It's The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 77

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It's The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 77
Happy Thanksgiving to all you crazy readers. I trust you all had some fine Thanksgiving festivities with friends and family, soaked up the drink and munched on some hearty turkey feed. Currently, I'm writing this post-meal in the comfort of a great friend's home while "No Country For Old Men" plays on a nearby television. Relaxing times for sure. If the Thanksgiving holiday means anything aside from binge eating and arguing about politics with extended family, it's supposed to be a time to acknowledge the good things in your life and reflect on how rad they all are a quality and worthwhile exercise, I'll say. By the time you're reading this on Friday, you may be enjoying a day off and have some free time on your hands. So continuing the whole reflection idea of Thanksgiving, I want to bring up something I've wanted to try out on everyone here. We're going to play a little memory game: Can you name every band you've seen live? Every one. Every single band you've seen live in your entire life. Feel free to take a pen to paper and list them out (or better yet, type away in the comment section). This exercise will likely stretch that memory of yours and take a while, but that's okay you have the day off. Maybe look through all the crap in your drawers and find some old concert ticket stubs to jog your memories. Find your old Polaroids and remember the times you pregamed in the parking lot before Iron Maiden. Here's the list criteria definitely include festival lineups and try to only list touring bands (your uncle's Jimmy Buffett cover band that plays at Moe's Tavern every other Thursday doesn't count). After listing each band, put a star next to the ones that were particularly amazing and had an impact on you. Don't neglect to include embarrassing bands you've seen as well. After the list is done, try pinpoint the Most Impressive Band you've seen, the Most Surprising, Biggest Letdown and Best Overall Concert Experience. Game on. Here's my complete list of bands I've seen live, starting from the first show I ever saw on December 8th, 2000, at the ripe old age of 13. Good Charlotte Fuel* Everclear The Wallflowers Live Vertical Horizon Barenaked Ladies Tenacious D Lifehouse Weezer* Aerosmith Ari Hest Deathcab For Cutie Chevelle Disturbed Marilyn Manson Korn Ozzy Osbourne Pearl Jam Sevendust Drowning Pool Darkest Hour The Human Abstract* Textures Periphery The Contortionist Lamb Of God* Metallica* Megadeth* Slayer Killswitch Engage Bullet For My Valentine Children Of Bodom DevilDriver KISS The Wailers OK Go Muse* Doves* Ours* Iron & Wine The Swell Season Strunz & Farah Zion I 311 Matisyahu Paul Gilbert Steve Vai Joe Bonamassa Motley Crue The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet Dashboard Confessional Beck TV On The Radio MGMT Spoon Tommy Emmanuel* Phil Sayce Black Label Society* Beats Antique The Shins Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience* Crosby, Stills & Nash* Rush* *F-cking amazing!
  • Most Impressive Band: Hard to say for sure, but in terms of overall musicianship, powerful delivery and energy, I'd say Megadeth takes the cake as the most impressive live act I've seen. Muse would be a very close second.
  • Most Surprising: Matisyahu was surprisingly good. While I had only really known of his speedy reggae-rap-beatboxing vocal style, but live, he really delivered a diverse set with an impressive backing band. Seriously, his guitarist was sick.
  • Biggest Letdown: 311. While not a bad band by any means, they just didn't deliver live. Pretty underwhelming. Maybe that's because Matisyahu completely upstaged them
  • Best Overall Concert Experience: Aside from the impact of seeing my first ever show with Fuel, which got me hooked on rock music to begin with, I'd say hands down Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience was the most entertaining, surreal and joyous concert experience. Completely unreal. I'm curious to see how long your lists are and who you've all seen. A cash prize goes to whoever tops 100 bands (not really, but I'll think you're cool). Have a great holiday weekend and I'll see you around next week.

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    Pop singer Ke$ha, who recently vowed that she'll "work with Keith Richards or die trying," is found unresponsive next to Richard's home with a Stratocaster and analog 8-track recorder. Inspired by Metallica's appearance in an upcoming "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" video game, developers for "Grand Theft Auto" select Rush to be the game's three protagonists. Slayer Christmas sweaters sell out instantly with the majority of purchasers being grandmothers and confused Bill Cosby fans. By Zach Pino Twitter: @zachpino
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