I found the video hilarious.
    Whether you like it or not, they can actually sing. I'm still not a fan of their music though.
    One Direction = phucking gae shit. Pop music is talentless, image-obsessed, manufactured, artificial, happy-clappy, disposable phucking excrement. It makes me the angry grrrr! And phuck auto-tune as well--artists should record what they can produce using their own abilties or phuck the hell off. Thank you. \m/
    Scott O
    That slipknot song acutally sounds half-way ok disneyized. Much better than the original I'm sure.