Jimmy Kimmel Proves That Fans Love Listening to Obscure Bands, Even if They Don't Exist

Comedy host catches hipsters in a lie during an exclusive visit to Coachella festival last weekend.

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If there's one thing every hipster loves, it's knowing about obscure bands no one ever heard of and shoving them in everyone's face. Popular comedy host Jimmy Kimmel decided to test such a claim, paying Coachella Festival an exclusive visit last weekend.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" crew decided to ask random event visitors for their comments on various obscure bands. The catch? They were all made up, except for one.

Anyhow, the resulting "Lie Witness News" clip and festivalgoers' comments on bands such as "Get the F--k Out of My Swimming Pool" or "Shorty Jizzle and the Plumber Cracks" will leave you laughing like a drain, that we can guarantee. Although the clip might be overdubbed, it makes little difference and is definitely worth checking out.

The annual Coachella festival took place in Indio, California on two consecutive weekends from April 12-14 and April 19-21, featuring headline performances from the likes of Blur, The Stone Roses, Phoenix and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although they're not exactly Dr. Schlo-Mo and the GI Clinic, they did manage to give some quite solid performances.

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    That's some funny shit.
    Lol anyone who knows anything about music knows which band really exists... It's obviously "Get the **** out of my pool", I mean, who would ever in their weirdest crack-pot fantasy name their band, I dont know, Two door cinema club? That name is so obviously fake... Anyone else who loves the new single from GTFOMP "Honey, I drove the lawnmower into the kitchen"?
    Two door cinema club are real. Also: a)I'm pretty sure you could do this with metal bands/garage bands/rock bands in general b) It's a festival...I presume people could be stoned c) As people have said, seems dubbed in afterwards. Funniest part is how annoying everyone sounds - even when talking about real bands, they still sound fake as shit.
    Do you hear that? That was the obvious sarcasm flying right over your head... But yeah, you're right about the rest there...
    Yeah, as they said, they added one real band name. Also, as the article clearly says, it is dubbed. That's how some people make their interviews more clear.
    No their clearly just so "hip & cool" that their into the bands before the bands actually exist.
    Yeah maybe they're so wrapped up in believing crappy indie bands are amazing they love everything. Or they're just stoned out of their mind!
    Probably fake.. Still entertaining
    matteo cubano
    they probably asked about 50 more people who admitted to not liking them, keep that in mind, i'd say its probably not fake, just not as honest as it seems
    After watching this I want to start a band "Get the Fuck Out of my Swimming Pool". It sounds like the best band name ever!
    Lollapaloozallopollazapoloo. I stay away from these kind of festies 'cuz these are the people i find there.
    What, hot chicks in skimpy clothing on drugs? Never been, but the chick on the left makes me want to go.
    Jimmy Kimmel's great, a paradigm of Found Comedy. James Incandenza proved this same thing with Found Drama back in the Year of the Whopper...
    Not to be a hipster, but this was already a video on Youtube call "The Annoying Hipster Douchebag". "Have you ever heard of the band 'I Got Beat Up At My Cousin's Bar Mitzvah By My Cousin Who's Bar Mitzvah It Was'?" - Annoying Hipster Douchebag