Jack White Accuses Lady Gaga Of 'Having No Meaning'?

Jack White claims that NME took his words out of context.

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In a recent interview with the NME, Jack White reportedly laid in to pop star Lady Gaga for demonstrating a style over subject approach to music:

"I don't think she lives it because it's all artifice. It's all image with no meaning behind it. You can't sink your teeth into it. It's a sound bite. It's very of this age, because that's what people want. They want a Twitter line, a jpeg, an MP3."

However, in an interview with Esquire the former White Stripes front man has hit back at the NME, asserting that his comments were taken out of context and accusing the magazine of creating a tabloidesque drama. As Rolling Stone notes, White made the following statement:

"I'd like to address the recent tabloidesque drama baiting by the press in regards to Lady Gaga. I never said anything about her music, or questioned the authenticity of her songs in any way. I was in a conversation about the drawbacks of image for the sake of image, and that it is popular nowadays to not question an image in front of you, but only to label it as 'cool' or 'weird' quickly and dispose of it. I don't like my comments about Lady Gaga's presentation being changed into some sort of negative critique of her music. If you're going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right. I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say. Especially publications like the NME who put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote. Maybe somebody with more lawyers can take them to task, but I'll just use the Internet and Twitter instead. I also think that kind of tabloid drama encourages artists to not express their opinions in the press, and instead give polite soundbites that don't stimulate thought about creativity and the consumption of art in its many guises."

Do you think that the NME misrepresented White? Did you agree with the singer's comments as originally reported? Let us know in the comments.

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    I sort of agree with the 'misquoted' bit. I've never had a problem with GaGa's music, but do have a problem with her whole 'Be Yourself' bullshit, when every body goes to her concerts dressed up as her. Her entire career strategy can be summed up to - Decent pop song(Credit where it's due)- Be yourself - Meat dress - I LIKE GAYS - Repeat!
    "Be yourself" except for the part that she is basically copying what madonna did 25 years ago...
    Yeah, those fans who dress up like her at concerts are weird. Just like Metallica fans who wear Metallica shirts to shows, or Star Wars fans who bring their lightsabers to the new movie premieres. They probably bring their lightsabers everywhere, all the time. Shut up, dude. People dress up for special events. The rest of the time they are themselves.
    I wear Metallica (and plenty of other artists') shirts all the time. Hell, I wore a Waylon Jennings shirt yesterday and a Jimi Hendrix shirt today.
    Dude people have been dressing up as their favorite musicians for years. Ever heard of a band called KISS? If you're going to have an issue with her thats fine but I don't understand how someone dressing up as her has anything to do with the quality/integrity of her music.
    Well, in any case it's up to the fans to follow her advice or just try their best to be like her She sounds really honest when she speaks her mind.
    so much irony in the headline it hurts
    "If you're going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right. I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say. Especially publications like the NME who put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote." LOL.
    I would have been happy if my words had been turned against Lady Gaga even if I didn't mean it..
    Misquoted or not, he is right: pop music really is all about image over substance, and the stars are super beautiful people singing rather forgettable songs that will be forgotten within a few years.
    Sucks he had to correct people misquoting him. It's one thing that's always bugged me about Lady Gaga. She's a great pop artist but especially compared to her early works she sometimes seems to focus more on a show than the music. Also, "If you're going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right." UG could take a lot of advice from this. Also the readers could try to not be stupid and read the article before angrily typing comments.
    I don't care for most of this guys music but damn do I respect him as a musician and person. Genius.
    Misquotation. That's what ya get, Jack, for sleeping with the NME.
    No, no, no, UG. The original quote was in Esquire, misquoted by NME and his response was posted on his website. Agree or not, at least get the facts straight.
    I know this much, Jack White is the kind of guy who doesn't BS or beat around the bush on a subject. If he thought Gaga was terrible he'd straight up say it. So IMO I think NME did in fact take his statements out of context because Jack White is NOT the type of person to recant his words simply because it offended someone. This is the same guy that beat the crap out of another musician because he left a nasty note at his dressing room door, if he wanted to insult Gaga, he would've.
    Come on Jack! I love every bit of your music but this is crazy. Don't take back things you said, the world would be a better place for it. I agree with your first statement, this world wants crap for music...evidence, almost every genre of music on the radio. Almost nothing is authentic anymore and it's ok to be pissed about it and actually show distaste without having to apologize.
    He didn't apologize. He called out the BS people who have made an industry out of useless - one line - single use - disposable - copied/inauthentic - BS that has really has no intellectual/cultural or any kind of relative importance or meaning. She is a great example because she is a trained pianist... I watched a video of her at a university entry test and she shredded the piano up. Thing is what people want, the BS, or real piano music is what she would be selling. Jack is making a comment on society's decision to consume useless BS by someone has has such a more relevant and better talent and using twitter as another example of the no substance trend in general society - it is truly sad.
    I respect both Jack White, for his music, and Lady Gaga for her ability (little known fact, shes a concert pianist), but I do agree that she has kind of gotten off track with her music and gotten caught up in, whatever it is shes doing with her music.
    Josh Reubenking
    I have to agree with Jack. She sucks. Never really listened to Jack White's music, but I'm sure it's better than her's.
    or rather why are people saying it is?
    Because if you don't read through the first half of the article you think that UG did exactly what they're talking about other news places doing. Seriously, wtf UG. Couldn't have named it "Jack White Misquoted" or something like that? Or "Jack White DIDNT Accuse Lady Gaga etc?
    Whether he was misquoted or not, he does have a point - theres a large amount of music being released at the moment, in all genres, that lacks any real timeless quality. My opinion.
    A bit off topic but I don't think that the White Stripes will ever reform. And if they did, it wouldn't be the same. Now, with that being said, I would buy a newe White Stripes album, I would see them tour, do all that great stuff, but it just couldn't be the same. It might SOUND the same, it might LOOK the same, but it wouldn't BE the same. The White Stripes weren't just a band. Just putting in my two cents...
    Complained about Twitter and then used it?! He has contradicted himself a lot but I still respect him. Mad musician, in a good way. More like crazy scientist...
    Complained about NME's lack of journalism skills.. Not Twitter.
    My first thought: "Oh yeah. Because 'I ATE SIXTEEN SALTINE CRACKERS THEN I LICKED MY FINGERS!' has sooo much meaning." My thought after reading the article: "Why do I even waste my time reading this shit?"
    Please don't quote one bit of one song (one of the more commercial songs at that) and use it against him. You'd be doing almost the same thing UG did with this article.
    I don't particularly like Lady Gaga's music, but I do give her tons of credit in respect to being an entertainer. You have to admit, music aside, she does put on one hell of a show!
    "I don't like image for the sake of image. People don't question the image in front of them." What would questioning the image do? What does that even mean, to "question the image?" What are you even talking about, Jack?
    I think what he's saying is he doesn't try to show off, he won't do something crazy just so people will look at him. And he wants people to actually examine what they're being showed, as opposed to giving a quick label and moving on to the next cool thing. And why do people dislike a post like this rather than attempt to explain it?