Jack Russell's Great White Perform Most Depressing Arena Show Ever

Band plays arena gig to 20 people.

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Depressing footage has appeared online of Jack Russell's Great White performing an arena rock show to the sum total of around 20 people.

The band was reportedly booked for a free post game concert at the Sun National Bank Center on April 19th. Yet, while 1,500 attended the game, the number of people who stuck around to watch the band was sufficiently less. Check out the footage below.

Russell has been touring with his own version of Great White intermittently since the early 2000s. The singer split acrimoniously with his former band in 2010. The Russell-less Great White, fronted by singer Terry Ilous, released a new album, titled "Elation," in 2012.

What is the worst attended rock show you have ever been to? Let us know in the comments.

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    CJ Ramone's first post-Ramones band "Los Gusanos" played my college town the same night as Widespread Panic. Suffice to say, the college kids went to WP. Me and five other people watched CJ Ramone instead. Nine if you count the door guy, sound guy and both bartenders. Awesome time though, CJ took me to dinner afterwards and gave me a ride home.
    I hope he called you back. But in all fairness that does sound like a pretty cool story
    Why is there a picture of Ratt on a Great White article? My worst attended rock show happens to be one of my best concert experiences. It was Warbringer, Symphony X and Iced Earth in Anaheim back in 2012. I believe it was their 4th night there and there was only about 200 or so people in attendance but each band played their asses off and sounded amazing. Best concert experience next to Iron Maiden.
    i lost my absolute shit when symphony x didnt show up for the gigantour in my town....well i mighta been coked to smithereens so that didnt help matters....still havent seen michael romeo play yet....
    Kudos to them for playing anyway. A lot of bands would refuse to play altogether if it had to be in front of such a small crowd.
    Christ, that's depressing... I can't say I've ever been to a poorly attended show. I don't remember there being a huge crowd for Glenn Hughes when I saw him in 2011 though, but on the other hand, it wasn't a big venue either.
    I made it to about 0:27 without laughing. No disrespect towards those guys, but there might be a reason why there were 20 some people there.. perhaps?
    Saw Black Light Burns in Sheffield when they did their UK tour in 2013. They were playing a club and it was about 20 odd people. It was a brilliant gig and probably the best I've ever been to but I couldn't help but think that it must be strange for Wes Borland to play for 20 people in one band and then go play with thousands in Limp Bizkit.
    My band were playing last out of 5 bands one night, and by the time we were on stage, EVERYONE else had left, except the 4 of our friends who could make it that night. We played shit but there was no one there to see lol
    I played a small charity event at a small venue in my suburban town. We played first, and there were about 10 people until the last song of our set.
    poor guys ... I mean ... they are absolutely professionals... they did the show with only 20 souls... but as musician...is broken heart =/
    im not mental
    The Dillinger Escape Plan. Late 2011 (or early 2012?) in Tucson, AZ. I was expecting a packed small venue but instead less than 40 people showed up. The band was still spectacular though.
    I'm grateful living in the musical city as Liverpool is, went to see a band from my college play with only word of mouth for promotion and it had at least 70 people there in a fairly unknown venue, feel sorry for these guys
    A Status Quo tribute act played in my town last year, literally nobody turned up other than bar staff and sound guy. They played one tune for the staff and then packed up!
    Sounds great minus the shity recording. lol I had more people at my Maiden cover show last year lol
    Seems like part of the story is missing. Doesn't happen for no reason. Worst show... hm, was at Wacken, Amon amarth had to take the earlier slot because the friggin Scorpions were late, so when I was out for Amon Amarth - Machine Head - Ministry I had to wait through Scorpions. (Reason they were late was Klaus Meine was drunk as f--k in a very un-rock-and-rolly manner). Plus, it rained.
    Aside from the crappy quality, these guys don't actually sound that bad, kudos for them for still playing, even if it is to roughly 20 people
    Clutch came to Hickam AFB, HI back in 2005. They played in the Youth Services building on base, which can't hold more than 100 people or so. I think 10 people showed up for the show, and that might be stretching it a bit. But I have to give those guys a lot of credit, they put on a great show and I'll never forget it.
    Probably when I saw D.O.A. Small local bar, maybe 30 people stuck it out. Never been more disappointed in an audience in my life, bunch of old guys giving it their best on stage, and people in the crowd saying punk is dead.
    The flip-side of the rockstar dream eh? At least they got paid.
    mad props! first thought outta my head woulda been fukk this boys lets go off to the next. then i woulda been ya know fukk it. lets just jam it out have some fun. maybe the ones who stayed got a kick outta it. and thats realy why ya do it for... ya never know some fukk may be in the audience dyin of fukkin cancer or someone lost a job or a girlfriend. its an honor to be in charge of givin someone happiness where there is none. i could play to 500 hundred 50 thousand who cares. its that one person that needs it is what i think about.
    At a festival organized by the rehearsal locals where my band practised, around 7 bands played and the last one was a "professional" band who actually got paid for playing. About 40 people saw us. About 10 people saw them.
    I saw Marillion on the Misplace Childhood tour in Waterloo, Ontario. Dreadful venue and it was exam time for this university town... might have been 100 people max. Fish went backstage and got us sandwiches to share from the catering. Ironically, the night before they had opened for Rush in Buffalo in front of a football stadium crowd. Still one of my favourite concerts ever.
    Wasn't this the band responsible for the massive Station fire in the early 2000's?
    Trivim at Gator's in Farmington, NM with about 75 people in attendance for the Shogun tour.
    I saw Nik Turner from Hawkwind with my dad and about 5 other people. It was a pretty good gig though, plus he dedicated a song to me and my dad cause we were chatting to him before the gig.
    I was at Serbian Jazz festival back in 2008 where Steve Hackett was going to play with some local bands (None of them were Jazz bands oddly enough). My Friend and I came a bit too early and we were lucky enough to meet him before the show, which turned out would have 30 people in the crowd. It's a shame having to see a guitar legend play in front of such a tiny crowd, but it was awesome nonetheless.
    I heard that the bands Attila/I See Stars canceled a south american tour because their shows sold around only 15 tickets.
    The worst that I remember was Bad Company/Damn Yankees show I seen. The place was packed and Damn Yankees rocked loud and hard. Then Bad Company played and everyone left. There was about 100 people at the end of their set. Sort of feel sorry for Great White. I've seen them twice ages ago. And both times something went wrong. The first they kept getting a bass feedback that over powered the band and the second their mics died half way through the show. Both times they had to stop early.
    I'm surprised the guy at the start managed to introduce them with out laughing tbh. My worst attended show was Crashdiet where about 40-50 people turned up in a venue that can hold around a thousand. I saw UFO in the same place a month later and it was so packed people were standing in the entrance hall looking in the doorway
    poor guys the worst attended show i saw was Cauldron and Volture in Braga they played their asses off and were really cool with the hundred who were there
    Saw Rick Derringer about 10 years ago. He gave one days notice and about 50 people showed up. The place usually holds about 2500. I figured he was vacationing in Orlando area and decided to write it off as work travel. He laughed about it and said he should have given a little more notice. He still played for a couple hours.
    Melvin's back in 2009 at the white rabbit in san antonio. Caused them to end their 2 hour set more than an hour early, with a country song that the crowd didn't realize was just being played to mock them.