Jimmy Kimmel Asks SXSW Hipsters About Fake Bands, Gets Detailed Answers

These bands are so obscure that they don't even exist.

Ultimate Guitar

Providing us with a fresh dose of grade-A trolling, comedian Jimmy Kimmel pulled a big one on this year's SXSW visitors, asking the supposed music aficionados to comment about various bands that don't even exist.

Exposing a vast array of hipsters, the show's "Lie Witness News" segment saw the crowd sharing overly positive remarks about such class acts as Neil Patrick Harassment, Willie Nelson Mandela and more.

"Over 2,000 bands are playing SXSW this year - which I think is all of them," Jimmy said during the introduction, just to proceed to the hilarious clip. Make sure to check it out below.

"People who come to music festivals pride themselves on knowing who the new acts are even if they don't actually know who the new acts are," the official description reads. "So we sent a camera crew into the streets of Austin to ask SXSW attendees about bands that do not exist. We made them all up, but that didn't stop people from telling us how much they like them in a special South by Southwest edition of Lie Witness News."

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    ...why are these people the way they are??
    Apparently, it's cool and shit. I guess most of the guys there do it to get laid but I don't understand these ****ing people, man.
    By wanting to fit in so badly that they no longer have their own personalities. But if nobody's touching "Neil Patrick Harassment", I'm making that an actual band.
    Y'see if I got asked one of these questions I'd be like "Never heard of them, but good luck to them" but it's the fact that they window dress their bullsh*t with even more bullsh*t with the ultra generic statements like "I really love their vibe man" xD
    It's a shame they didn't mention Captain Caviar and the wizards of dingleberry forest. These boys are going places!
    One of my favorites aswell. Very creative and refreshing to be honest.
    I always thought they just fake the audio of the interviewer (they probably do in some cases), but in this video they actually got the one girl to repeat the name of the fake band.
    The Spoon
    Neil Patrick Harassment is the best band name hahaha.
    the "Heavy Flow" girl band joke shouldve been caught on by the woman. I mean, the name should make anyone laugh but she took it seriously...
    Its funny when they say stuff like "To be honest", "Im not gonna lie" "Honestly" etc.
    I had a friend like this, literally she used to claim she liked every band I used to like about 3 years before I did, even though the bands had only formed about a year or so ago, so we did the same thing to her and ask her what she thought of bands like "ruptured ashtray desk" and she still claimed they existed even after we told her we made them up. *facepalm
    i was just facepalming throughout the whole thing. its painful to hear these people speak...
    And thus we see the key to bulls***ing: keep it vague and generic. I also totally want to start a band called "Neil Patrick Harassment" or "What The F***, Bruce Jenner!?" now.
    Blind In 1 Ear
    it's funny because i was watching an english show which was talking about TV and they went out and asked people about shows that didn't exist. most said "i don't know, never heard of it". then the camera guy said "can you just say you do for the camera?" and they say "oh yea sure" and then start talking about the show like they used to watch it. don't believe TV guys.
    Yeah, totally this. It's very likely they got asked "Hey, I'm going to ask you for an opinion on a fake band. Can you pretend to know them?" beforehand. I remember when my friend had gotten a "street interview" by MTV and how embarrassed he was by it afterwards, because they not only instructed him on how to act, but gave exact lines to recite - which he'd complied with just to get on TV. Happens all the time.
    i hate nothing more than these pussy hipsters with their stupid dark rimmed glasses, tight jeans, flannel and tie dye shirts and liberal tree hugging, everyone is equal bullshit mentality. these r ppl that never become success in life and contribute nothing to society because they are always against "the man" heres some advice you pathetic shameful excuses for human beings. get a job, take a shower, put on some deodorant, stop listening to shit music and stop complaining. to think of all the complaining this generation does and your grandfathers and great grandfathers were badasses and fought ****ing nazis and kicked major ass. they would call you all a bunch of fags today.....go ahead downvote me!
    I know hipsters can be annoying, but really are you any better when it comes to "complaining"? You're on the internet throwing a hissy fit because people have different preferences than you when it comes to clothes or music. Maybe you're the hipster....
    valid point. i just did a truth graph that i learned in philosophy. you are very correct. he is a hipster ^
    um.. hipster.. or hippie?? I think your confused.. and now i am..
    i knew the confusion between hippie or hipster comment would be the first reply
    Wow, so much hatred. Did a hipster piss on your Cheerios today? Such brutal So violence Very aggression Much tr00 Many kvlt
    This is why I have no faith in humanity...
    Its funny but its dubbed just so ya know
    If it is dubbed why did they repeat the band names? Fuck off Joffrey.
    People are so quick to call "fake" on stuff these days. It's as bad as when people whine about bad cgi or PhotoShop when there isn't any.
    Wasn't this made before on the same show like 4 months ago?? I'm having a strong sense of deja vu
    Fucking hell. It's like they actually put time and effort into being really good at posturing. Death to posers.