Israeli Supermodel Attacks Roger Waters for Using Her Photo During Shows

"If you're boycotting go all the way," Bar Refaeli tells Pink Floyd co-founder.

Ultimate Guitar

Roger Waters' latest Israel boycott callings and Star of David controversy caused a negative backlash from what now might be described as a former fan - supermodel Bar Refaeli.

As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, Pink Floyd co-founder was using Refaeli's image in one of his background videos during live performances for quite some time. The model reportedly even saw her image during a 2011 show and felt nothing but privileged.

"Crazy thing," she said back then. "Went to the Roger Waters show in Paris, and saw a pic of myself on the wall! Respect! I'm honored."

But after realizing Waters' political stands, Refaeli went on to attack the musician, demanding him to take the photo off.

"Roger Waters, you better take my picture off of the video art at your shows," she tweeted in Hebrew. "If you're boycotting - go all the way."

After being condemned by Jewish human rights group for placing the star of Star of David on the inflatable pig during his performances, Waters explained his actions and political opinions in a lengthy Facebook post.

"Like it or not, the Star of David represents Israel and its policies and is legitimately subject to any and all forms of non violent protest," he stated. "To peacefully protest against Israel's racist domestic and foreign policies is not anti-semitic. Your contention that because I criticize the Policies of the Israeli government I should be lumped in with the Muslim Brotherhood is risible, and again a personal affront. I have spent my whole adult life advocating separation of church and state."

רוג'ר ווטרס, כדאי שתוריד את התצלום שלי מהוידאו ארט בהופעות שלך. אם כבר חרם- אז עד הסוף.

Bar Refaeli (@BarRefaeli) August 21, 2013

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    Don't stop, Roger, you're fighting for the right thing!
    dude, I'm from Israel, and even I agree with you... the stuff that happens here is so f*cking messed up, you people don't know even half of it...
    Sometimes it seems you can't criticize Israel/a particular jew - you're labeled as an anti-semite right away. This kind of agressive censorship is pretty scary.
    Now you know what it feels like to be German. You're welcome. In fact: Germans are not antisemite.
    i'm sure i see you every damn roger waters article comment this exact same thing!
    It's wrong to fight it like this.. there is a diffrence between supporting Palastine and shaming Israel.. not every israeli citizen should be ashamed for living here
    Much respect to Waters. Israel's tactic of accusing anyone who criticizes their domestic and foreign policy, human rights violations, war crimes and international law violations,of being anti semitic, is getting old. Does anyone buy it anymore?
    I just came back from a volunteer trip to Palestine, things need to change there and quickly. Good on Roger Waters for taking this stance, the Palestinian people need support.
    Roger Waters is simply right. Zionists are pissed because they know he is effective. Especially his attention to the cleverly-disguised racist policies of Israel against 20% of its citizens... who happen to be Muslim and Christian Palestinian. It is important to highlighted that many Israeli Jews support Roger's views.... just as many other musicians do... Coldplay, Rage Against the Machine, Stevie Wonder to name a few. None of this however changes the fact that supermodel chick is a hot blonde!
    I like this guy. Religion is effing ridiculous, and should be not even in the same thought process as politics
    He has a right to his protest and has not done anything wrong, but his methods are rather disrespectful and childish in a way.
    Protesting is meant to evoke a reaction. What way would you have him protest? If their policies are dangerous and disrespectful, what respect are they owed? The United States is becoming a bunch of spineless cowards afraid of offending someone. Fuck that. People need to be offended. They need to be told they aren't always right. Its called progress.
    "Political correctness is a tyranny with good manners" comes to mind here. Fully agree with you, though it's not just the USA growing spineless.
    What if your face showed up on a poster in australia or Great Britain stating something like 'radicals and gun laws'? or 'Americans support terrorism'? Prolly wouldnt like it, even if it was something you stood behind. Regardless if she doesnt like it he should respect that.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Well, but protesters are communist anarchos u know... (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ Jew criticizing is nazi and muslim criticizing is infidelity. Religions screw our world. I hope, when space-age becomes real, I can move to a planet without any religious dipshits. Thank you! Worship your dimpwimp somewhere else.
    Well, aside from the fact that the world you are hoping for is well beyond your lifespan (sorry) there is one major problem - such a planet won't be incorruptible - in fact, it'll still be quite corruptible, just through methods that you can't write off as "oh, they're just talking to their imaginary friend. Stupid." Everything goes through cycles, whether you like it not, and in a world where only a minority is religious, the puppeteers will be the ones who control the advancement of science. Human nature is a bitch. Sorry for that off-topic rant, I just find it funny that people don't see the irony in hating the religious simply because they tend to be hateful...
    The butthurt is one with Rafaeli.
    She's Israeli, and has fought in the Israeli army. She's not butthurt, she's loyal.
    actually she did not.
    Epi g-310
    I don't know if she "fought" or not, but isn't joining compulsory? Everyone has to do it at some point.
    As soon as I typed it, I realized I was thinking about Esti Ginzburg (another Israeli model who DID join the army). I tried to delete my comment, but couldn't.
    Loyal, yeah right... She has publicly (and proudly) admitted to having skipped service in order to move to the States and become a model. That's real loyalty for ya(!)
    so? I'm from Isreal and I am not going to serve in the army and it dosen't make me dissloyal or anything... so yeah I'm not doing that for the same reasons as her but it should be a choice and here, it isn't.
    the point is dont act like a proud patirot of your country, defending it from "attack" by musicians when you famously fraudulently escaped enlisting in your countries army, which, agree with the policy or not, IS the law its ok for you to "rebel" against your country for personal (selfish) reasons, but not ok for roger to do it for political reasons?
    Loyal!!!!! Omg what a good little soldier you would make. ``yes my general i will do as you say``.....
    Line em up and knock em down Rog. Those in the world who have reached the age of reason get it.
    I always thought of Roger Waters as a great artist, so it's disappointing to learn he's a profound idiot.
    I'm not a fan of Pink Floyd much, but Roger waters is correct about this whole thing. Why should he remove the star of David its the symbol of Judaism but also on the flag of IMO one of the most corrupted democracy's ever.
    Really? Israel "one of the most corrupted democracy's ever"? Wow. You don't get out much do you?
    The Israeli government supported and armed military dictatorships in Latin America. Pretty democratic actions yes
    @l0ld4v3: Supposing you're correct (read: where's your souce?)...guess what? So did the US. I'm not saying that was correct of the US (or that it makes Israel right, supposing sources support what you say), but my point is that many 1st World did that. If you're trying to play that game, then at least choose something unique to Israel.
    Yeah, as they are right to say that about Israel, i don't think you have to look beyond the border of you're own country to see a corrupted government, no matter what country you are from.
    the thing that is wrong in that sentence is the fact that Israel is a democracy, which it's definetly not. does a democracy abuse it's own citizens? I think not.can it occupy another one for decades? not realy. does it lock away milions of people based on nothing but their religion and skin color? not unless someone forgot to tell me that the third reich was a democracy... and I live there! I know what I'm talking about...
    the "palestinians" should stop playing the victim card just like israel. no side is innocent...I've been in the IDF long enough to know that behind the "oh what about the babies and the women" Hamas teaches children that all the jews are pigs and keeps digging weapon and drugs smuggling tunnels beneath the Egyptian border. israel has done some wrongful things too(cast lead op had civilian casualties, bombing innocent people, arresting people in the west bank without reason) no side is innocent in this long going shitfest. no one who lives outside the borders of Israel and suffers from the threat of terror attacks can't understand what's going on(for example Hotel Park 2003, "freedom fighters" blew up, killed 30 and injured 160 during a passover meal) so keep your judgement and expertise about this conflict to yourself. btw his campaign is useless, israeli PMs don't give many ****s about the world's opinion.
    I think the main thing is that people are getting hurt, and everyone should be trying to help stop that from happening
    if roger waters had an american or a different country's symbol on a pig i'm sure it would cause a gigantic controversy f*** everyone who's agreeing with him
    it should have the american flag up there too. **** symbols of oppression
    well done roger. hundreds of thousands are being killed in Syria, Egypt is burning up, genocides in Africa, but the best policy- blame the jewish state! sure, arabs have more rights there than in any arab country (especially the women) but dont let the facts confuse you!
    How come criticizing Israel's wrong doings has anything remotely to do with minimizing the violence other arab countries are suffering, or Africa for that matter? What facts are you talking about? Can you make a serious argument or are you just blowing off steam?
    Roger Waters is just your typical left-wing idiot. His blatant ignorance for the situation of Israel as absolutely mind boggling. I'm sure facts would only make his head hurt.
    Just read this in another article: "Rafaeli is a controversial figure within Israel. She was criticised for evading obligatory military service by marrying a family acquaintance, whom she subsequently divorced - thus allowing her to exploit a loophole that exempts married women from the draft Israel's armed forces this year accused the country's foreign ministry of sending a "negative message" by featuring her on a video promoting Israeli products abroad " You can think of Waters what you want but in a "who's smarter" contest between him and ms. supermodel I would advise on putting your money on him The Palestine-Israeli conflict is quite a complicated one. If you can't understand how someone might end up sympathizing with one side or being critical of the other you probably haven't looked into the issue thoroughly enough
    she managed to evade obligatory military service, i would say that isn't exactly being stupid, au contraire... of course, i'm willing to bet waters is smarter, i'm just pointing out your post doesn't paint her in a bad light regarding her intelligence
    Funk Monk
    She pulled a Hendrix, what's the big deal?
    Nothing, there's no real connection between the first and 2nd part of that post ...although it might just shed a new light on the person whose words are being examined. If Ted Nugent wants to play the "I'm a patriot" card you might argue that his draft-dodging antics and subsequent bragging about it (apparently he shit his pants and didn't bathe for a month) don't necessarily conflict with each other. But it certainly doesn't make him the ideal spokesperson for the 0 gun regulation lobby either It's a pity the lady feels offended -I mean she appears to be a fan and all- but she's certainly entitled to be put off by Waters's stance. I'm just arguing that he's certainly not an airhead
    Avoiding military service - so what? Now her opinion is any less valid? Please... I'm not saying that either one of them is the sharpest knife in the drawer. Waters recent actions are just idiotic. Why boycott a nation that protects itself? Read up on a bit of history concerning that region and you'll understand.
    I know my history dude -> from the Ending of the British mandate to the Arab-Israeli wars, the Suez Crisis, Yom Kippur, the Intifadas... And I'm pretty sure the same applies to Roger Waters (I never knew this for a fact but my brother who's been through his whole "obsessed with The Wall"-phase assures me he's everything but your typical airhead rock star) Take a look at recent events: Israeli and Palestinian reps. are about to sit around the table for peace talks (which as you may or may not know happens only once in a blue moon and is certainly something the current Israeli pm has tried steering away from until now) and just as these events are about to take place the Netanyahu administration green-lights plans to build 1200 new settlements on the West Bank and East Jerusalem That about sums it up innit -> if you're really trying to create a more peaceful environment and genuinely support a two state solution, as Netanyahu claims he does, why not back those claims up for once instead of violating treaty after treaty? Answer: because historically there's no political gain in it for him, he only represents the "let's keep things the way they are"-side. The last major Israeli politician whose actions KINDA resembled a genuine effort of reconciliation with the Palestinian side was Ariel Sharon who decided to remove like 9000 settlers from Gaza (whilst simultaneously planning to greatly expand the number of settlements in the West Bank) before his career was cut short. Before that we had Rabin and the Oslo treaties. Dunno if you remember how that one ended (spoiler: he got murdered by a radical Zionist), but the fact that a significant majority of the Israeli electorate seemed to embrace those apparent changes fills me with great hope You have to understand that when you speak of a "nation that protects itself" you are in fact speaking about a territory that's filled with about 6 to 6.5 million jews and over 5.5 million Palestinians (with the latter side residing in a much smaller area, if the demographics keep developing as they have these numbers might well be the other way around a few years from now). No spooky Islamist dictator in his right mind is gonna nuke a place with so many muslims living in it and no matter how much you wanna emphasize the threat that the Palestinian insurgents might pose to the security of the Israeli state with its vastly superior military, the fact remains that this is still largely an internal conflict The fact that people, governments, nations, etc. (including the US government and a lot of Israeli citizens as well) are at times critical of the "no compromise"-course the Israeli government often seems to take does not make them all idiots, misinformed, anti-semitic or whatever. Stop telling people to get their facts straight if you don't even feel like using any of 'em in your arguments to begin with
    It does more than just protecting itself. It's attacked US and British targets (pretending to be Egyptian) in an attempt to undermine their support for Egypt ( yes I know it was a while ago but the surviving members were given an award for their service in 2005 showing that there's still no real condemnation). It continues to build settlements on disputed lands despite the capacity to expand existing living centres. And then when tensions rise and anything happens, they use it as justification for their policies by portraying the palestinians as the aggressors. Yes there are plenty of attacks on Israel, but don't try and paint them as the victims who are merely acting in self defence.
    Anyone who can compose such musical genius is clearly correct. And to add to this, my media player just shuffled on over 80GB of music and decided to play Pink Floyd as I read this article. The evidence is irrefutable.
    Having your own political views is one thing. Shoving them up your own MUSICAL show's ass, and imploring artists such as Alicia Keys to cancel their shows in Israel, is something way different. I'm glad he feels free to express his own opinions, but music should always be left neutral of hate and protest, it's music for god's sake. As a big fan of Pink Floyd and of course Roger Waters himself musically, I started developing negative feelings about him ever since he started that whole campaign, if you will.
    No, music is - or at least should be - an entire form of expression. That's exactly where opinions and feelings should be expressed, be they political, religious, idealogical - extremist or conservative. Likewise, the general public exposed to it are entitled to have their opinion on the feelings expressed. And the world keeps turning.
    on topic though (seriously i went on a wild tangent) i believe mr waters is right, and i don't find anything wrong in his methods to express his ideas, at any rate, he's doing what he genuinely believes is right, and that always has some merit in my book... i also believe bar rafaeli is blowing the whole thing out of proportion, however, i must accept that she simply has a different set of values than i do, and like her many israeli feel the same. it's how they were raised and how their society feels as a whole... that doesn't necessarily make them right, but it makes it MUCH harder to convince them they are wrong... in their minds, what they do is totally justified
    that said, i disagree with your claim that music SHOULD be a form of expression, or at least the forms of expression you listed. i'm pretty sure there is lots of music out there that are devoid of opinions, and in rarer cases, devoid of feelings. of course, that is not to say they don't evoke an emotional response out of the listener, but that is besides my point. take for example intrumental music, i think it's safe to say the majority of instrumental music is devoid of opinions, let alone political, religious, or ideological ones. or take for example jazz, in some cases (particularly in free form jazz), you could perceive it as to lacking emotions, but that is not to say it is lacking musicality, they just simply lack a distinct happy, sad, angry, etc. feeling
    There's actually several Jazz tunes which were against Segregation or American racism. As an example, listen to "Strange Fruit", which was performed by Jazz singer Billie Holiday. Just an example of a Jazz tune that isn't neutral politically.
    I agree with both of you, that's why i said, "in some cases", your posts are very valid
    Even free jazz has a statement, about the limitations of bebop and other, very modeled and structured jazz in the 50s and 60s.. Of course some music expresses only emotions, but its an expression,. even very very obscure noise music expresses something.. on the other hand, I agree with your second post
    So you condemn all protest songs? If music can't be about how you feel about something/someone, no matter what that is, then you're limiting freedom of speech.
    Muisc is art, and art is expression. Hes expressing his views using his art. Music shouldnt be neutral, it should be whatever the artist wishes it to be.
    Music has been bringing about social change for centuries from the us civil war to rally people around the cause of abolition right through to the 1960's, so how can you say music should be left neutral and without protest when some of the freedoms you enjoy today were brought about by MUSICAL PROTEST. If our past generations of musicians didn't stand up and write songs of protest to rally the masses then you might not even have the right to express your opinion
    no way! music like any other art is a way to express yourself and your ideas and political views is part of it! music that is neutral and free of hate and protest is music that is made for money and fame, free of other amotions as well, pop music. you wanna listen to justin biber or whatever? be my guest.his music is free of anything...
    "Advocating the separation of church and state" I advocate the separation of state and concerts
    Yes, he has the right to protest. But I think that she also has the right to not have a picture of her to be used without her permission - if not legally then Mr. Waters should at least respect it. I'm sure he can find plenty of other photos of supermodels to use.
    seriously! are you hearing yourself?! stop judge people because religion! it's false! Roger and you don't know anything about israel and how that's hard to live here! i served at the IDF for 3 years and i must to say that most of the attacks that you see on your news channel.. our neighbors started.. i've been through these attacks.. so shut up and stop judge israel.. we have the right to live as you do! musician shouldn't talk about politics.. it's destroying the musical fraternity!! and because of these things Roger's saying at his shows most of artists are avoiding from coming israel.. Roger's better to shut the f-ck up and focus on music.. that's what musician should do!
    And what about the innocent men, women and children in Gaza? Don't they have a right to live as you do?
    What about the terrorists who broke the Gaza Treaty, irregardless of concern for the innocents in Gaza?
    Terrorists are scum either way, that is true. It's just that I greatly dislike it when people act like Israeli people are the only victim here.
    what about them? blame Hamas,the group of human scum who hide behind civillians.
    oh you just shut the f*ck up ok? I live here to and everything Waters says is right. no one should come here, and we deserve every sh*t we get.I'm not saing that they are all innocent, but that doesn't make what we do here right.
    Emm... Hebrew...
    There's an English translation in the article, genius.
    I don't think that's the problem. How can she expect Roger Waters to do anything about it if he can't read what she's saying ? That said, she should just stop crying and let that nationalism she's clearly showing go. It's his show, not hers. Gotta learn to live with it.
    To every one here who hates Jews/Israeli People: One of the biggest rock icons in history, Gene Simmons, is jewish and former Israeli - and he is d**n proud of it as you all can see. David Draiman (lead vocalist of Disturbed) is jewish, and is brother Ben is an active musician in Jerusalem. Brad Delson and Rob Burdon (guitarist and druumer for Linkin Park) are jewish. And many more: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Steven Adler (original drummer for Guns N' Roses), Jack Black, Hilel Slovak RIP (also an former israeli) and many more... By the things that mr. Waters do (and it has no connection that he is an amazing musician and one of the biggest in history), he despites all of the musicians above, and every jewish and/or Israli person. We are not the ones to blame about what our goverment do - but still he and many more hate all of us for noting. I hope that Gene will answer to this stupied act of Mr. Waters. Peace, Naor Alon - a proud Israli & Jewish rock musician
    Oh **** off, when did Roger Waters say he hates Jews or Israeli's? Typical victim card waving once again... Waters doesn't hate you, he doesn't hate Israeli citizens, and sorry if that means he won't play in your country, but the stand he's making, his message against the Israeli government (and the UN that allows it act as it pleases, thanks to America) is more important than the entertainment of Israeli Pink Floyd fans... Ad what does a list of Jewish msuicians have to do with anything? This is about Israel, not Jews. Fuck zionism.
    Your government prosecutes all Palestinians for the actions of a small group of FREEDOM FIGHTERS/TERRORISTS (whatever your perspective) so stop crying foul when the rest of the world condemns the actions of you and YOUR ELECTED GOVERNMENT.... you guys keep voting the A**holes into power
    I'm more than confused here. I thought RW hated sie Juden. I dunno, Green Day my disposable underpants jam is bout to celebrate an amount of existence.
    She should thank Roger for posting her pic on The Wall. Its the best bit of fame she as ever had. Beats getting your boobs out :