Jack Russell's Great White Perform Most Depressing Arena Show Ever

artist: Great White date: 04/24/2014 category: wtf?

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Jack Russell's Great White Perform Most Depressing Arena Show Ever
Depressing footage has appeared online of Jack Russell's Great White performing an arena rock show to the sum total of around 20 people.

The band was reportedly booked for a free post game concert at the Sun National Bank Center on April 19th. Yet, while 1,500 attended the game, the number of people who stuck around to watch the band was sufficiently less. Check out the footage below.

Russell has been touring with his own version of Great White intermittently since the early 2000s. The singer split acrimoniously with his former band in 2010. The Russell-less Great White, fronted by singer Terry Ilous, released a new album, titled "Elation," in 2012.

What is the worst attended rock show you have ever been to? Let us know in the comments.

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