'John Lennon,' 'Kurt Cobain' Appear in New Beer Commercial

Also Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Tupac Shakur. Watch it here.

Ultimate Guitar

John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain are among the dead celebrities whose likenesses make appearances in a questionable new beer commercial, Ultimate Classic Rock reports.

Bavaria Radler haven't gone to the extent of reconstructing the stars' iconic images with technology the way recent ads have done with the likes of Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, but their use of models resembling famous dead people to sell adult beverages does tread on a slippery slope.

The setting is a lovely, private beach getaway that is, apparently, inhabited by dead celebrities. And they're all getting tanked! We see "Elvis" hanging out on the beach checking out the waitress who brings him a bottle, while it appears that "Marylin Monroe" is rubbing suntan lotion on "Tupac Shakur." Meanwhile, someone pretty clearly resembling Lennon is ordering drinks for himself and his pal "Cobain."

Ridiculous or inappropriate? It's up to you. Anyway, watch it below.

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    Although I don't usually like someone's likeness being used to sell a product, I can't really get mad at this. They're not trying to use anybody's art, it's just a joke about famous people faking their deaths so they can enjoy a cold beer in a tropical paradise. Though I'm sure Courtney Love won't see it that way.
    Courtney probably gave permission for it. She needs to pay the bills somehow right?
    Interesting question: do you think this commercial had to pay to use the likeness of a dead celebrity or does this fall under parody (for example, Robot Chicken doesn't have to pay to use a celebrities likeness). Or maybe, because they didn't use their name they don't count.
    I was thinking this exact thing. I think you can get away from it with "cartoons" as for celebrity likeness to be used, there are likeness rights. someone (whom ever that may be) gave permission for this and received a healty check. I'm no lawyer by any means but Im pretty sure thats how it works.
    But the commercial never officially says this is Cobain. Its just someone that looks like him.
    I'm with you there, but if that company made profit by using celebrity likeness example Cobain (I mean that character is portraying Cobain), then the likeness was used for financial gain in turn "Cobain" is entitled. I could be completely wrong though.
    Frances Bean controls Kurt's likeness until Courtney repays the money she "borrowed" from her trust fund. Don't know if she did that yet tho...
    Just watch Courtney loves going to see it and she's gonna bitch about seeing Cobain in it.
    Haha, I'm actually not entirely sure exactly what to think of this, but I do prefer this as opposed to when they try and recreate them as they were with actors. Though, there is no Jim Morrison.
    That's 'cause he's hanging out with a naked Indian in a desert somewhere.
    If Heaven is an island with Elvis, Bruce Lee, 2pac, Cobain, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, with beer being served by chicks in bikinis, then I can't wait to die.
    If that's heaven, what's Hell? Justin beiber concert?
    Hell is being anywhere but being on an island with Elvis, Bruce Lee, 2pac, Cobain, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, with beer being served by chicks in bikinis
    Anyone else notice that they managed to misspell a certain someone's name as "Elvis Pressley" in the text blurb for this article on the main news page?
    Seriously, UG is one of the most illiterate sites out there. "Unappropriate"? Seriously???
    oh stop being sensitive little twits... been a fan of many of those, still am in a way, esp BRUCE LEE(awesome lol), and sure was sad about their deaths, but also, it's great to be reminded of them from time to time! loved it!
    I laughed. It's not to be taken seriously, and they don't depict is that way either. Only thing might be Cobain being inappropriate considering his philosophies. btw there's actually theory about all these people still being alive and living on an island near Cuba. Look it up. Some people actually believe it
    John Lennon didn't seem to be the kinda guy who would want to be in a beer commercial, in life or death. I did laugh at Bruce lee though haha
    Why did John Lennon say "Hey Jude"? Paul penned that song.
    Yeah, they should've used (Sexy) Sadie or something instead, since that was one he actually wrote.
    I'm abit worried at how few people actually see something wrong with this. Is rock n roll really that dead? The sketch idea is fine, actually it's good. It's funny, or would be, if it wasn't just a charming way of selling you stuff. Or, actually, a charming way of attempting to brainwash you to buy their stuff. That IS what the purpose of commercials are, y'know <.< But yea, it's a regular hoot 'n a half, yippie! For the lulz! Urgh. I swear this modern age internet-mentality bothers the shit out of me. It's pathetic. Like dangling daddy's keys in front of a baby, it is.
    The Simpsons made fun of this in a Halloween special several Seasons ago. I don't think Kurt, Elvis or Lennon would approve of this and I wonder why their friends/family members would as well? Sigh.
    Bullshit. John Lennon and Kurt Cobain would not like this. Who agreed to it?
    that's amazing you knew kurt cobain and john lennon well enough to know their reaction to future events
    The guy on the ship is saying "For a second I though I saw Elvis" The more you know...
    Why is this a bad thing? Isn't this something we all enjoy thinking about whenever dead celebrities are talked about? I like this commercial.
    Because it's a f'ing advert. What to these stars owe to Bavaria Radler?
    If it was celebs who died naturally sure, but a bunch of people who OD'd, were murdered or committed suicide? Really? I guess they are going for all these people faked their deaths but it's still pretty disrespectful to the dead.
    The only thing missing was Michael Jackson, but I guess people tend to get more offended when things include jokes about him for some reason.
    Probably because of how much he was harassed in the later years of his life. Now that he's dead, people feel the need to overcompensate. Me, I've always loved MJ, but I think it's hypocritical that he's now untouchable, when just 5 years ago people were berating him left, right, and centre.
    Haha I thought it was hilarious. Who said Germans don't have a sense of humor?
    AWESOME! Wish someone would put me in a commercial after I'm dead...especially a fun one.