James Hetfield: ''Through the Never' Is Better Than Going to a Show'

The frontman also expresses great anticipation to hit the studio and start working on new album.

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently noted that the upcoming 3D film "Through the Never" beats attending a live show. As Blabbermouth reports, Hetfield described the concert footage as "better than going to a show" during a chat with Multi Show. The singer/guitarist kicked off by branding the movie "as much in-your-face as possible and as loud as possible, like we like it." He continued, saying, "The footage is I think unbelievable - better than going to a show. You're on stage with us, you're in the crowd, you're kind of everywhere. Things are crumbling - basically the setup is the best of all live performances over the last 30 years. "So the crosses from 'Master of Puppets,' the electric chair from 'Ride the Lightning,' the statue of Justice - all of the things from all of the tours put into one show, along with the narrative." James then discussed the storyline, saying its main point is based around the way "normal people can be heroes in their own lives in their own way." Finally, the frontman focused on future plans and the highly-anticipated new album. "We're very excited to get in [the studio] and start playing - we have so many ideas and it's torture having these things in my head," he said. "We need to get them out." The matter of new album producer also remains unknown, as Hetfield couldn't confirm neither Rick Rubin, Bob Rock or anyone else as the one to handle the production duties. "We don't know. We will start writing and we'll see where it goes. It will tell us where it needs to go," he concluded.

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    Man, everyone is so literal today... Pretty sure what he's getting at is that from a VISUALS perspective, you get things here you never would at a show. Moving around on the stage, interacting with the band and the props, getting their view out on the crowd, etc. Stop the mindless bashing and grumbling about a new album and appreciate they are trying to offer their fans something new and different.
    He looks like a really different kind of boss in that photo compared to what he looked like in the late 80's...
    Why is there so much hate for Metallica? Sure Lars is apparently a douche (I still don't see how he is honestly) but their live sh!t is awesome.
    Because it's cool to hate on Metallica and go on about how only the first 4 albums are good. (When TBA is still an amazing metal album and Load/Reload are still amazing albums in their own right if you're into that type of music)
    of course it's better then a concert!in a movie,you cannot jump around,you cannot mosh,you cannot sing loud,you cannot interact with the band,you ...wait,something's wrong.
    So, uh, why go to concerts when you can just watch footage from them instead!? Great....
    Because a DVD is nothing like being there, covered in sweat and with no voice because you've been singing at the top of your lungs for 2 hours.
    im sorry im not a metallica fan anymore besides their old stuff but i have ti say this is a stupid thing to say, yea why goto a concert just buy our live cd....
    Have you been to a live Metallica concert? Besides, James says this is going to be better than going to a show since it's in Imax. That's in 3D and rich sound quality.
    lol are they trying to make a storm of anti-climax? Give me a new album or shut yr ****ing gob James.
    according to this article is sounds like they haven't even started recording this new album yet. and that could take years.
    I don't know if it would be better, what's a metal concert without the divine smell of beer barf + old-guy-smoking-a-joint-offering-you-one-between-puffs + sweat and angry moshpits and waiting in anticipation for James to throw his pick and other memorabilia at you at the end of it! It would kind of feel like a sissy with a big popcorn and diet coke, sitting on comfortable chairs wearing ridiculous glasses and appreciating the IMAX quality like you're watching a 3D version of, I don't know, something like Twilight!
    I'm definitely going to see Through the Never, but I really can't see it being better than actually being in the same room with Metallica, listening to them play live at a gig and interacting with the band. Yes, maybe when you see this film in 3D at IMAX it might feel like you're on stage with them, but it's still only a screen. That energy just will not be the same. If watching their gigs on a screen was better, wouldn't everyone just go to YouTube and not actually buy any tickets?