'Jimi: All Is by My Side' Trailer Released

Take the first look at Jimi Hendrix Biopic starring Andre 3000.

Ultimate Guitar

A new trailer for the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic "Jimi: All Is by My Side" gives fans an extended look at how the guitar god will be portrayed by Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000 of the group OutKast.

In a telling quote from the clip, Hendrix is told (via Ultimate Classic Rock), "You've never been nothin' to them but a curiosity." That underscores some of the delays, rumors and controversy that have consistently surrounded this project.

Benjamin's uncanny resemblance and perceptive interpretation of the character make clear, however, his passion for a film that he's been lobbying to make for years. As he takes the stage in the trailer, warning the crowd to "watch out for your ears!" Benjamin has been transformed.

Opening in theaters on Sept. 26, "Jimi: All Is by My Side" traces Hendrix's sudden rise, even as it details his struggles during the career-making year of 1966-67. In the clip's final scene, a reporter frames things for the young guitarist: "There's so much competition right now. Cream, the Who - do you think you're better than all of them?" The trailer, which premiered via Today.com, ends with a confident Benjamin offering a smile that any Hendrix fan would recognize.

Don't look for any songs from his discography, however, either here or in the final film project. Hendrix's family, who are looking to make their own movie, isn't allowing his music to be used.

"Jimi: All Is by My Side" premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to strong notices last year; the first clip from the film was released in March.

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    Even though the absence of Jimi's music will probably hurt the movie real bad, both in sales and quality-wise, I'll go see the movie. I only hope there's a bit more than drugs and tense relationships to the storyline.
    Yeah like how when Pepsi made jimi choose the guitar over the accordion
    What's with the 1-woman love story in the trailor? Drop the love story, i'm sure Jimi screwed a ton of chicks in the swingin' 60's.
    He had a girlfriend called Kathy Etchingham within a few days of his arrival in England, whom he was consistently in a 'relationship' and who wanted him to settle down, but eventually realised she couldn't really 'tame' him, as it were. So I'd imagine that's where it's from.
    I'm not usually that interested in biopics, especially if I've already read a biography on the person, but this looks decent enough.
    Andre 3000 seems to have the confidence down, and comes with a bit of swagger, legitimacy, and music chops that an unknown actor might not have. Seems like a good casting choice.
    People can complain all they want about the absence of the music, and I would've liked a bit of Purple Haze personally, but the way I see it the lack of Hendrix songs will keep the movie from becoming just a greatest hits album on film. As an avid movie enthusiast, I like to think I know a thing or two what makes a good movie, and I can assure you the thing that'll make or break this movie is how it presents the man itself
    In the film, they can still use songs Jimi covered (played/recorded but didn't write), like All Along The Watchtower, Wild Thing, Hey Joe, Killin' Floor, if they can get the rights.
    There have been so many magazines, books, etc. on his life, and they all say the same things. I already know how this movie will go from beginning to end. And the family wants to make their own movie? Yes, let's bring out 4-5 more Hollywood productions while we're at it. Nothing is as captivating as actual video footage... movies have all been next to boring on this guitar giant.
    So many people complaining about his music not being in there, but even just watching the preview you can tell that they did a good job of putting together a soundtrack that sounds quite a bit like Hendrix's music. To the untrained ear, I think anyone would mistake it for actual Hendrix music. Get over it people.
    What about if a film was made about Mohammad Ali where they were not allowed to show scenes that depicted his most famous fights? It's the same thing and renders the film far less than it could have been. I'm struck by how a few years back the Hendrix estate gave Gibson the rights to bring out a Fender-style strat and called it a Jimi Hendrix strat. To be brutally honest, all of this combined makes the Hendrix estate look both greedy and foolish.
    the Hendrix estate only care about money...but should we really just abandon our support for a good biopic when the makers of the biopic are just trying to respect a legend. It's not their fault the estate are money greedy
    To be brutally honest, you need a life sir.
    You're most probably right. I suppose it comes down to my complete and utter disregard for money grabbing f*cking c*nts.
    Haha thank you for not attacking me. You made a good point but here in the USA its independence day so I'm sloshed! Surely as a Irishman you understand?
    Actually that would be fine. There's no need to show or recreate the fights in a movie; you can watch them any time. Same with Jimi's music. It's not about the music, it's about how the music happened.
    Making a musician's biopic without his music there is like showing the person's body... without it's soul. I bet this will end up in disappointment.
    None of his music? Hell, let's do a film about a porn star, but without the sex. Bad, bad idea.
    I honestly don't think it will have much impact, if any on the film at all. Considering how many of his biggest hits were covers (Red House, All Along the Watchtower, Hey Joe, etc.), I think there will be a lot more Hendrixian music present than it seems like a lot of people are worrying there will be
    It's not so much the songs I want to hear, but peoples' reactions to the songs... actual talk about how a song blew them away, etc. It's the influence of the songs that I think will not be portrayed very well, as they focus more on the 'man' and his troubles (I could be wrong).