Josh Homme: 'Jay-Z Had Me Frisked Before Letting Me Play His Festival'

Queens Of The Stone Age front man brands rapper a "kook" after incident.

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As NME reports, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has hit out at Jay-Z after several incidents which occurred at the rapper's Made in America Festival. Speaking with CBC radio, Homme reveals how the rapper had the band frisked before allowing them to play at the event:

"That guy's a kook, you know. He has his security frisking the bands on the way in."

Homme went on to state that he had given the security guard an ultimatum:

"I just told him 'if you open up my bag, then we're not playing, so I guess it's up to you now to decide whether I'm playing or not'.”

He also criticized Jay-Z for offering the band a bottle of his own brand Ace of Spades Champagne, before then asking them to pose with it for a publicity photograph:

"I was like, 'That's not a gift - that's a marketing tool.' I destroyed it, 'cause I thought it was rude overall ... You shouldn't frisk my guys, you should f--k off."

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    It's really odd. But good for Josh for destroying the bottle, because from what I've heard, Jay-Z seems focused on really using the talent he signs for his festival, instead of allowing them to help make the festival enjoyable for the seems unprofessional to me.
    I would be pissed too, especially if I was asked to play somewhere and then was being treated like some sort of thug who is going to try to start something. This just sounds like the rap scene and rock scene colliding in a weird way. I understand security, but not for someone like Homme, I can see how he took it personally.
    "This just sounds like the rap scene and rock scene colliding in a weird way." - This is ridiculous. Just as there are paranoid rappers there are mentally challenged rockers. Just check the scandinavian nationalists.
    I got frisked by Jay Z once.
    I don't know what frisk means, but I want to believe it means something about sex. It makes the last sentence sound ****ing weird.
    Well he says something about having his bags checked, so I think that's just another word for bag checks?..
    When I was a boy, we used to look up the words we didn't know. For the record, it means they patted them down and checked them for weapons and contraband.
    Were they looking for guns or drugs? Let's not forget almost the entirety of Jay'z's lyrical content, especially the earlier stuff, glorifies both...
    I work a part-time job where I have to ask customers to leave their shopping bags and school bags, deffels, etc at the front while they shop or place orders. I get the same reaction that Josh gave the Made in America security. I get glares, threats, etc. I'm just doing my job though. Headquarters gives us the orders and we just carry them out. I think it was a bit out of place for him to get upset and threaten the staff with that ultimatum. Oh well though, that's 2013 for ya. I can totally understand the champagne thing being a bit tacky... Musicians and their entourage sometimes carry...contraband. Look, this past weekend two 'indie-buzz' musicians were caught with a shitload of heroin and ecstasy while driving a stolen jeep. Several festivals over the past two summers have had fans and staff affected by stabbings or drug overdoses. I guess the Jay-Z camp was just taking precautions to keep their relatively new Festival a clean place without any drama. Besides, I'm sure Jay didn't come up with all the protocols and personally act out on all of them on his own. This is such a non-issue.
    How about debating headquarters orders? You're not in the army. I mind having people go through my stuff, just as I mind going through people's stuff. Shit is not correct.
    You surely have a point here, but here it's not about checking the audience that may count in some dickheads, it's about being bossy to the acts that you trusted enough to give'em money to play at *YOUR* festival. I imagine that the security and the handling of the bands/guests/vips is something that is carefully prepared and that they were told to use "zero tolerance" on anybody. Why that? Because you're at the Jay-Z festival and do as he please. Fuck the champagne thing too, not only he's douchebag enough to give out his own brand, but he also want the promo shot. That's sad btw, I thought Jay-Z was a good fella
    They have a bus to leave that shit on, whats wrong with the bag theyre carying? Gonna search the bus too?
    Are you Jay-Z's girlfriend or just his bitch? Give us all a lecture on why no one should do drugs while your at it. Polititions managed to infiltrate to most people's thick head that drugs = crime/criminals. Making it ilegal won't cut the number on people that do them, and legalizing all drugs would bring no real difference, except for the facts that people wouldn't have their life's destroyed because they wouldn't go to jail or have to pay the government because your living your life the way you want to, as everyone does with everything else. Who here would do heroin or cocaine if they were legal? Nothing changes except for the big paycheck the government gets on your account. Here's another one for all those who think I must be insane. Why is alcohol so feared when driving, yet they bring limits. Why not ban alcohol? It's just bad for you and others. Oh right, it's "morally accepted".
    Do you honestly think alcohol is as bad for you as heroin?
    Heroin when uncut is just about the purest drug you can take, the only danger being overdose and addiction. Like any other opiate like those used in medicine for example the drug itself does no physical or mental harm, only misuse caused by lack of education or impure product does. Both of which are products of prohibition. Do some research on drugs buddy, and before someone says in I'm not a junkie and have never used heroin, I just read.
    Look at any "Top 20 most harmful drugs" list and alcohol will be in the top 3. Saying it's not as bad as heroin is redundant.
    It is both weird that Jay-Z would pat down his own hired talent, especially a group that is pretty well renowned. It is also weird that it's such a big deal to Homme.
    wHY IS THIS A BIG DEAL? he's just taking security precautions like any other logical-safe person.
    "See, I ain't passed the bar but I know a little bit, enough that you won't illegally search my shit" - Jay-Z
    I still don´t understand the deal with Jay Z. To me he´s just a giant poser with a late 90´s international hit. Really. Still there´s all this fuzz and media attention. For what? What he does isn´t gangsta. It´s shit. Perhaps it´s the same thing, but I sure as hell don´t spell it the same way and therefore there will be no credibility in his previous and future work. Queens of the Stone Age on the other hand keeps adding up. Josh remains solid.
    As much as I respect Jay-Z as a rapper (his recent album notwithstanding) this really made my lose respect for him as a person.
    He drew a line, and he had the right to do it. It is his bag and his band.
    Don't worry if all the weed, lsd, and molly is confiscated, Ace of Spades is for sale as soon as you enter the venue! Pretty bitch move on Jay-Zs part
    Jay-Z = greedy paranoid douchebag Nevertheless QOTSA just rocks Jay-Z's ass anytime!
    Ah, nothing like a bunch of comments from people who don't know shit about Jay Z.
    I feel like as a rapper, especially one who's lived through a lot of gang-related conflict, you're gonna be a little paranoid about who you let on to your stage. Rock band or rap star, you need to be sure they're not gonna do anything stupid. It's a little weird, but understandable. The thing with the champagne does seem pretty dirty, though.
    Yeah, you never know when bands might bring weapons or guns to throw at the band...oh wait... I suppose calling rappers mentally challenged would make me racist, yet a rapper making assumptions about other musicians on how they might be "dangerous" for playing rock (or whatever genre/subgenre you want to call it) is surely no insult.
    No, calling rappers mentally challenged wouldn't make you racist. Assuming that they're all black definitely does.
    Assuming all rappers are black is like assuming all blues guitarists are black, it hasn't been the case for a long time.
    "I suppose calling rappers mentally challenged would make me racist" - Calling other rappers than Jay-Z mentally challenged would totally legitimize what Jay-Z did. Just because Jay-Z is an ******* doesn't mean others are. Plus rock and metal have it's rotten part too, like the scandinavian nationalists, which not only should be frisked, but sent to jail to be raped, as some actually are.
    HAHAHAHAHA how cute you think Jay-Z was a gangster, that's just too funny. Yeah he shot his brother for stealing his jewelery and yeah he sold crack but he certainly was NOT a gangster. There are no rappers that were actually real gangsters they merely had an indirect affiliation, mostly because a lot of them were on the Death Row label owned by Suge Knight who was directly affiliated with the Bloods gang. Anyone that believes a rapper was a notorious criminal or gang member at some point has to be high on glue, if you were wanted for breaking the law seems like the last thing you would do is appear in music videos. Gotta remember just cause they sold crack out of their mama's house doesn't mean they are a gang banger, hell 50 Cent modeled his entire thug image after a guy named Kelvin Martin.
    And it's this attitude that creates Jay-Z's attitude. I guess people like you and him really love each other.
    If you think there's even an iota of a chance that QOTSA are going to assassinate Jay-Fucking-Z then you have severe issues.
    why did this post receive so many negative votes? because he said "rapper"? nahhhh....people here wouldn't be so close-minded and ignorant just like any of the artists these ****in clowns trash on. "the music i listen to is THE BEST, and FUCK ANYONE WHO THINKS DIFFERENTLY!!DUURRRRR!!!" ****in retards. grow up.
    It might be understandable for a bar in a rough suburb or something like that... But no one from a well known band is going to shoot a well known artist in front of an arena of people at a music festival.
    Jay Z will just stab someone, or maybe cause ray lewis dont do that anymore he dont either