James Hetfield Joins Kids for 'Enter Sandman' Jam

Metallica front man makes appearance at charity concert.

Ultimate Guitar

Young musicians got to live a rock and roll dream on Saturday (November 9th) when they were joined on stage by none other than Metallica's James Hetfield for a rendition of "Enter Sandman." As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, the jam was part of the Little Kids Rock charity's annual Rockin' the Bay Benefit, that is held at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Hetfield was on hand to receive inaugural Livin' the Dream award, created in honor of Josef Desimone, the late Facebook executive chef who helped create the Rockin’ the Bay event. Little Kids Rock founder David Wish issued the following statement about the award: "We're presenting James with this special award as a way to not only recognize his support of Little Kids Rock over the years, but also his role as an inspirational presence in a band that has revolutionized and defined a music genre." Little Kids Rock works to raise awareness and funds to revitalize music programs in school districts hit hardest by budget cuts. The program has funded music programming for more than 112,000 public school children in 12 states since its founding in 2002.

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    Big respect to James. I love it when famous musicians go and do stuff like this
    Totally agree. While others go and brag about being the best and everyone else being wrong (Gene Simmons, I'm looking at you), this kind of acts are truly remarkable.
    with Orion, the movie, Antarctica and this pretty soon he's gonna run out of things to add to his bucket list lol
    to whom it may concern, he is singing in E tuning, the original tuning of the song, which he hasnt played in since 1994. Good to see he's still got it
    Yeah, it's not that he can't hit the notes at all, probably just that he (a) can't do them with the kind of intensity he would like to live and (b) can't keep it up for an entire gig. It's easy enough to sing at your limits for 5 mins (with a quieter band, I might add) than it is for an hour.
    I love that James Hetfield is pretty much THE icon of metal, at least in my opinion, yet he still has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Good on him!
    Madly jealous! Jamming with James Hetfield... The thought is immense.
    I love how he just HAD to throw in a quick "OOH!" after the first chorus. Never change, Papa Het!
    Yes they are playing Standard Tunning. I think Metallica hasn't played Standard E since the 90's Awesome to see that James can still do it!
    that sounded awesome the solo was a bit tricky but the drummer was spot on and the kids were having lots of fun
    wow, this sounded better than any actual Metallica live performance.
    What the article did not say was that Lars was retiring from the band to write romantic novels and James was firing Kirk (who was never more than a session guy for Metallica, anyways)and sending Robert back to Suicidal (where he belongs..). He figures if he has a new group of youngins, he can stay around for another 30 years. You heard it here, from me, first!