Josh Homme to Be Featured in Noisey's 'Guitar Moves' Series Episode 3

The episode launches today (May 29).

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Wednesday, May 29th will see the launch of Noisey and D'Addario's third episode of the "Guitar Moves" series.

This episode to feature Josh Homme, guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age. Don't forget to tune in at!

Hosted by Matt Sweeney, "Guitar Moves" features tutorials and in-depth interviews with some of the most legendary musicians in rock and roll.

Accompanying the premiere of Guitar Moves is the launch of "Noisey Gear," a new section dedicated to the gear, instruments, and know-how behind your favorite artists' music. In partnership with D'Addario, visit Noisey Gear here.

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    Dan from the Black Keys seems like a much nicer guy than'd be nice to hear more interviews with him actually talking about music, than only hearing Patrick talking shit about Bieber, I mean..who the **** cares about Bieber so much that they'll dedicate every other opportunity they have to throw s-hit at him when interviewed about his own music?
    Yeah, Dan says that whenever he talks shit about people, he's just kind of playing Patrick's game and he doesn't really mean it. Patrick is a ginormous douchebag.