John Petrucci Remembers Early DT Days: 'We Were Criticized for Overplaying'

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John Petrucci Remembers Early DT Days: 'We Were Criticized for Overplaying'
Back in the day when Dream Theater were setting the standards of progressive metal and making headway for the genre, they weren't exactly met with unanimous praise from critics and music fans. And now, two decades later, guitarist John Petrucci remembers those times and some of the criticism the group received. As he told Metal Injection, there were more than a few complaints when it comes to DT sound. "When we first started, we were young guys writing this kind of music and we came out with our first album and a lot of people - I mean some people liked it, they were into that kind of style, but a lot of people sort of criticized it for being, you know - the songs are too long and we're overplaying, we don't know how to write songs and there's too many solos and it's too technical and all this stuff," the axeman explained. "And we were just like, you know what - that's the kind of music we wanna write, that's what we feel comfortable doing and we kept doing it. And for a very long time, it was always on the outskirts, it was never something that was considered too acceptable, but all along, we knew that this kind of music exists out there.

"We knew that there was a huge fanbase and so many people all around the world and all different countries that love progressive music, love progressive rock and metal and want something more from the music, something different from three-minute pop songs." Petrucci continued, "So we just kept going and at some point it turned around where it went from not being something that anybody wanted to associate with [to] 'Wait a minute, there's something here, this is pretty cool.'" Dream Theater released their new, self-titled album yesterday (September 24) through Roadrunner Records. Prior to official release, the record was streamed in full.
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