John Lydon Praises Mick Jagger for Paying Sid Vicious Murder Charge Lawyers

Lydon claims Stones man paid legal fees in new interview.

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In a new interview with the Daily Record (via NME), Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has alledged that Mick Jagger paid the legal fees for Sid Vicious when he was accused of murdering girlfriend Nancy Spungen: "The only good news is that I heard Mick Jagger got in there and brought lawyers into it on Sid's behalf because I don't think Malcolm lifted a finger. He just didn't know what to do," Lydon recalled. "For that, I have a good liking of Mick Jagger. There was activity behind the scenes from Mick Jagger so I applaud him. He never used it to advance himself publicity-wise." Lydon also had some harsh words to say about Spungen, who he described as a "hideous, awful person:" "Nancy Spungen was a hideous, awful person who killed herself because of the lifestyle and led to the destruction and subsequent death of Sid and the whole fiasco. I tried to help Sid through all of that and feel a certain responsibility because I brought him into the Pistols thinking he could handle the pressure. He couldn't. The reason people take heroin is because they can't handle pressure. Poor old Sid. "Her death is all entangled in mystery. It's no real mystery, though. If you are going to get yourself involved in drugs and narcotics in that way accidents are going to happen."

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    My Last Words
    "There was activity behind the scenes from Mick Jagger so I applaud him. He never used it to advance himself publicity-wise." All charity-related stuff should be done like this. The late Peter Steele from Type o Negative once said this in an old interview: "I said ‘Father I did wrong and I want o apologize to God for my behavior and I’m going to try for it to not happen again.’ It’s better to pay in this life then in the afterlife. So he said “well, make a large donation to your favorite charity, which I did. I’m not going to tell you which charity it was or how much, because that really started me thinking about these so-called charitable people. Charity should be anonymous. If you’re going to get a pat on the back for doing…”Oh, you’re such a great guy. You gave five million dollars—even though you have 50 billion—to South Africa. You’re a great ****in’ guy." [...] "You shouldn’t get a pat on the back for ****in’ doing the right thing. You should always be doing that." [...] "God does not like actors. It has to be heartfelt. I shouldn’t tell you this because it’s almost contradicting myself, but one of the examples of doing some sort of charity anonymously is on my block there are quite a few old people. When it snows I shovel their walk and they have no idea who shovels their walk. Now, I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m just trying to make an example. One day I’ll be 75 and maybe somebody will do that for me. That would make me cry." Sorry for the long non-related post but I just felt like putting this here :\
    Thank you for writing about Peter. I liked Type O Negative, and Peter's death affected me much more than, uh, no need to say.
    Steele had intercity and to me that describes what i call "Intercity". He was really a great man and sad he did die. I agree with him on this statement to the fullest!
    Your post kind of confused me, so I googled the word 'Intercity'. It's either a railway network in Europe or a bus network in New Zealand. The only word I can think of that you might have been after in this context is 'integrity'. I'm assuming Autocorrect has just claimed yet another victim. Closer to topic, I'm quite sure it's more common for famous donors to remain anonymous than it is for them to want publicity, unless they are trying to raise awareness for a cause. For example, if Mick Jagger was to give money to Pussy Riot's lawyers without publicly announcing his support for the band, the Russian legal system might be less likely to hand down a light verdict if it thinks nobody is watching. Publicity isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    Reminds me of the late Jim Marshall, who also donated discreetly to many charities and never talked about it. It wasn't until after he passed that people found out what a great philanthropist he was. RIP
    I read all the quotes in John's accent. Good for Mick, I have a new respect for him and if Johnny Lydon says you're an awful person then you must be bad.
    I didn't even know Johnny Rotten knew how to talk in actual sentences with normal composure! :eek:
    Can we please stop deifying this talentless suicidal murderer?
    I only liked this for the "stop deifying this talentless," part. . . the rest has never been proven with decisive evidence.
    It was Sid's choice to take drugs not hers. He was a grown man who chose to take them not a small child forced to.
    We all make bad decisions, bro-tato. Let's put it in perspective, perhaps you're an *******. Don't you choose to be an *******? Anyway, I'd rather hang out with someone who struggles with addiction than say, an *******.