John Frusciante Named The Coolest Member Of The Most Uncool Band

Former RHCP guitarist gets a recognition for being the cool among the uncool.

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Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante got somewhat of an unusual title officially naming him the "coolest member of the most uncool band". In a recent post on Village Voice, Frusciante has found himself topping the 'cool among the uncool' list, joining the likes of GnR bassist Tommy Stinson and Jose Pasillas from Incubus.

"Bands are collections of people. In any such group, some people will be cooler than others. Even in an uncool rock band, there will be cool people."

Although admitting that joining the RHCP may have saved Frusciante's life, the author also points out that quitting the band was the best thing for him to do.

"First off, yes, Flea is coming around. Joining Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace is a big step in not being super lame. But he has a long way to go to redeem himself for the years of playing slap bass in a diaper. John Frusciante, however, is way too cool for Red Hot Chili Peppers. When he quit in the late '90s and the band hired Dave Navarro's pierced nipples as a replacement, he made a series of raw solo albums. Not raw the way a White Stripes record is raw, but raw the way listening to somebody die of heroin is raw. In all honesty, Frusciante rejoining RHCP may have literally saved his life, but realizing there is no guitar part great enough to mask the vocal trainwreck that is Anthony Kiedis, he quit again in 2009. Perhaps he figured out that he's the coolest person in an uncool band. Thankfully, he was smart enough to do something about it."

John Frusciante was a member of RHCP for almost two decades, recording a total of five studio albums with the group from 1988 until 1992 and again from 1998 to 2009.

So do you agree with this one? Is Frusciante really the cool one among the uncool, or do you prefer the whole band? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    I got hipster douche chills from reading that.
    They should fire whoever wrote this article and feed his nads to the goats.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I feel like posting an article that says RHCP sucks on a site where the majority of people obviously love the Chili peppers (based on the fact that they've made it into every single top 10) is maybe not the best idea. That being said I won't get my jimmies rustled. Although I can't believe he praised John's first two albums and then said Kiedis is a vocal train wreck. Double standard much?
    If you guys are actually this outraged over an article, you should really reevaluate your lives. Seriously ask yourself why you're mad at this.
    Speaking of nads and goats (NEVER in my life did I think I'd ever say the phrase, and in context no less)..... ....Any else see that episode of "Dirty Jobs" in which Mike Rowe castrates goats with his teeth? Yeah Discovery Channel!
    Between the UG and villiagevoice authors, this is the crappiest article i've ever read. First, RHCP isn't an "uncool" band in any way (but they got Maroon 5 right), Anthony Keidis isn't a "vocal trainwreck" as the source article claims, and Frusciante didn't admit "that joining the RHCP may have saved Frusciante's life", he said "REjoining" them did (as quoted in the source article)...How did UG misquote this? Wow you guys suck.
    Finally someone told loud that RHCP sucks.
    Heeeellooooo Mike Patton. Seems a small victory has been had over your a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e. Everything's ruined now that you've realised you're digging the grave, and everyone thinks you're cuckoo for caca. The real thing being that your comment came from out of nowhere, with no evidence at all, leading many people to feel underwater hate for you. (but not me, for I am just a man.)
    I think this is a bit silly. Also, what's up with the members from Incubus being uncool? EDIT: Ok, I just read the whole list. It's not rather silly, it's downright douchey and retarded and tryhard. Also, this is the same site that did the dumb 10 most douchiest guitarist. 'Nuff said.
    Petey D
    Yeah, you're absoluetely right man, that was one of the douchiest things I have ever read. That whole blog just smacks of hipster pretension. Wow.....
    Yeah I know right, how DARE the author find playing bass in a nappy uncool.
    Firstly, it's a tube sock. Secondly, you're lucky he wasn't naked the whole time. Which shouldn't be ruled out
    Considering this is the same page that posted that Steve Vai, Eddie van Halen and Joe Satriani were some of the "douchiest guitarists ever", I'm calling BS on this one. Don't forward mendacious gossip, UG. Also, RHCP is cool.
    Usually I'm not the first one to defend UG, but this was posted in the "WTF?" column, not the "News" column. I think they're on our side with this one guys...
    So many dumb articles from that website. Is the Village Voice staffed by mile deep ass fissures?
    Dear UG Editor(s), I know that you are not responsible for this article on Village Voice, but the simple fact that you are covering it still makes us all look bad. I know it is unfair to generalize, but this is the second time an article of this caliber came from Village Voice, so if the comments above are any indication, most of us UG readers would appreciate it if you stopped using this bullshit as a source. Sincerely, visiblenoise
    The news section on UG might be abysmal, but I've expected more than slanderous reprints from a heckling website.
    Did they just accuse my favorite band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, of being the most 'uncool' band? Because if so, then **** them. Fuck them and everyone that lives in their homes.
    more importantly ..... why did UG censor the first **** there but left the 2nd one ? :O
    Furthermore, since when is making music about being cool? Talking trash about 4 hardworking men who are experts at their craft makes you look pretty imbecilic when you dont even know how to use apostrophes and make up awards to hand out in order to gain a feeble sense of self-importance. But you really did hit the nail on the head; I think all John ever really wanted out of life was to be cool and accepted by people like you. Moron.
    If you added up all of the individual words this dickhead author has penned in his/her lifetime it would still be fewer than the amount of prominent musical projects John, Chad, and Flea have worked on. Get real.
    I'd go for Wes Borland. He's quite a skilled guitarist (even showing off some unique tapping licks in Bizkit), and a great artist. Too bad he has to be associated with the shittiest band ever.
    The other members are pretty decent at their instruments too, the problem is Fred Durst.
    Well, there's always Black Light Burns.
    What's with the dislikes? BLB's first album Cruel Melody is up there with the best albums of the 00s.
    A talentless writer on some shitty heckling website calling the RHCP's uncool? And then he goes on to state JF was cool because he made grating heroin music and almost died? Froosh is cool, but not because he used to be an addict, he's cool because he's a ****ing good songwriter and talented musician, it has nothing to do with heroin. The nerve of this talentless hack geek calling Flea uncool. Anthony isn't the best lyricist in the world, but I love his vocals on Scar Tissue, Can't Stop, Under The Bridge etc, and he's been driving this amazing band for years. I'm angry now. Why the **** does UG pay attention to these trolls? If we just ignore them their site will go down, they'll lose their jobs, and make room for more talented writers. Your enabling this shit UG...
    why are you angry?
    seriously ask yourselves this.
    For one thing, because he seems to think JF is cool because he was a heroin addict and made abrasive music while on heroin. This hack author seriously has a messed up perspective. If he really wanted to talk about why he's cool, he'd talk about his playing, personality and growth as an artist, not his ****ing heroin addiction, that's not something to celebrate...
    first off, i guarentee you that's not why everyone is so upset about this guy's article. they're all butthurt because he talked bad about RHCP. "he made a series of raw solo albums. Not raw the way a White Stripes record is raw, but raw the way listening to somebody die of heroin is raw" that's not really him celebrating JF's heroin addiction or condoning drug use (which he could have elaborated a little more on, sure). if anything he's talking about the music that came out as a result of the heroin addiction and how real it was. those albums werent all sunshine and flowers but thats what i like in art.
    "there is no guitar part great enough to mask the vocal trainwreck that is Anthony Kiedis, he quit again in 2009. Perhaps he figured out that he's the coolest person in an uncool band. Thankfully, he was smart enough to do something about it." and this thrashy journalism. JF didn't leave because of Anthony, he left for himsel, on good terms with the band so that he can explore musical avenues the RHCP's can't go down.
    He never said JF quit on bad terms. The whole part about Kiedis was just him sorta halfway jokingly implying that outcome as a possibility, keyword "perhaps." I mean his whole article is him talking about musicians he likes that just so happen to be or have been in bands that he doesn't like, so of course he's going to talk about what aspects of the band he dislikes.
    I'm just waiting for "Shoot A Hipster Day" to become a thing.
    This is why gun control crack downs are going on and we are losing civil liberties because some manic ug'r will read this and shoot a hipster in the leg, the media will say he killed 23 mormons or something and Obama will preach about how weaponized drones could have stopped this.
    I was fairly certain this article couldn't possibly be connected to Obama. Now I know better...
    How is Anthony Kiedis a vocal trainwreck? Anyway, unless the writer of the article knows John and the rest of RHCP personally, I don't know how he could make this claim.
    Probably because his lyrics are worse than the holocaust.
    and he is just an awful singer. Sure, his sound fits well with the RHCP but yeah, he isn't a very good singer at all.
    yeah he's no mike patton. however the fact that he cant sing doesn't actually bother me. i listen to a lot of bands whose singers can't sing but they still know how to make music good and entertaining.
    it kills me to vota down an article focuesed on one of my favourite musicians, but this is retarded. you could have wrote an article on how john frusciante is the most creative musician or something...
    The whole thing sounds like it was made by a 15-yo hipster and it still makes the front page... Cutting-edge journalism again, UG...
    RHCP were never uncool, whats up with that comment? Even worse was them saying that Flea had to make up for his slap playing in a diaper, newslash to those guys, Flea doesn't have to answer or make up anything for you, for the way he wants to dress
    I just visited the website this came from and then immediately deleted my history so I could feel clean again. Don't forward this bunch of bollocks UG.
    wow. i totally thought frusciante was starting a project called the most uncool band. i was super pumped for a minute there... yeah UG can stop posting lame misleading opinion pieces any time now. i would be ok with that.
    Also, Shadows Collide with People, Curtains, The Will To Death, The Empyrean, and PBX are absolutely incredible and worth listening to. He also holds up a blog at
    John is way cooler than flea and anthony. He did albums with onar ; that makes you pretty cool in my book
    >"joining the likes of GnR bassist Tommy Stinson and Jose Pasillas from Incubus" >"Jose Pasillas from Incubus" >"Incubus" Okay, I'm not really fluent in internet-hipster-douche so maybe I don't really get the picture here, but just WHAT exactly is uncool about Incubus? Whoever wrote this is completely ****ed
    First of all...dafuq did I just read? That's an actual article? C'mon UG. Second of all...a coolness rating? Is this high school? C'mon UG. Third of in the holy hellz are the Chili Peppers "uncool" or Flea just a slap bassist in a diaper? Only thing worth reading in this "article" was something that every guitarist already knows...the Froosh is the man.
    The guy who wrote this is a complete ****. My problem with RHCP is Anthony Kedis. When I saw them live in 2006, you couldn't find a tighter 3 piece than Flea, Chad and John. But Kedis just messes it up by trying to sing and be a serious artist instead of his old crazy antics. If that band was just Flea, chad, and John with John singing, they would be unstoppable.
    I've got something to say: "THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT JF, WOW!" (and Josh knows how to take place in the Rock'n'Roll hall of Fame fast XD)
    That statement is ridiculous, the Chili Peppers are great, and Flea is just as cool anyway. I would have gone with Slash from GNR.
    Dude, the rest of GN'R (If you're referring to the first few lineups) was cool as well, aside from Axl of course.
    Fair enough, I just really hate Axl Rose and therefore have trouble appreciating the other members' contributions sometimes.
    what? everyone in RHCP is cool, but maybe this article and contest whatever will get more people to listen to his latest 3 releases, PBX, Funicular, and the Empyrean.
    I don't really care if someone knocks the Chili Peppers, but it's almost paint by numbers hipsterism when you go straight to hyping a Thom Yorke solo album. It's almost parody at that point.
    I like the Chili Peppers. Not my favorite band but every once in a while I can't help myself but listen to some of their songs. Then again, I'm not cool either way, so meh...
    I'm guessing whoever wrote this article has never strayed away from their pop collection to actually listen to any rock music...
    One just have to read your forum posts to understand what a tragic individual you are. Now f*ck off.
    Sorry guys, I meant to write "has" instead of "have", but the idiocy of this douchebag distracted me.
    I love the Chili Peppers immensely. Whether they're cool, uncool, lame, awesome, etc. they're still one of the greatest bands ever. All I wanna know is...who in their right mind would say that Brandon Boyd isn't cool?
    He's probably considered "cool" by the MTV types. Brandon Boyd, Kiedis, and the guys from 311 should have a contest to see who can write the worst lyrics rock-wise, and I use the term "rock" loosely here. Whoever has the most douchebag "bro" fans wins...or loses.
    Nice to know UG is really stepping up their game with great articles.
    This is terrible. Ben Kenney was in the ****in Roots and you're trying to tell me he's not cool? What about Flea, or Slash? Not even to mention Chad Smith, Brandon Boyd, or Anthony Keidis. This story read like a hollywood gossip article written by a 19 year old, why is it in my music news feed?
    the Chili Peppers are mad... sometimes being a great songwriter and a great performer can out do being a capable live vocalist, look at Kurt Cobain man. This muppet obviously hasn't read Scar Tissue.