Jimi Hendrix Ex-Girlfriend Slams New Biopic as Looking 'Like Austin Powers'

Kathy Etchingham angry at new Andre 3000 film.

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Jimi Hendrix's ex-girlfriend has hit out at the upcoming biography of the music icon, claiming the costumes used in the movie look like something out of "Austin Powers," Gigwise reports.

Kathy Etchingham has criticised the new movie, which stars Outkast rapper Andre 3000 as Hendrix while actress Hayley Atwell stars as Etchingham. She has reportedly requested corrections be made to the movie and was rejected as a consultant on the movie when she approached the studio. "I wrote them an email when I first heard about it [the film] saying, 'If you want any help don't hesitate to contact me.' They didn't reply," says Etchingham in an interview with the Sunday Express newspaper. "[The film's costumes have] Austin Powers written all over [them]; I would not be seen dead in anything like that ... Andre and Hayley are much older than Jimi and I were, and it shows ... A lot of people will go and see it who have never read any of the biographies and they will think it's the gospel truth. I don't want it [the film] to fundamentally change history."

The movie first hit rocky waters when the estate of Jimi Hendrix revealed they had not approved the movie, and therefore no Hendrix music would be permitted to appear in the film. A quote from the company given to Billboard magazine in 2012 read: "Experience Hendrix, LLC, the family-owned company entrusted with safeguarding the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and administrator of the Jimi Hendrix music and publishing catalog has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation."

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    Those of us who are Hendrix fans care. I was actually kind of excited about this movie. The Hendrix legacy is inspiring, and I really like Andre 3000. Knowing that they haven't given any respect to accuracy let's me know not to have my hopes up.
    It disapoints me too, because when these music biopics such as "Walk the Line" or "Ray" come out and become popular, they automatically shape the public view of these people and their history. Whether they are accurate or not, because they are so popular they might as well have re-written the history books on these people. An example would be, people will always now associate Johnny Cash with Joaquin Phoenix smashing a sink backstage.
    people who get lost in those details aren't made for the bigger stage anyway. It's like remembering Waterloo for the losses rather than what it meant to Napoleon (his downfall and death). Taking films seriously is something most people do, sadly :c
    Jacques Nel
    I can't imagine a movie about a music icon without any of his actual music. This will probably suck.
    make a biopic about a famous dead person > Jackpot. I'm glad it was not apporved by the Hendrix copyright holders. those moneymaking films are stupid and should not exist, be it about hendrix, steve jobs, or anybody. and I don't care if it would end up a good movie at the end, it's just an easy way to make money
    She's not the only one... I was reading the billboard site and read another "character" from this story was pissed cuz the story isn't correct, it wasn't told the way she experienced it... I'll watch it then make my own calls
    Sounds like she's just sore she got rejected as a consultant...
    Even though without her consulting the movie lost on accuracy, so it's bad for all who wanted a good movie.
    If you cared you would know the Kathy is being shown as a person she never was back then and never would be! As all key members are gone few can tell the details right if they remember them right. Kathy was so anti Jimis party mode and dress sense. She is portrated wrongly and was never consulted. That hurts!