Johnny Rotten Accused of Being Sexist in TV Rant

The Sex Pistols singer told a female presenter "when a man is talking, do not interrupt" - and then it got much, much worse. Watch his outburst in full here.

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Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten has been accused of sexism after an outrageous tirade against a female news_backupreader on Australian TV.

Rotten, whose real name is John Lydon, was being interviewed to promote his band Pil when presenter Carrie Bickmore interrupted him with a question about the late British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher. His reply:

"Hey mrs, shut up. Whoever you are, shut up, shut up, shut up. When a man is talking, don't interrupt ... you sound like one of those dreadful birds I don't like ... You've gotta learn what manners and respect is. I'm Johnny f--king Rotten, and I'm telling you the truth."

The presenters initially thought he was joking, but the apparently sexist comments kept coming thick and fast:

"You need to be quiet, your voice is too loud for me. You need to taper it down a couple of thousand notches."

Lydon tried to say that all of the presenters were too loud, but didn't tame his attitude and went on to call himself a "master of the universe."

Rotten has now issued a statement to NME to respond to the public outcry to his comments:

"I am the enemies of governments and institutions, certainly not women. I've been married to one for 30 years. We love each other."

Watch this clip to see his offensive outburst in full, but be warned that it's pretty shocking:

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    Saw this when it was broadcast on TV. She kept interrupting him, so he got annoyed and berated her for it. It was called for, in my opinion, and he would have been just as likely to do it to a guy who interrupted him.
    It totally sounds like he's taking the piss. Those people on The Project are pretentious arse-wanks anyway, coming from an Aussie.
    Also, do people forget that this guy has made a career out of being anti everything? Bad publicity is what made him and the Pistols what they are and were. Can't believe people are taking this as an unexpected act. Lydon clearly doesn't give two shits still!
    Pretty much. If only they'd listened to him, it could have potentially made for more enjoyable viewing of their stupid show...
    Seemed like he was just messin' around to me. I'm not sure how him saying that "when a man is talking don't interupt" automatically means "woman are inferior". Damn, people are so sensitive.
    i didnt actually hear the context in which he spoke, but reading the captions it just sounds like he was referring to himself as a man, not "women are not allowed to interrupt men" i read it more as "dont interrupt when someone is talking"
    Well, if you're goddamn old piece of something and everything you did was trolling the Queen, you've got to be extremely polite with journalists who had so nothing to do so they came to you. At least, Rotten must respect the other people work, focusing the fact he is lazy a--hole and have never even hit a finger with a finger. "I'm Johnny f--king Rotten, and I'm telling you the truth." - you shut up, you used to be Johnny Rotten, now you're John motherf--king Lydon, goddamn oldman. You must be pleased people still remember how you look like.
    For crying out loud she DID interrupt him. Plus watch the whole video hes "in character" the whole time. They should research a little deeper if they thought he wouldnt mess with them.
    This...Shocking?!?!?!.....christ, I hear worse walking by the schoolyard
    So I'm not the only person who thinks the Sex Pistols are just a fashion statement?
    With the exception of Sid Vicious, the Pistols were a real punk band. Unfortunately, they were naive and were used by a hideous businessman. They wrote their own music, had some fantastically visionary lyrics, some ahead of their time; to me, that's something. One of the best punk moments came from Rotten's disillusionment with that scumbag McLaren: "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
    No, you're not Ramones, Bad Religion, The Clash - that's real punk music. Do you see Sex Pistols among them? As I don't.
    Municipal Waste
    Not trying to start a poo flinging contest, but The Clash were just about entirely corporate controlled. Those "socialist" ideals were pure marketing strategy. Bernie Rhodes (manager) ran that group with an iron fist. It's all in Vince White's book Out of Control.
    Thank you! Exactly! I love punk these days but I 100% know that the real punk is the bands you just listed, but I can't add the Sex Pistols to that list.
    I agree, Pistols were a fashion statement. They're the punk equivalent of 'Take That' or 'New Kids' - put together to fit a market.
    they actually were a fashion statement, thats literally how they started out. i still like the sex pistols though, when people typically think of the term "punk" the sex pistols is usually what comes to mind. music-wise and image-wise. even though i like the ramones and think they amongst the punk pioneers i am usually reminded that real punk rockers cant afford leather jackets...
    Rotten have always been a scandalist, not a musician. And, as for me, their 'contribution' into punk genre development is highly overestimated.
    the sex pistols are without a doubt the most overrated band of all time, one pretty good album and they became like the definition of punk, the ramones and the clash own them when it comes to punk. There good don't get me wrong but way overrated.
    Overestimated? I don't think setting up the ground work and foundation for an entire genre is something that is overestimated. Don't forget, in the 70's people didn't have the internet and The Ramones were underground and unknown for a long time. Sex Pistols spearheaded the punk movement in all of Europe.
    If anyone set up the groundwork and foundation for the whole of punk it was the Stooges.
    Musically, probably, that's down to opinion. Leaning towards the American punk rock scene, definitely. I was mentioning the European punk movement. The whole scene, not just the movement.
    Punk image "I'm against everything" "I don't know how to guitar, but I don't give a f--k" "I don't know how to bass, but I don't give a f--k" "I don't know how to music, but I don't give a f--k" "But I know how to slam and I don't give a f--k!" People had no internet back then in '60s, but they had some very good PR-technoligists.
    Punk image? You've lost me man. And you're right, but I don't think a band playing CBGBs, going against everything that had previously been developed had a lot, if any, PR attention. I could nearly guarantee that, maybe until the late 70's, the UK had little-to-no idea whom The Ramones were or what they did. I'm still trying to understand what that comment is trying to say... :S
    Regardless of whether or not he is being sexist (and its pretty clear to me he isn't), those hosts are annoying as hell. They amped up the situation in a way to make themselves the victims, then give little speeches to rally the audience around them after he was off screen. Annoying TV for annoying people I imagine...
    Well, I think that 'sexist' word is very strong for that kind of situation, but it doesn't cross the fact that Lydon is a jerk
    These news ****ers are ridiculous. Say one thing against them and they start all their sexism, racist, ect, bullshit. People are pussies.
    Good job Johnny, shame the one that had to interrupt him was the female so the press could scream sexist. If any of those guys did it we'd see the exact same reaction, as Emilym80 stated. I didn't like the sarcasm from the presenters about Johnny's "good looks" and "Glad your hearing is still good". That'll wind him up some more, good job presenters *thumbs up* for being awful interviewers.
    Anyone else think they should have just turned the bloody volume down in his ear piece? That's clearly what the issue was, and yet they didn't fix it because his reaction was making good TV. Oh, and those hosts are complete douche nozzles.
    God Carrie Bickmore is a ****head. She's only there because people love to look at blonde bimbos on TV.
    I like the Sex Pistols (even though they are essentially One Direction Punk), I've read John's book, it's a very good read and gives a good insight as to why he comes across the way he does. I would bet that she (the interviewer) could not even name one PIL song, so let her have it Johnny!! I just wished he'd called her a c*** like he does to other victims of he's tirades.
    I loved Sex Pistols when I was younger (still love a lot of the tunes), but this dude really needs to grow up. Nearly 60 yrs old and he acts like a petulant, know it all teenager!
    Boy, media people and interviewers these days really don't know who they're talking to. Bringing up Margret Thatcher to Rotten was stirring up the nest thou. They got what they wanted. It's also funny how everybody these days thinks punks were always made of fluff and tattoos.
    I completely understand him, he was trying to say something but then he got interrupted by that woman because the television show doesn't have enough time to listen to a proper story. Johnny Rotten is not the type to let that happen to him and that's why he got pissed off. It happens all too often on television shows, that if the interviewer doesn't immediately get the short answer they want they cut off the entire answer altogether.
    I'm on his side, real journalists have been replaced by obnoxious, egotistical talking heads.
    He did 1 album that was average, his band was a manufactured pop band and he has been riding off that his whole life. He's as intolerant as he claims other people are.
    His band were a manufactured pop band? I'm sorry, but you clearly haven't the faintest notion what you're talking about. Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited were anything BUT manufactured pop. The whole point of PiL is that they were Anti-pop and Anti-manufactured music.
    Carrie is a very annoying person. She is actually the only Project presenter that is not funny at all(the others are funny just occasionally). I do not think he was being sexist maybe he just simply does not like disrespectful bimbos. It's Johnny f*ck1n' Rotten for crying out loud!
    I can't stand it when Australians talk, honestly. But he's brittish so they shouldn't bother each other. I like how they are willing to talk about him once he can't respond but won't call him out when he can reply. People-pleasing media talking heads at their finest. Let's be honest, this video is hilarious. You know I'm right. If you can't laugh at this you need to get over yourself.
    matteo cubano
    he didn't really say anything sexist.....and even if you think that was.....people like that make the world a funnier place to live....what's wrong with a few people having some different, maybe even douchey views on things?....i bet she thought it was funny the rest of the day...he was only angry for the loudness....
    The Sex Pistols played their part and the fact people are still talking about them today proves that point. Otherwise in my personal opinion the Clash are the best and most influential punk band. Their message and content was always great.
    As soon as anyone gets political against a female or a non-white it is automatically called sexist or racist. Sad world man.
    To be fair, he did keep telling them to quieten down because they were hurting his ears, so that was bound to piss him of a little..
    It's the stupidest show on Australian TV, They don't cover anything noteworthy. Fuck that **** Charles Pickering a host on this shit show was sexist a couple of months ago, and there was no outrage. Why all the outrage now????? Double standards much?
    It was a *bit* sexist partly because the girl did try to lower her voice yet he kept telling her to shut up and stop shouting when she was the only one who bothered trying to quieten down, but more than anything he was just being a tit. He looked like he was just doing it for a laugh, but that's why I've never cared for the punk image. I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of just being a dick to people for the sake of it.
    Well OF COURSE Johnny Rotten is being accused of sexism, it's just nature's course by now isn't it?
    sexist or not he went to wrong way about approching the situation the conversation was not heated untill he made his comment about "speak when spoken to" no matter who anyone is or who they are if your goin to go on a prime time t.v. slot to promote your tour acting like a **** to a b grade celebrity doesnt boost your publicity it make you shallow and pathertic.