Johnny Rotten Accused of Being Sexist in TV Rant

artist: John Lydon date: 04/11/2013 category: wtf?
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Johnny Rotten Accused of Being Sexist in TV Rant
Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten has been accused of sexism after an outrageous tirade against a female newsreader on Australian TV. Rotten, whose real name is John Lydon, was being interviewed to promote his band Pil when presenter Carrie Bickmore interrupted him with a question about the late British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher. His reply: "Hey mrs, shut up. Whoever you are, shut up, shut up, shut up. When a man is talking, don't interrupt ... you sound like one of those dreadful birds I don't like ... You've gotta learn what manners and respect is. I'm Johnny f--king Rotten, and I'm telling you the truth." The presenters initially thought he was joking, but the apparently sexist comments kept coming thick and fast: "You need to be quiet, your voice is too loud for me. You need to taper it down a couple of thousand notches." Lydon tried to say that all of the presenters were too loud, but didn't tame his attitude and went on to call himself a "master of the universe." Rotten has now issued a statement to NME to respond to the public outcry to his comments: "I am the enemies of governments and institutions, certainly not women. I've been married to one for 30 years. We love each other." Watch this clip to see his offensive outburst in full, but be warned that it's pretty shocking:
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