It's The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 79

Once I put on my headphones today, my music wasn't sounding right. Nothing seemed to resonate. Metal, classical, funk, electronic... none of it hit the spot.

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Midweek in the office and nothing was going right. Blahs, pings, and emails...the dreadful mix of wind and rain outside; often the only solace I have in the office is putting on my headphones to tune out the background chatter and constant keyboard clicks. But unfortunately, once I put on my headphones today, my music wasn't sounding right. Nothing seemed to resonate. Metal, classical, funk, electronic... none of it hit the spot.

And then came Weezer. Ah, yes. Good ol' early Weezer. "The Blue Album", specifically, which is one of my all time favorites. It had been a while since I had given it a full listen, but the familiar notes had a surprising freshness and I was back on track, able to enjoy the dreary office day a little more.

Looking back, I remembered how integral that album was to my development as a musician and rock fan. It was the first album I was seriously addicted to. Pure, uncut, Weezer.

I'm sure you have that one album. It was one of the first albums you bought. It was the first album you really delved into. You were completely hooked and the album cemented itself in pretty much every in your life. Hearing it now, you're reminded of several phases of your life with the album firmly planted in nostalgia.

It was the album that was always in your CD player. It was the album you listened to every day on the way to school; the album you listened to when you sat bored in study hall; and the album you kept spinning well after the painful school day was over.

I'll pose some questions for this week:

  • What was that first album you became obsessed with?
  • How did you discover it?
  • What about it resonated with you?
  • What experiences did you have with it?
  • When was the last time you listened to it?

    Back to Weezer; the reason I bought a Weezer album in the first place was because I knew I would be seeing them at a summer festival. At this point, Weezer had just released the "Green Album", and songs like "Hash Pipe" and "Island In The Sun" were in heavy radio rotation. I figured I'd get the album before I saw them live, and headed to a Borders bookstore to buy the CD (just typing that sentence made me feel old... Christ).

    I picked up the "Green Album" and saw Weezer's slightly intense, geek-rock image staring at me. Behind that CD though was a younger looking Weezer standing against a blue background. Why not get it as well? I asked my mom (hey, I was 13) and she agreed to buy me the CDs. I may have gotten Crazytown too... but that's beside the point (again, 13).

    I walked up to the cash register and the grungy cashier in her late teens seemed pleased I was buying the records. She put "Green" in the bag, held up the "Blue Album" by the corner, looked at me, and said, "You are going to absolutely love this album."

    It was like a rock prophecy. And the rest is history.

    It took a few listens to get fully hooked, but the more I kept listening, the more the record spoke to me. It was catchy and melodic, the lyrics were memorable, every song had something special to it; none of it seemed contrived or boring. I could identify with the band too; they weren't full on, 100% loser-nerds with no friends, but they seemed more like the quiet observers on the sidelines. Kind of like me.

    I took that album everywhere and listened to it every chance I got. I took it on long car rides on family vacations (first page in my CD binder along with SONY discman and those headphones that wrapped around the back of your head); I'd play it in a boombox while skateboarding with neighborhood friends; and I'd bring it to my guitar lessons so my teacher could teach me how to play "Say It Ain't So".

    If you're a guitar player (I'm assuming you all are) the contents of that first album probably made up a large portion of the songs you learned and covered. And playing them was way fun, but likely crappy in retrospect.

    Sure enough, at my 8th grade talent show... yep... we played "Undone... The Sweater Song" in front of the entire school. I'm sure the student body didn't think we were as cool as we thought we were.

    The beauty of listening to the first album you were addicted to, even after a long time away from it, is that it'll always take you back and spark up those memories that you'd likely not remember. So if you haven't listened to your album in a while, be sure to this weekend. Listen with headphones or blast it loud. And be sure to share your stories of that one album that gave you a pubescent musical boner.

    (And if anyone in here can argue in favor of new recent Weezer material, by all means go for it... not a great album since "Pinkerton").

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      Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, it was the perfect mix of older funky Chili Peppers and newer more alternative Chili Peppers. That album cememnted John Frusciante as my favorite guitarist
      The first album i became obsessed with is weird, i think considering i was born in '93. the first album i just wanted to listen to over and over again was The Static Age by The Misfits. I heard it playing in some old dudes car and i wanted to know what the song was called just cause it screamed to me. my mom always listened to country, my friends listened to rap but none of it spoke to me but as strange as it is, all it took was man yelling "Last Caress!!!!" and the same three chords played in a simple pattern. but the words, the voice, the patterns of the instruments were stuck in my head, and no matter how much i love rhandy rhoads (who is my favorite guitarist of all time) i would still linger towards the sound of The Static Age for the sake of nostalgia, in no way am i slandering RR but i just fell in love with the attitude and the energy of a punk band, which lead to grunge, which lead to rock n roll, death metal, my obessesion with guitar lead me to the blues. The Misfits i will always love them. Even though the older people may tell me that im just a misplaced fan listening to their music, i still listen to them, i blare this album through my speakers, i blare it through my headphones, and even if i am playing rev. gary davis i will occasionally start playing last caress
      The first album I became obsessed over has to be Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil. (I know, most people don't like them) The guitar work is honestly what hooked me, then I listened to it more, and more and realized how complex the drum work was. Still to this day I listen to it over and over. The melodic guitar work eventually got me hooked to bands such as Protest The Hero, and Periphery, etc.
      Appetite for Destruction. I bought it because a couple years earlier my sister gave me their Greatest Hits for my birthday, and I wanted to find out something more about this catching band and their hatted axeman. Well, needless to say, I was stunned. The heavy and fast (and even better still not punk) songs were (and still are) one of a kind, different to everything else I had listened to at the time. Then, came the time to appreciate the dinamics beetwen the two guitars and the rest of the rhythmic session. Even though I lately became more addicted to the Use Your Illusion albums (the one dipended by the period), and so nowadays I feel more linked to them rather than AfD, I got fully and deep into it, as Zach did with the Weezer...Nothing more to add, it was a great time. I think it has been something like a year since I last listen to it in its entirely...And thinkin about when I bought it, I'm starting to feel old too...
      Mine was "Standing on the shoulder of Giants" by Oasis. I played the **** out of that poor CD. Now, I think it's a flawed record, some great songs and some really bad songs, but I still listen to it, from start to finish, It's like a good old friend I can always relly on.
      Damn I'm old. My first musical obsession was Kill Em All. And unlike Zach with his CD player, I wore out a tape instead.
      The first album i became obsessed was "Load" by Metallica, back in 1998, my brother's girlfriend gave it to him. Damn I still believe that is the BEST Metallica album yet. That CD doesn't leave my mp3 player EVER... I have the CD, but it's locked up in my room, hahahahaha. I became obsessed with the heavy/blussier sounds of it, songs like Aint' my Bitch, 2x4, King Nothing, outlaw Torn, are HEAVY. 2x4 was the first song I've learned to play from beginning to end (James part)i felt soooo proud when i did it... I still use 2x4 chords to warm up. I am completely OBSESSED with that album. Best album EVER man \../
      The first "album" I become obsessed with was a combination. I bought "Dirt" and "Jar of Flies" by Alice in Chains at the same time at a record store. The both circulate alternatively in my cd player I bought them. I had listened to those songs before after first seeing the video for "Would?" on a the Fuse tv channel. I was instantly hooked by AIC's use of heavy electic guitar and haunting acoustic guitar on these albums,along with Layne Staley's voice and Jerry's fantastic riffs and solos, and to this day they remain my favorite band. "Dirt" and "Jar of Flies" remain a combination of my favorite AIC albums because they embody everything that Alice in Chains is.
      Are you guys gonna release one of these next week titled "Its the end of the world as we know it" ?
      Aww man, I remember playing Spyro on my brother's play Station 1 playing spyro with Only In Dreams playig of the blue album. Skating to the mall blasting Say it Aint So through my headphones. And possibly above all I remember jamming out to Undone... (The Sweater Song), with this girl I really liked in 8th grade. Man, I still listn to that album today and I think Weezer is still making good music to this day. That's some crazy nostalgic shit man.
      Metallica - Master of Puppets. I was in sixth grade and a friend of mine gave me the cassette tape because he didn't like it. The cover itself freaked me out at 11 years old. Th music was dark and scary, but once that wore off, the musicianship just took over. I was familiar with Iron Maiden at the time as well but this was just different. Aggressive and powerful, I was hooked. I remember when the tablature for the title track was in one of the guitar mags in like 1988 or something. I spent months learning how to play that song. So, not only was the album defining, but learning how to play their material at such an early time in my development totally shaped my guitar style for many least until I heard Megadeth, Pantera, and the 90s music.
      I remember listening to a lot of songs by Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nine Inch Nails in the 8th and 9th grade on youtube. Whenever I was on the internet, I would just look up a bunch of songs by those bands and continuously listen to them. The first albums that I really played obsessively though were by Soundgarden my Sophomore year in high school. I just took A-Sides(a greatest hits album by them), Badmotorfinger, and Down On the Upside and played them straight through while doing homework. I overlistened to them for a while, but I can listen to them again without problem.
      I only got into rock at about the age of 13, and by then Sum 41 was a big influence for me. I bought both All Killer No Filler and Does this look infected, but I can't decide which is better. I can listen to every Sum 41 song and honestly say that in my opinions, they do not have a single bad song. sure... some are less good than others, but they arent bad either.
      First I bought Nightwish - Once... but that was not it , I became obsessed with Nirvana - Nevermind... when I bought it on my 13th birthday it opened the floodgate. Nothing was the same ever again. The lyrics, the music, the voice and the energy. It all created a perfect mix and I just spun it around and around. And it was early early 2000s, and my house we still didn't have a cd player, so it was a tape-deck which made it even more fun, when the tape got jammed.
      Vol. 4 by Black Sabbath. It was the first CD I bought that got me off of single songs, and the first where I started appreciating albums in full. Although, when my uncle introduced me to The Wall, I became VERY obsessed with it; I must have listened to it for several straight weeks.
      Vol 4 is my fave Sabbath album...I bought it in the middle of a really hot summer back in '75 and I remember listening to Wheels of Confusion with wasps buzzing all around the garage door.
      The 1st album I became obsessed with was "Help" by The Beatles. I was only 5 when it came out, but I discovered it because my Mother was an absolute Beatles and Rolling Stones fanatic. She bought 'Meet the Beatles', 'Help', 'Rubber Soul', 'Sgt Peppers', 'Aftermath', 'Between the Buttons', & 'Beggars Banquet' when they 1st appeared at our local department store record dept. Every Christmas season, the local movie theater would show 'Help' and so of course we went every year from about 1966 to 1969. I used to stare at the pictures on the inside cover of the Help LP and think of the movie scenes and songs they came from. Album artwork was the coolest thing before CD's. It's impossible to listen to the whole album straight through now. In the original US release, it was the soundtrack to the film Help and included 4 instrumental tracks that appeared in the movie. That version never was re-released on I haven't listened to the entire album straight through for about 40 years, but the last time I listened to my 4 favorite songs (Help, Another Girl, Ticket to Ride, You're Gonna Lose that Girl) was just last week!
      System of a Down - S/T I think when I was 12 Rock Band beefy as **** learning to play guitar 3-4 months ago
      My first obsession was Motrhead's No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith. The energy, the raw power of that trio in their absolute prime is something that'll stay unrivaled for eternity. That was the album that convinced me to play Bass and Guitar, and released my love not just for Rock N' Roll, but to music in general! Still today, when I listen to that first thunderous sound of Lemmy's Bass on the Ace Of Spades track I get shivers down my spine just like the very first time I heard it. With that said, I haven't really listened to it for a while, might as well do it now.
      I would have to say "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" cause I had just seen "First Date" on MTV;(And christ does THAT make me feel old). I just remember that I could relate too absolutely every song. It took a long time for me to actually get the title joke, but songs like "Happy Holidays" just made me realize how much FUN rock music could be, and I actually started to really get into music at this point, all because of Blink. They seemed like average guys, who you could skate with, and that was the chord that needed to be struck in me at that point (7th grade). I'd say the last time I listened too it, probably a month ago.