Jimi Hendrix Biopic Set for a September Premiere

Starring Andre 3000 as the iconic axeman, "All is by My Side" will debut at Toronto International Film Festival.

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Starring Andre 3000 of Outkast as the iconic axeman, Jimi Hendrix's biopic "All is by My Side" is officially set for a September 5 premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Directed by John Ridley, the film depicts Hendix's life in the late '60s, a time when his musical career skyrocketed, allowing him to become the biggest guitar icon of all time.

Interestingly enough, the movie won't feature any of Jimi's tunes, as the executors of his estate gave the studio no rights to use them. But such a decision didn't upset the producers too much, as they never asked for the rights in the first place. "This is the story of Jimi being discovered as a backup musician and how he went to London and became Jimi Hendrix," producer Sean McKittrick told Rolling Stone.

"They want to make a Jimi Hendrix movie without Jimi Hendrix music," Experience Hendrix representative said. "It would be like making a movie about Lincoln without being able to use the Gettysburg Address."

Apart from Andre Benjamin, the rest of the cast features Imogen Poots and Hayley Atwell in the role of Hendrix's girlfriends Linda Keith and Kathy Etchingham. After the premiere, the film will run at the festival through September 15.

The latest posthumous Hendrix release, "People, Hell and Angels," dropped back in March via Legacy Records. With around 70,000 copies sold in the first week, it debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the guitarist's highest-charting effort in 44 years.

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    Should be an interesting movie without any of Hendrix's music in it. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
    Definitely, if its a great success I wouldn't be surprised to see/hear Hendrix's music added in places by the time it's on Blu-ray...
    True, guess it will make the directors focus more on Jimi's story and make it interesting without the tunes
    The movie will still be able to use some of his tunes. He didn't write Hey Joe or Watchtower, so Experience Hendrix doesn't hold the rights to those...
    "...making it the guitarist's highest-charting effort in 44 years." well yea, its kinda hard to put out new albums when you're dead.
    It is EXACTLY like making a Lincoln film and not using the Gettysburg Address.....in that it's totally doable and would work perfectly well without it.
    I actually like the idea of not using his music. I feel like that's been heard and talked about. Let's focus on the man behind it.
    "All is By My Side"?... Hmm. Interesting title. I mean, I'm glad they didn't decide to go the obvious, overused, boring route of the person's last name. Hope to see this movie pretty soon.
    I'm pretty sure as long as it's a good film, it will be ok without the precious rights to his music "Experience Hendrix." On a side note really would love to see or hear andre 3000 do a rendition of Astro Maaaan, hear I come to save the daaayyy. Aweyeah, this is gunna be fun
    Battery Chicken
    If they made it with Hendrix music, they'd have to make it with the estates consent which means with Janie Hendrix's input. Which means it would be guaranteed to be terrible.
    I'm rooting for it to turn out really well so it can be a big middle finger to the estate.
    Get ready to turn in your grave Hendrix.
    Dead Eye Dick
    This. Without the Hendrix estates input and consent it's just another awful cash grab. I've seen Unofficial Hendrix doccos before and I'd rather eat my turds than watch another.
    The Hendrix Estate is the cash grabbing kings putting out album after album of rehashed materials, putting Jimi's name on everything, etc... I'm glad they're making this without his estates consent and I hope it turns out very well. I intend to see it as soon as I have the chance.
    He started doing that when he seen how is family, that did not want anything to do with him, started using him as a cash cow.
    It'll probably be terrible, but I'll probably also give it a shot. I'm always looking to learn more about Hendrix when he was a backup musician and before he was discovered. I've never really heard much about it. Good luck Andre! Haha
    Well Jimi played the Chitlin Circuit, and he played a lot with Little Richard....Hey I wonder who is going to play Little Richard?
    Why did they ask a musician to star in a movie about Jimi Hendrix, if none of his music will be used? If this movie isn't going to have any of his music in it, prepare to be disappointed. Andre 3000 isn't exactly known as a great thespian, he could've fallen back on the fact that he's also musically inclined and could've pulled off the guitar parts, now that theres no music involved he'll have to rely solely on acting chops, which he doesn't have very much of. The most I've seen him in was co-starring in Semi Pro with Will Ferrell, his role in that didn't seem that challenging. Now he's starring in a biopic about the most iconic guitarist in history. He'll have big boots to fill and I'm predicting it'll bomb miserably. The studio will blame the estate of hendrix for not letting them use his music, even though right now it says they weren't even interested. You'd have to be a real idiot to make a movie about Jimi and NOT have some of his music in it. In my mind there was only one guy who might've been able to pull this off: Oliver Stone. His Doors biopic was amazing.
    He was pretty alright in Four Brothers. Not exactly Oscar worthy, but... better than some musician-turned-actors.
    "he'll have to rely solely on acting chops, which he doesn't have very much of." Only as far as we know so far, man.
    LOL you serious? The Doors biopic was the most misconstrued piece of garbage I have ever witnessed, for instance the scene where Jim locks Pam in the closet and lights it on fire - This never happened, even the rest of The Doors members were like "wtf" with the final outcome of the movie.
    Sounds like you have a narrow vision for what this film could be and cannot possibly be satisfied by anything else. Filmmakers wanted Benjamin for this because A) he can act, B) he was REALLY interested, and C) he can actually play guitar, which will be handy for scenes where he's playing other people's music, per the article.
    Its going to suck. Making a movie about Jimi Hendrix but failing to include WHAT made him so famous (his MUSIC.) Is like making a science fiction space opera without Space. I will be VERY shocked if its good, if at the very least, watchable.
    Point is that this movie is about his career before any of those songs were recorded, before he was that famous. Having 'Foxy Lady' playing in the background before it was actually written in your timeline is not a smart thing to do if you're making a movie like that in my opinion. Check out 'Nowhere Boy', a documentary on the life of John Lennon BEFORE the Beatles, not a Beatles track in there; Still a pretty great movie.
    Andre 3000, a one-hit wonder pop musician, taking the star role with no Hendrix music? Blockbuster failure/crappiest movie ever.
    He just might do one of the finest jobs a man could do for a Hendrix biopic. You'll soon eat your words due to your quick to judge nature.
    Andre 3000 is great, and considering he's said in the past that Hendrix was a huge influence on him (You can actually hear it in his guitar playing, unlike the other pop stars who claim to like classic rock and metal) I think he's a great choice for the role. Outkast are great, there's no way you can claim that they're not musically talented as well as lyrically.
    1 hit wonder? Sorry to inform you but, Outkast has been going strong since 1993 with several hits on the rap and R&B charts also he can act. So your comment is fail/crap
    I'm so glad to see that the hate for Andre 3000 playing the role has simmered down since he was originally cast. I wish the music was in there, but I have hope that it'll capture the feel of it all, even with such a disadvantage.
    AWEHENDRIXOM! its aite, we will just play his songs on guitar when watching it.
    Well maybe the executors should stop being selfish douche bags with the music rights and give the fans who make them so much money what we deserve in what looks so be a cool movie
    I dont see a problem in the non inclusion of music that would not have been made at the time the film is set...