Jared Leto Rumored to Be Marvel's Next Superhero

30 Seconds to Mars singer reportedly considered for the role of Dr. Stephen Strange.

Ultimate Guitar

30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto might score a major role in the near future, as the musician/actor is reportedly considered to take the part of Dr. Stephen Strange for the new Marvel comics movie.

As MTV reports, Devin Faraci of Badass Digest dropped the rumor that Marvel is quite fond of the recent Academy Awards winner for Best Supporting Actor.

"Marvel likes (or liked, I don't know what the current status of this is) Jared Leto for Stephen Strange," he said. "God help us all if that's true."

As far as Dr. Strange goes, the character has first appeared back in the 1960s as a former neurosurgeon now in charge of protecting our planet from different magical and mystical threats.

Leto took a five-year break from acting to focus on his band, which has released its fourth album "Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams" last year. Jared never had the opportunity to play the role of a superhero, so the Marvel stint would likely come as an interesting endeavor for the vocalist.

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    Anything that minimises his ability to do 30 Seconds to Mars is a good thing.
    I don't know what to think of this guy as an actor. I thought he was brilliant in Lord of war and American Psycho but i've also seen him overact quite a lot in other movies.
    I would imagine any negative opinions on this would be derived from a dislike of his music career, because his acting is pretty solid. Either that or hardcore fans of whatever comic it is don't see him as being right for the role. Unless it's the latter and the fan base is entirely correct, Devin Faraci sounds like a douchebag.
    I've only seen him in Requiem for a Dream and loved it, but everything I hear about Jared makes HIM sound like a douchebag.
    I've had the opportunity to meet him in person after one of their shows, and I don't know if he's just different around his music fans or what, but he was a super nice, really appreciative guy. He wanted to make sure every fan he met he was glad they were there. Left a great impression on me.
    I don't know anything about what he's like as a person, I just came to the conclusion about this Devin dude with this quote: "God help us all if that's true." As though he's an awful actor. But then, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
    These Marvel movies are getting progressively worse IMO, in fact pretty much all comic book movies, aside from Batman, they're all the same old special-effect massive budget, one dimensional character nonsense... whatever happened to talented filmmakers.... not that many left. Think Leto is a decent actor, rubbish musician though!
    What you mean Batman who for the past three films was all about gritty realism and essentially the same storyline over and over again. Superhero films in general are getting over saturated. As to Leto playing the character. The guy has range so I'm stoked. Wonder if he'll want to do the soundtrack??
    The past few Marvel films have worked that way too. The Avengers, Ironman 3, and Thor 2 all shared the same general story progression with different characters- I haven't watched Captain America yet, so I can't comment on it. But let's review: Movie starts with a cryptic beginning to show the background of the bad guy. Soon, a bad guy gets inside the good guy's defenses. Later on, there is a fairly large fight where the bad guys perform a surprise attack on the good guy's home turf, completely weakening their defenses and killing or harming somebody the hero loves. The hero gets angry and fights back against the bad guys, but the day is saved ultimately by a side character using a piece of technology.
    Why do people complain about Batman movies being too dark? The comics are very dark. It's also a good thing that it was realistic because Batman is just a regular human, you can't rely on space and other worldly things to back up impossible powers and feats.
    In all honesty; I didn't care for the Christian Bale (misspelled, IDGAF Hollywood) films. Michelle Keaton was the Batman of my generation. I'm admit Heath Ledger was born to play the Joker; outside of Jack Nicholson he's one of the best. I felt the latest installment lacked character development, there were also unresolved plot holes between films. Just my two cents as an old school DC nerd.
    The new xmen was great, the spiderman reboot is fantastic, the avengers was good. Iron man trilogy is decent aside from a lack of interesting bad guys. from what i hear Winter Soldier was amazing... seems to me like they're getting better aside from the less significant ones( green lantern, wolverine origins, etc)
    The Spoon
    The Winter Soldier seemed like a 2 hour season premiere to a TV show more than anything. I'm personally getting bored of superhero movies.
    Just for once, when I read comments on UG and someone is bashing the musician i'd like for you to finish with what your favourite bands are. From 30 secs to Nickelback to whoever. Next time you bash a band follow it up with who you like.
    30 secs and Nickleback are awful and liking them makes u an awful person..... SLAAAAAYERRRRR
    30 seconds to mars had a solid first record and a decent 2nd album but they're no Limp Bizkit.
    this is a weak actor, posing as a front man for a ridiculously weak band. The movie should be great!
    Horribly weak, Oscar-winning actor with numerous critically-acclaimed and popular roles under his belt. Yep. Total hack.
    Funny how you can't judge someone's acting skills yourself you just look up how many prizes someone has won. If someone has won prizes then he must be good right. I've only seen him in fight club so I don't know, but if you think winning a prize makes you good at something than you let other people decide what you like.
    Thrice Capades
    Generally when you win the most prestigious award in the nation for your craft...yeah, it actually does make you good at it. Dallas Buyers Club Paul Allen Harry Goldfarb Leto is astounding at acting.
    Leto's acting skills aren't affected if he wins a prize, he's still as good or bad as before.
    But you don't win the most prestigious award that an actor can receive if you don't have some skills... The guy is extremely talented, whether you like what he does or not, there's no denying his talent.
    He doesn't seem fit for the role but a lot of people were reluctant to take on their superhero roles and they turned out awesome. Hugh Jackman said he through his X-Men role would be a joke and only took it because he was out of work (interview on Top Gear) and look at him now. Most people known him as Wolverine before anything else. This could be great.
    new x-men movie is AWESOME i love how tech has caught up to movies to make a fantastic comic book movie. i look fwd to seeing Leto play Dr Strange
    Sleaze Disease
    Jared did a good job with Dallas Buyer's Club, but I don't want to see him in a comic book movie. In fact, I don't ever want to see a comic book movie again. They all suck. I'll even go ahead and say this: The Dark Knight sucked ass.
    In the past, I would have screamed hell no. But he was fantastic in The Dallas Buyer's Club. I was quite surprised. If the rumor is true, he is either going to be stellar or bleh.
    I hope this superhero fad ends sometime before 2020, I am already sick of all these superhero movies Hollywood is pumping out every month.
    My exposure to him is honestly just happening to see some pictures, so I could be wrong and he could blow me away, but just seeing him he doesn't strike me as Stephen Strange. I'll give him a shot in this movie, and who knows, if I listened to his music and watched his movies he could be my favorite person ever for all I know, but from where I'm sitting now it doesn't look right.